Best Project Management Software for Small Teams

Modern requirements of managing work are not more accessible; even for small teams, it is complicated to manage the work. It is hard to manage the projects by traditional means of communication. Now you need instant information sharing. So no matter if you are managing large teams or small teams for efficient management, it is better to have the best project management software.

Project management software makes it easy for the users to collaborate and communicate with your teams. You can manage different projects at the same time. Project management for small teams is not a cake party; you need the best project management software for small teams.

What are the benefits of project management software for small teams?

Project management software for small teams also comes with many benefits that make us agree to own project management tools for our businesses.

Improve project scheduling and planning

For a successful project, you need proper planning and scheduling. But with project management software, you can better schedule and plan for your project based on previous records of your team.

Many free project management tools are available that may help you create consistent plans for project management, and you can also prioritize the tasks for better coordination and timely completion. With the help of this software, you can identify the dependencies, allocate resources, and set up deadlines.

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Easy and balanced resource management

You can take help from a smart employee management system for better employees and resource management. No matter how efficient a person is, allocating resources in teams may ignore some essential resources that reduce project performance.

But with the best management software, users become able to locate appropriate and allocate the resources. Many free and paid project management software are available to help you manage your small teams and manage their tasks efficiently and adequately.

Better collaboration opportunities for your team

No one can ignore the importance of collaboration in project management. It is tough to maintain a good collaboration level by email or messages on WhatsApp or phone. But software for small business management helps to collaborate in a better and improved way.

All team members have equal opportunities to collaborate. The standard project management tools remove communication hurdles and make it easier for you to communicate and collaborate timely for improving efficiency.

Reduce risks

Every project has some risks that can reduce efficiency, but with the help of project management software, it becomes straightforward for the project managers to identify the risks and reduce their effect. If you do not identify the risks timely, it can cause the failure of your essential project.

Some of the exceptional features in project management software, such as the Kanban board and Gantt chart, help you identify the attached risks with your projects. You can monitor all project activities and identify the deviation in real-time to protect your project from failure.

Efficient time management

Managers need great care to handle timelines for project management. Progress of your team project is heavily dependent on how well you manage the time for ensuring early and timely completion of time. Managers can easily monitor how many hours their team members have spent on different projects.

Managers can prioritize and also can set the deadlines for tasks. Managers can track your time record for working hours and billing. Decision-making becomes easy and fast to take advantage of timely actions to get benefits.

Effective dealings with clients and outside stakeholders

Your project reporting and success are not just limited to your team; many other people are connected with your project. With modern free project management software, you can easily communicate with your clients and other stakeholders.

You can send those reports for your project and can share information for any change of requirement. Clients also remain updated with your project and their trust increases in your performance.

Stay on Schedule

By using project management software, a user can add the start date of a particular project and the due date in the software to understand his team better. So every employee remains properly attentive about the deadline of their project and ensures its completion on time.

In task management software, free dates always blink for each project, and there is no need to ask the employees about the completion of the project.

Budget Management

The plus benefit of using free project management tools is that it provides you a flexible and multipurpose software system. Managers who want to remain close to their projects to check the costs for better analysis do not cross the budget line.

It is best for the managers who offer their team incentives for working hours to monitor and assign the time for the task adequately. It is the best feature for freelancers. The project management software manager can track how many hours an employee spends on a particular project and limit the hours to meet the budget requirements.

Offer Snapshot opportunity

When you are training new staff in your team for a new project, you need to provide some training about the new project for better performance. In that way, you can help with project management software and provide your team a snapshot of your project.

Remote working

Project management software has made it possible for companies and teams to manage their tasks by sitting at remote places or homes. There is no need to stay at the same workplace to perform projects. Because of their excellent communication features, you can easily control the tasks with the help of project management software by sitting in remote areas.

How can you choose the best Project management software for small teams?

When choosing the best project management software for your small teams, there are plenty of options for you to consider to choose the best one. But here, I will mention some of the essential features that ensure the best selection.

Friendly to use

When you choose software for small business management, it is an essential trait that is friendly to use. So make some questions that may help you to pick the easy project management software.

Choose software that is easy to navigate, offers drag and drop options, shows all deadlines in one place, simple to understand its functions, and easy system requirements. After considering those features, you should choose software.

Consider task management features.

Only the best task management software can help you to manage all of your project activities easily. So when choosing project software, make sure your project management tool comes with multiple features for task management. For a successful project, it is necessary to keep everyone on track for better task management.

As your project grows or you have multiple tasks in one project, only the best task management features can help you manage everything well and in a good way. It will keep your project smooth running and will ensure the timely completion of each task individually.

Compatible with different devices

Good project management software is compatible to use on all devices. You should choose project management software that should be compatible with windows, mac, and android devices.

It will make it easier for you to stay connected with your project activities and updates even if you are out of your workplace and can send and receive updates on your phone.

Time tracking and time management features

Time management features are essential for good project management software. It will allow you to add the start time of a project and end timing to keep your employees in good knowledge about the delivery of the project.

Time management also includes the time tracking activities by which you can track the time that one employee has spent on any particular project.

Consider your working requirement.

It is best if your project offers features that are perfectly matched to your work requirements. Basic features are almost identical, but there is some difference in different projects. So if your project needs particular features, make sure your project management software meets all your project needs.

Sometimes we choose software that offers the best features, but its features are not suitable for us. There is no need to choose complex features offering project management software if your project needs simple software.

Size of your team

You should consider the size of your team; if your team is small, then there is no need to buy the paid project management tools. Many excellent paid project management software is incredible, but you can get them for free if you have a small team size. Most of the software offers an accessible facility for teams of less than ten members.

What is some best project management software for small teams?

There are hundreds of project management software available, but when choosing the best project management software for small teams, you should consider the below software. We have selected some of the best project management software that can be the best software for your small team’s project management needs.

1. Asana

In the modern project management era, there is no better software available on the globe than Asana. It is one of the most popular project management software that may meet the needs of all team sizes. You can get its free version for small teams. They offer free tool features for small teams with less than 15 members.

Asana combines different project management features that make it easier for project managers to coordinate, collaborate, and manage all business activities efficiently and quickly.

With the best task management, time management, and collaboration features, you can quickly improve the efficiency of your project.  It provides you complete control to visualize and organize your work.

Ease to use is one of the best features of project management software that makes it easier for the managers to use its features that do not have enough IT skills. Asana comes with a self-explained and straightforward interface that makes it easier for your team and you to manage project activities with ease.

These include the navigation sidebar where users can access several project features, messages, status, and personal task lists. You can find the list of tasks with their due time and to whom you have assigned that particular task. You can easily manage multiple projects by dividing them into tasks and subtasks.

Asana software is popular due to its flexibility; there is no good or wrong way to do your task; you can create your way by getting customized features to make it suitable for your project. Asana offers free project management tools for small teams with all necessary features.

Top Features

  • Asana offers a free version for small teams having members less than 15
  • It offers efficient features for task management and project management
  • You will get advanced communication and collaborations
  • Its interface is simple and user friendly
  • You can view your projects in different ways, such as broad view, list view, and calendar view.
  • In its free version, you can get access to many free project templates
  • Fast and quick update options
  • You can divide your project into tasks and subtasks.

2. Hubstaff tasks

Hubstaff project management software is suitable for small teams because it comes with all essential features that may help you complete your projects. The software comes with a Kanban methodology user interface that makes your project management tasks pretty easy.

You can manage your tasks more efficiently and conveniently by using that task management software free. There are multiple options for task management, such as dividing tasks into subtasks, assigning tasks to different employees, and can track the performance of tasks individually. You can organize the tasks in stages to prioritize and ensure the completion of essential tasks first.

There are features such as coloring and labeling the tasks according to their importance. It also has accessible workflow features that make it consistent and delivered on time. You will also get automatic tasks assigning features that divide the tasks into subtasks and automatically assign the tasks to different team members.

You can upload, download and share files up to 100 MB. Once your team members upload their files, you can download them and, after checking, can give them comments or feedback on their tasks. Once a team member updates status, all team members will get an instant notification.

It is also compatible with multiple third-party apps such as GitHub, GitLab, Insightly, Breeze, Jira, Mavenlink, etc. You can also add third-party members and clients to give them instant feedback about the project. It makes collaboration and communication pretty easy and fast. You can use that tool for free if you have team members of less than ten people.

Top Features

  • It may help you to deal with project risk management 
  • You will find that tool helpful for resources management
  • Tasks can prioritize and can assign to different team members
  • The interface is relatively easy that is developed on Kanban methodology
  • You can use task management features to manage complex tasks and activities
  • A free version is available for ten or less than ten members
  • Effective time tracking features

3. Trello

Trello is a popular agile project management tool that is equipped with highly visualized effects. The Kanban-style approach to work methodology supports it, making it significantly easier for you to manage your project management activities. Trello software comes with all the basic and paid features that can make your small team projects successful.

It offers online services and provides an excellent platform for better communication and collaboration for a better workspace. You can take help from that software for managing all kinds of tasks such as personal tasks and business tasks.

It’s simple drag and drop facilities make it quite simple to use with its functionality and make its interface friendly and intuitive to use. If you have a small team, you can take its free version for a small team of fewer than five members. But for larger teams, you will need to have paid version.

Trello is the best software for small business management because you can divide your multiple tasks into subtasks to complete your projects efficiently. Suppose you are working on more than one project, then you can use that software to manage all projects separately without mixing their contents.

Every team member has complete access to all facilities, but you can limit the authorities for secrecy or better control. It also has simple options for the clients to update the work status, and they can get immediate assistance from their seniors or managers if they face any issues. 

If you take its paid version, then you can also use them for large business organizations. But for small teams, its free version is enough. We heavily recommend that tool because its advanced features and friendly interface may simplify managing your essential projects.

Top Features

  • You can attach or download 100MB files.
  • Sharing files and downloading files is also pretty simple.
  • For timely delivery of projects, you can add time limitations such as the start date of projects and the due date.
  • Free for small teams equal or less than three members
  • It offers the best task management features
  • Time tracking is also possible with that software
  • The user interface is pretty simple
  • Strong communication and collaboration features
  • Members can view, edit and comment on your work
  • Authority can be limited from user to user for better control.

4. Teamwork Projects

If you are searching for affordable software for small business management, you should consider the Teamwork projects. It is one of the easiest and reliable software that makes your complex project management activities easy and fast.

It is specially designed for small teams and has all the necessary features that small teams need to complete their job successfully. You can access its online platform that is compatible with all devices. You can log in to their platform from your android phone or desktop device.

The primary reason for that software’s popularity is its intuitive user interface with a self-explained menu. 

A new user with little skills and know-how can easily understand and perform all its functions. Small teams such as members less than fifteen will find that tool more helpful.

It is equipped with modern communication and collaboration features that make it easy for members to share and update their work status. They can share audio, video, and document files for better understanding and finding timely help by the seniors.

Task management is challenging when you are working with a large project or a project with many functions. But no worry if you have Teamwork Projects because it has smart task management features that make it easy to brief and understand the tasks. You can assign tasks separately to each employee.

For prioritizing the tasks, you can add colors with them to make them more prominent and understandable. Better resource management features allow you to assign individual tasks to individual employees for timely completion and responsibility.

When an employee shares his task, you can view, comment, and do some critical editions if needed. Heavy files can easily download and upload, and you can also store your previous projects in its gallery for later use or help.

Top features

  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Easy and friendly user interface
  • Fast communication and collaboration features
  • Equipped with all tasks management features
  • Time management and resource management features are also available
  • You can prioritize the task for timely achievement
  • You can share, upload, and download all types of files
  • Old projects and their reports can save in the gallery


CROOW is modern free project management software that is a pretty simple platform for the project management teams. It comes with a simple but flexible structure for project better communication and collaboration. 

Its waterfall and agile methodologies are equipped with multiple viewing features such as Kanban and Gantt that automate the smooth, customized, and consistent workflow. Its templates are stunning and give a charming look that makes it easy for the users to understand its functions.

Project planning features are power; you can use them for better management, deliverables, timelines, and to-dos. Managers have complete control over their teams; they can create the tasks and sub-tasks, assign tasks to individual tasks, and track the time for each team member.

It provides better communication features such as team members can comment on each other’s work and they can appraise or suggest changes in the tasks. Its message board is straightforward and makes its users able to do fast and easy communication.

Other features that make CROOW a powerful and first-choice project management software are customized workflow features that correspond with particular project plans to make your project completion simple.

Its automatic processes and notifications keep all team members attentive and active with their projects. You can also perform various tasks like accessing Kanban and Gantt chart view, forecasting, and reporting.

Its resource management features may help you be timely and individually assign tasks to available resources for better workload management. You have options to get free and paid versions. If you need advanced features, then a paid version is a good choice.

Top Features

  • Best workflow features
  • Easy tasks management features 
  • Resource management features for better utilization of resources
  • Task management features to simplify long projects
  • Options available for task prioritization
  • Fast and better communication features
  • Awesome collaboration features
  • Free for small teams with basic features

6. Forecast. app

Are you in search of the best software for managing your resources and finances efficiently? It is the best option for you to choose for your small teams.  It comes with free project management tools that simplify you to manage your available resources at total capacity.

It is a powerful project management software that combines all your projects, finances, and resources in one platform. With the help of its best features, the project managers can leverage the forecast workflow automation features to create small schedules for getting estimates about budget and resources for better utilization.

You can make a better plan by keeping in mind the timelines. It is a top-rated app used in more than 40 countries by consulting companies, assortment agencies, and enterprises. Project managers get more control over their team working by developing the workflow and flagging the essential tasks. 

Here you will find the task card features that allow the team members to comment, register, share files and track the time spent on the project. You will get everything in detail about particular projects on one platform, such as dependencies and subtasks.

It is suitable to use no matter what kind of project you are handling; you can deal with a fixed price, retainer, and time projects efficiently on that project management tool.  You can save your previous projects and track the time for calculating wages for different employees. 

The software offers integration features with all popular apps and browsers such as Google Calendar, Outlook, JIRA, QuickBooks Online, Azure Active Directory, and much more.

Top Features

  • Free 14 days trial with entire premium features
  • Safe to use on all browsers and compatible with all devices
  • Easy to handle its interface
  • It comes with powerful resource and finance management features
  • You can get a better view of upcoming strategies
  • It offers simple communication and collaboration features
  • Suitable for small teams with less than ten members
  • Accessible features for sharing files


You may need free project management software to deal with your clients and team members if you are a freelancer. Small teams such as small businesses or freelancers need the basic features for managing their projects.

AND.CO is one solution for small teams equipped with robust features that help you deal with invoices, contracts, documents, and complex projects. The remarkable thing is that you can get its free version and with more advanced features, you can get the paid version that is also very affordable.

You can say AND.CO has all the features that a project manager can expect from a good project management tool.  You will also get some additional features that make it easy to deal with your projects, such as sending invoices to your clients, contracts, and collecting payments from your clients.

AND.CO offers you the most popular project management software features, such as accessible communication, collaboration, and task management. It has robust collaboration features that make it easier for users to take help and provide help to their team members.

Members can share their work and other project activities with other team members. You can create the tasks and also can assign tasks to specific team members. With this best software, you can track the time of different team members spent on your project.

Your clients and other stakeholders of the project can get reports about the project. It is restricted to task management and resource management features, but you will also get the best customer management features like billing.

Top Features

  • Gallery for saving the old work and supporting files
  • Easy collaborating features
  • Offers fast and straightforward communication
  • Free for small teams
  • Simple and friendly user interface
  • Best customer management features
  • Best task management features
  • Sources and finance management features


JIRA is a modern project management tool that is famous for small teams. The tool is equipped with features that may help you manage your project tasks in the best way, such as allocating, capturing, and prioritizing your work. 

It gives its complete user control to manage the entire application development process and ensure that everything is covered according to your project need. It’s simple and intuitive interface helps the teams to coordinate and collaborate.

JIRA is the best task management software free that makes it possible for the managers to divide the complex tasks into small tasks and then assign a small task to individual team members for early completion of the project. They can track the time spent by each team member for the project.

You may find this tool helpful at all stages, such as planning, performing tasks, getting them done, and delivering them on time to employees. For timely completion, you can add flags or colors to prioritize the tasks. After prioritization of the task, you can also add a note of its importance.

For any aid or assistance, junior team members can also help the seniors by commenting on the status of the updated task. You can take the real-time reports and share reports with your clients or store the reports for future use.

Sharing of files is easy for the new user’s simple downloading and uploading. JIRA has a good market reputation and is equally preferred by inside and outside projects for small teams. You can use that tool for the best management of your project. It can also integrate with Trell, Google Forms, Slack, and Zapier.

Top Features

  • Free for small teams
  • Agile development features
  • It offers features for project tracking
  • It is compatible with Mac, Android, and desktop devices
  • Managers can track time and can take reports 
  • You can prioritize the tasks
  • Better security with enhanced communication and collaboration features

9. Liquid Planner

You can use the Liquid planner project management tool to deal with complex and striking work management activities. The remarkable thing about robust project management software is that it can deal with any project.

It is the best solution for your essential and complex work. You will get all the essential features that may make your project management job more accessible and efficient. You may face some problems to learn at the start, but it becomes a power to deal with any task once you have learned.

It is not a free tool but do not worry, it is very cheap, and you can easily afford it even for small teams of 2 or 3 people. Liquid Planner is equipped with the most vital features, such as creating projects; you can add a specific name and write a description of the project. 

Once you have created the projects, you can assign the specific projects to particular persons, set deadlines for those projects, set the milestones for longer projects, and much more. No worry if you are facing trouble managing your activity with its user interface; you have the option to customize the interface and to make it easier for you to understand.

Its powerful time management and task management features give powers to managers to properly distribute work between the team members to get it done before time. They can set time tracking for time spent on a project and much more.

Collaboration and communication is strength for a project. You will get accessible opportunities to collaborate and communicate with each other. It is simple, like chatting in a group; you can share your work, files, videos, and anything you want.

Team members have access to view the work done and also can comment for appreciation or for making changes. You can improve your team efficiency by adopting that affordable software.

Top Features

  • It is a top choice for small teams.
  • You can manage your tasks by prioritizing the tasks
  • It offers integration with Google Drive, Zapier, Box, and Dropbox to save your documents
  • You have the option to customize the user interface
  • Equipped with solid communication features
  • Makes collaboration easy
  • Best for complex tasks

10. Wrike

If you are looking for an efficient, easy, but most popular project management software, then Wrike is the best choice for you. It comes with such powerful features that make it suitable for most projects for small teams.

Many advanced features are added to this tool to make it perfect for your team projects, such as automated workflow, workload management, and file proofing features. It has an excellent thing that makes it most suitable is that it can integrate with more than 150 software apps to use it efficiently.

The software comes with reasonable rates that offer you built-in functionality and are easy to understand. You may need one or two days to learn that tool, but it will be a super solution for you once you learn.

It makes your communication and collaboration quick and reliable, which is necessary for the project’s success. This tool also offers task management and time management features that make it efficient.

Top Features

  • Free plans are available for small teams but with limited features
  • Good integration with more than 150 software
  • Gantt charts for a better view
  • Calendars for time management
  • Reports to share with clients and other stakeholders
  • Time tracking for time spent by team members for specific projects
  • User group and permissions feature to give more control to the managers
  • Affordable even for small teams of two members

11. Evernote

You can consider Evernote as a project management tool for your team management projects. It comes with all necessary project management features such as scheduling and task management, communication, and collaboration.

It is one of the best project management software for small teams that fits all projects and businesses. The large businesses need its paid version, but its free version is enough for the small teams. The free version comes with almost all essential features that may help you get your project done with ease.

It allows the managers to create the tasks for the project, divide them into sub-tasks, and then assign them to specific team members. Team members, by using that software, collaborate and can update the work status when needed. 

You will find it compatible with all devices such as laptops, tablets, PC, smartphones, etc. Users have the flexibility to manage and update their projects from different locations. They can share the project progress and take or help each other or from each other.

You may also need to store your project files for later use or evidence. No worry, you can store any files; it supports all files and formats. It can be integrated with popular software such as Google Drive, Salesforce, Microsoft teams, Outlook, etc.

Top Features

  • It offers integration features with multiple apps
  • Free version for small teams
  • Simple and friendly user interface
  • Strong communication and collaboration features
  • Task management and time management features

12. Redbooth

Kanban-Style project management tools have smoothened your project management experiences due to their best features. Redbooth comes with simple, clean, but compelling features that may help you deal with your small teams’ projects.

You can use that tool for planning, communication, collaboration, and tasks tracking. Managing such complex activities is quite tricky, but Redbooth makes it more accessible. You may see some limitations if you download its free version, but it’s paid version is perfect.

Redbooth may help you to connect with your clients or outside stakeholders, and you can share reports with them. Team members can manage their work by sharing work in the team groups. All users can view the updates and can help each other for a better job.

Kanban board makes it more powerful, and task management and resource management have become very easy. Now you can assign tasks, divide tasks into sub-tasks, can create projects, and much more. Its time management features allow you to add a timeline for a project, such as a start date and end date.

File storage features may help you keep the old work done for help in the future or to keep it as evidence. Redbooth project management software comes with a simple user interface that may be easy for you to learn.

Top Features

  • Kanban-board for time and task management
  • Basic reporting features for sharing and downloading the project reports
  • Collaboration tools for better communication between team members
  • Attractive and straightforward user interface
  • Suitable for small teams and small businesses
  • Gantt chart view for seeing the work with the timeline

13. ClickUp

The last project management software that is best to choose for small teams is Clickup. It is one of the best software for small business management, making it easier to deal with complex projects efficiently. 

ClickUp is recommended for all-size businesses, but for small teams, its features are fantastic. They can easily collaborate, communicate, and manage tasks, and much more. Managers can also set alerts for any update. When a team member sends any update, every member receives the notification and can check it.

It provides a complete task to the managers to add tasks and sub-tasks and assign them to particular team members. You can also prioritize the tasks to show their importance to your team members. Users have the option to make comments on the update.

You can store and share the files with your team members. Time tracking is also possible; with ClickUp, you can know how much time a specific team member has spent on your project. You can integrate that tool with much other software such as GitHub and Slack etc.

Top Features

  • Simple and friendly user interface
  • Simple to share, and download the large files
  • It is equipped with assertive communication and collaboration tools
  • It offers the best task management and time management features
  • You can allocate tasks to special team members
  • It is suitable for small teams but with complex projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. 1: Which type of project management software is best to choose for small teams projects?

Answer: When choosing the best project management software for small teams, we have multiple options. Most of those available options are reliable, but still, we should be careful because it is essential for our projects.

You should choose any project management software that comes with strong task management, resource management, finance management, team management, collaboration, and communication features. If your chosen project has such features, it will be best for your teams.

Question. 2: How to manage the small teams’ projects on project management software?

Answer:  You can reduce your burden by following simple instructions such as set priorities for work, do more communication and collaboration with team members, assign deadlines, keep work organized and store the documents.

Question. 3: Which project Management software is best for me?

Answer: All of the above shared project management software is the best and good performer. But when choosing the best for you, it depends on many factors. Choosing the project management software asks some questions, such as what you need for value or flexibility. 

What features do you prefer? What costs can you pay? How easy is it to use that tool? And many more questions that may make a project management software perfect for your team project.

Question. 4: Which is better for small teams, free or paid project management software?

Answer: It depends on the nature of your project; if your project is complex and needs advanced functions, you should consider a paid version. But if you can manage easily with essential functions, then free software is okay to use


Project management software is now compulsory for all businesses and projects. No matter the size of your business or team, you need specific management software to deal with your project activities. Modern businesses or projects are complex and need easy solutions.

It is hard to manage all the activities manually. So having project management software can improve your efficiency to a maximum level. With project management software, you can collaborate, communicate, share, manage tasks, track time, assign tasks, and much more.

You may find plenty of options to choose from, but we have provided you with the best project management software for small teams that are excellent and available in the free version. You can pick any of the above that meet your needs and match your skills.

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