How To Have a Healthy Relationship With Your Phone

how to have a healthy relationship with your phone

Nowadays, people prefer to use mobile phones all the time even if they can’t think about their day without a phone, but it is important to be careful about its use.   Smartphone has made life easy and it makes everything easy to connect at the click of a button. But it has an adverse effect … Read more

How Does Nanotechnology Work? Things That You May Never Hear!

how does nanotechnology work

Nanotechnology involves the molecular scale that covers current work and more advanced concepts. Actually, it’s a term of science and technological advancement that brings a revolution in modern industry and manufacturing fields. But if you are unfamiliar with this term, a question may cross your mind: how does Nanotechnology Work?  Nanotechnology is used in various … Read more

Apple vs Samsung Comparison Chart: Battle of Big Phones

apple vs samsung comparison chart

The main difference between Apple and Samsung phones is screen size, camera quality, battery performance, customized options & price. Let’s know apple vs samsung comparison chart. Before buying a smartphone between Apple and Samsung,  you must be confused!  Because you can’t ignore the content on social media posts, reviews or videos about Samsung vs apple! … Read more

Why ios is Faster Than Android? Explore Incredible 9 Reasons

why ios is faster than android

Android and iOS are both the most popular operating systems. So, when making the purchase decision between the two, it can be hard to pick one. However, both the smartphone platforms – iOS and android are excellent. Still, the iPhone holds the topmost position in the global smartphone marketplace.  When deciding between iOS and Android, … Read more

Which is the best In Display Fingerprint phone under $400 [2023 Top Selections]

Which is the Best In Display Fingerprint phone under $400 [2023 Top Selections]

Wanna enjoy high-quality features in a smartphone? But, you are worried about your budget, right? There’s good news for you! You can buy a high-quality phone, even the best In Display Fingerprint phone for under $400. The top 3 best in display fingerprint phones are  UMIDIGI S5 Pro, OnePlus Nord N20 5G and TCL 20 … Read more

Tom Friends in 2023 – Talking Tom and Friends Characters

Image about Tom Friends in 2023 - Talking Tom and Friends Characters

“Talking Tom and Friends” have been entertaining audiences for over a decade. In 2023, the talking tom and friends characters are still strong and continue to be a favorite among fans of all ages. The game has unique animated characters that become the favorites of everyone. The Game is not only for fun, but it … Read more

How to Save Battery on Samsung [Extend Battery Life In Much Faster Ways]

how Save Battery on Samsung

How to save battery on Samsung? Turn On Power Saving Mode, Adjust Screen Brightness, Turn Off Location and Wireless Services, Switch To Dark Mode  Nowadays, people look for an energy-efficient feature in their smartphones. So battery capacity or life is one of the most important concerns for most users. However, the Samsung phone battery is … Read more

7 Best Hibernate App for Android in 2023

best hibernate app for android

What are the best hibernate apps to install on your android?  the 7 best hibernate app for android: Hibernator, Greenify, Droid Optimizer, DOZE. You have many apps in your android that may not be working, but still consuming power. It may affect battery and overall device performance. But thanks to modern hibernate apps that put … Read more

Why are Mobile Games Pay to Win?

Why are mobile games pay to win

Gaming app developers invest more money to launch an impressive app. So, reducing production costs is their goal, which is Why are mobile games pay to win?   Nowadays, most mobile games pay to win. Though, it’s a controversial topic as so many people find it unjust for skilled players. Because the more you spend money, … Read more