Why are Mobile Games Pay to Win?

Gaming app developers invest more money to launch an impressive app. So, reducing production costs is their goal, which is Why are mobile games pay to win?  

Nowadays, most mobile games pay to win. Though, it’s a controversial topic as so many people find it unjust for skilled players. Because the more you spend money, you’ll level up faster and can beat the opponent player. But, why are mobile games pay to win? 

Gaming app publishers and developers invest more money to launch an impressive app. Like, they invest in superior graphic content. So, their production cost increases. Again, their apps appear when it’s free to install. So, they need to earn money by offering equipment and items for the players to buy.

More reasons are unrevealed why pay to win games are popular now! Let’s find the truth with this entire article. 

What are pay to win games called?

Why are mobile games pay to win

Pay-to-win games in the gaming world are usually referred to as P2W games. It can be defined as the act of purchasing in-game goodies that provide a player with a significant competitive advantage. 

Suppose you have a player in a video game. Your opponent player buys advantages like more army, weapon, and gears for 5$.  

He’ll level up faster and beat you at once. But, you can’t compete with him as you’ve not invested extra money in this game. Although you’re a skilled player, you’ll lose in those games.

This is the pay-to-win game scenario. 

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Can you win money from games on your phone? 

Yes, mobile apps will actually pay you to play games. They frequently profit from your ad-watching and survey-taking as you play their games.

You can make money from games, but you have to give much effort and time. Like, when you see some advertisements on their gaming apps,  they give you cents per advertisement. At a minimum, you must wait 2-3 months to withdraw 5$. 

But you need to note that many apps are scammers. After you earn money, they disappear from their app and close down the server. As a result, you can’t withdraw the money you earned for the month. And all your effort are going to waste. 

Key reasons why mobile games pay to win:

Mobile games make you pay to win so that the owner gets the advantage and makes a profitable income. 

Multiplayer games that are classified as pay-to-win require players to pay to access special features that offer the owner an edge.

For instance, in pay-to-win games, you are encouraged to purchase unique equipment that cannot be obtained through gameplay, giving you a competitive advantage over other players who do not.

Let’s dive more into the root causes to know the truth about gaming apps. 

Reason 1: To reduce the production cost 

The first reason is to reduce the production cost by launching impressive graphics content.

Nevertheless, impressive graphic and video content makes the game app more reachable and popular. Therefore, the developer needs to invest more in this segment, increasing production costs. 

As a result,  there’s a risk of overcoming the cost. So, they choose a beneficial path to income. They offer more items, content, weapons, and custom dresses for purchase. 

The player gets excited to level up so fast and they invest their money. As a result, mobile game developers make a profit. 

Reason 2: They need to offer-” free to install.”

There are over a million free gaming apps on the play store and apple. Simply, people don’t need to spend money to install apps. 

When you’re launching a new gaming app without paying a dollar, people won’t feel interested in installing your game instead of other free games. So, the app would be much lower at the store & with no chance to income money from installation.

Therefore, they have the option of free installation. When people install the app and play games, they offer pay-to-win options and hence they can earn more money. 

The same player also needs to spend more money at every level. Obviously, it’s a good chance to make a profit.

Reason 3: Sustain the gaming industry

As we know, the gaming industry has been more updated in these decades. In the future, it will be very tough to sustain the gaming industry without a profitable strategy. 

That’s why developers and publishers make use of microtransactions which are named as pay to win games. 

Though skilled players still can’t benefit from those games, many enjoy spending more money to increase their power and win this game with opponent players. Thus, developers get benefits and choose this microtransaction to pay2win game.

Which is the most pay to win game?

Free Fire is the most Pay2Win game. Even with 1 billion downloads, this game is still doing well. For events, you must pay money here. 

Are there any non pay to win mobile games?

Yes, there are a lot of games that cost little money to play. You can have fun and enjoy playing different games to pass the time using these games.

Mobile games that are not pay to win: 

This picture means mobile games are not pay to win

Some of the best mobile games that are not pay to win include:


1. Why are ea games pay to win

EA refers to electronic arts. To increase their earnings, gaming corporations today use the pay-to-win strategy.

Companies like EA merely want to get as much money as they can out of their player base. This behavior has its roots in greed. 

It puts monetary gain ahead of player enjoyment, and the industry supports it.

Why are Roblox games pay to win?

The bulk of Roblox games may be pay-to-win or poorly made, but several of them, like the tower defense simulator and arsenal, are nonetheless decently made.

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