What Is The Easiest Accounting Software for Small Business

Keeping a record of your business was not accessible before, but now bookkeeping has become a simple data entry task with the invention of fast and easy software.

You can get many free online and offline software for managing the accounting activities of your small businesses. But in the market, there are hundreds of software; you may get confused to choose the best for your business.

If you want to know what is the easiest accounting software for small business, then we can help you. We will share some of the excellent and most straightforward accounting software to manage your small business activities.

Why does a small business need accounting software?

You may know many people who still use manual bookkeeping systems and maintain records manually. But modern business needs have changed; even the tiny shopkeeper needs accounting software to keep accounting records perfectly.

Advantages of having accounting software for small businesses:

There are many advantages of having accounting software for small businesses.

  • One of the worthy assets you have is your time. Accounting software saves your time and makes complex entries to record on different pages is a simple data entry.
  • Most problems that make your manual accounting system problematic are errors and omissions. But no worry, when you have accounting software, you can complete your complex entries with one single entry.
  • It saves your money; you do not need to employ many people to keep an accounting record; a single person can handle four to five employees.
  • The correct recording also makes you able to make the right decision for your business according to your business’s actual performance.
  • You do not need to maintain separate spreadsheets for your account business. Even the free easiest bookkeeping software can help you a lot in keeping your business accounting record.
  • Keeping your accounting data is also secure because there is no need to worry about data loss. After all, you can log in to your software from anywhere and get access to all of your data.
  • Suppose your business is organized, and you also have other employees with you. In that case, it becomes straightforward for you to collaborate with your boss, colleagues, and employees with small business software.

What is some famous and easiest accounting software in 2021?

There are hundreds of software available that can manage your small business activities. But only a few software are excellent and are a perfect choice for you. Let’s read and get enough information about what is the easiest accounting software for small business.

We have researched and found some accounting software that can be the most accessible bookkeeping software for small businesses

Top 5 best and easiest accounting software in 2021

1. Wave

Wave is a pretty easy accounting software that is free. You will get excellent customer support, competitive pricing, and excellent accounting features for your business accounting management.

It is one of the best small business accounting software free that offers you strong accounting capabilities. Etsy sellers and small business owners can use that software.

Top Features

  • It offers you vital features that can compete with many paid accounting software.
  • Small business owners that do not have enough accounting knowledge can quickly learn and navigate with that software. It offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to handle all its functions.
  • It covers all the accounting basics such as expense tracking, bank reconciliation, invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and many other functions.
  • The outstanding feature of Wave accounting software is that users can maintain separate business and personal expenses that are best for side hustlers and freelancers that do not have different business accounts in the bank. It makes it the best and easiest accounting software for the self-employed.
  • Wave software also offers some other necessary functions for a successful business, like reports, receipts, item management, and contact management.

Overall the software is excellent but also has a drawback that it offers slow customer support, and time-tracking abilities are also limited. If you need better performance for customer support, then it may not be the perfect software for you to choose.

2. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the best accounting software for self-employed independent business persons like small shopkeepers, freelancers, and independent contractors. It is best to track individual income and expenses to calculate the tax.

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QuickBooks is developed for small business owners who file Schedule on the individual tax return. Freelancers can easily manage all their income and expenses to calculate their income at the end of the year.

You can easily total up all of your business transactions automatically just by entering the entries, and you will get an error and omission-free income at the end of the year.

Top Features

  • It provides you with simple features to differentiate the business and personal expenses separately.
  • You can track the mileage with that software.
  • You can also run that software on your mobile by installing its app.
  • The software is Sync with Turbo Tax.
  • You can track the mileage and take a picture of receipts and expenses by using its mobile App.
  • Software is supported with Cloud-based features.
  • It provides you all the features for proper calculation of your income for the tax purposes, such as sorting expenses, receipts, invoices, and estimating for filing the taxes.

It is the best software for small business owners to separately manage expenses and incomes to find the actual income for tax, but it also has some flaws. You cannot transfer its data to any other software like other packages.

Reporting option is available but has limitations, and its invoicing functionality and customization are also limited. But the small business owners, especially freelancers, can use that tool that does not have separate accounts for their business in the banks.

3. SlickPie

SlickPie is also a good accounting software that is entirely online and is developed for small businesses. The software is pretty straightforward with a simple user interface and offers accessible functions that are simple to learn.

It is the best accounting software for small businesses that comes with almost all the essential accounting functions like online billing, document management, invoicing, producing financial reports, and much more.

SlickPie is a free accounting software download that can be downloaded with simple clicks. You can use that online software from anywhere just by logging in. 

Top Features

  • The software is online that makes it accessible from any device and from anywhere.
  • You can use its predefined invoices design, or you can also customize your invoices designs.
  • It offers all the essential accounting management functions for small businesses for making decisions and knowing business growth.
  • Software is free, and you can download it without paying a single penny.
  • You can send auto-business reminders to your customers through auto-invoices options.
  • It also offers automated data entry features and is one of the best accounting programs.

Software is best for small business owners and offers excellent and easy navigation features, but the major drawback is that you cannot access that software if you do not have internet access. 

So if you are in some remote area where there is no internet arrangement, then you cannot access your internet.

4. FreshBooks

There is no significant requirement other than having an invoicing feature for accounting software. When we compare FreshBooks software with other software, then we do not find better software than FreshBooks.

It is the best accounting software for self-employed that offers you business to customize the invoice according to your business needs. The primary function of that software is to receive, send, print, and then pay the invoices.

But the software meets the basic accounting needs of small businesses as well. The software makes it simple for small businesses to send invoices and proposals, collect client retainers, request deposits, track time on projects, and receive payments.

Top Features

  • Software is paid and offers four plans for business users. Lite plan is available for 6 dollars per month, plus package is for 10 dollars, and premium package is for 20 dollars. If any person needs some special packages, then they can take a select plan.
  • The software has integration features with third-party apps like Gusto, Shopify, G Suite, Stripe, and many more.
  • You can customize the invoices with high styles to give them a professional look and feel. 
  • It offers excellent features for proposals, collecting customer payments, sending estimates, and budgeting out the projects.
  • The software comes with cloud-based features that make it easy to connect.
  • The software offers a user-friendly interface to make it easy to use for new clients.

FreshBooks is the best software that comes with paid features and makes you satisfied with its performance. But still, some flaws are available, like it does not provide payroll features, mobile apps are limited, and no inventory management features found.

5. Kashoo

For straightforward solutions for individual people to maintain their small business activities on the phone, Kashoo is a perfect accounting software developed by the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad. You can also use that software on the web from your Desktop or Pc.

This easiest bookkeeping software comes with cloud-based services that make it easier to work on Wi-fi technology. The software is included in Apple products and is widely used by small business owners to manage essential accounting functions.

The software allows its users to manage their small business essential bookkeeping functions such as manage finances, invoices, enter expenses, and generate profit from their mobile devices.

Top Features

  • The product comes with excellent features of essential accounting functions.
  • It offers account payable and accounts receivable functions to ease for the people to manage debit and credit.
  • Kashoo helps you to track income and expenses and your smaller business.
  • You will get comprehensive features such as CPA firm management, bank reconciliation, expenses and income tracking, invoice management, finances management, and many others.
  • You will get a free trial before its purchase; if you are not satisfied, you can quit its services. But if you feel at ease with that tool, you can buy it for 12.95 dollars per month.
  • Affordable only 12.95 dollars is not a high cost for better management of the business.

Kashoo is a great software that also comes with mobile phones and web compatibility. But its response is slow and takes a lot of time, making you irritated if you are dealing with a customer services business. It works in an online mood; if there is no internet connection, you cannot access your accounting features.

Frequently asked Questions: what is the easiest accounting software for small business

Question: Is free accounting software good to use for my small business?

Answer: Many software programs offer you essential and straightforward accounting management functions services. Some of them are paid, but mostly the software is free.

Not all free software is reliable and trusted, but only a few are an excellent alternative to your paid software. Suppose you want the best alternative software of QuickBooks paid software, then you can consider the Wave software because it provides you with almost all activities of QuickBooks.

So it is possible that free software can help you a lot to manage your basic accounting functions.

Question: Should a small business owner have accounting software?

Answer: Modern means of business dealings have changed, and now people want easy and fast solutions. No matter the size of the business, all needs fast means to manage business activities.

The software makes everything easier for you, like generating invoices, keeping expenses and receipts records, and finding the income. You can calculate your taxable income and much more.

You can get free accounting software if your business has a lower budget to manage the business activities. But if you have an organized small business, you can get a paid accounting software between 12 to 15 dollars per month that is also affordable.

Final Thoughts

Having accounting software is now a must for a small business for efficient management of business activities. But while buying a question arises, what is the easiest accounting software for small business because not everyone is an expert in accounting functions and wants easy solutions.

We have provided you with some simple software that is very easy to use and comes with excellent basic accounting functions to manage small business activities.

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