A Guide To Boost Mobile Unlocking Software Download For Free

Boost Mobile is a wireless service provider owned by Dish Network. Boost Mobile phones are sold unlocked, meaning you can only work with other carriers after locking. You may get a lot of software online; nevertheless, the primary question is: how can I download boost mobile unlocking software?

You can download online software for free to unlock your boost phone or contact your customer support care service for free. First, you need to go to your google play store and search for the boost mobile unlock phone app. Please choose the best one and install it on your device. 

If you’re interested in the costs associated with mobile app development, it’s important to note that these costs can vary significantly depending on the complexity and features of the app you’re looking to create. Factors that influence mobile app development costs include design intricacy, functionality requirements, platform compatibility (iOS, Android, or both), development time, and the development team’s expertise.

Following are some listed apps: 4G LTE Mode only, Unlock Boost Phone and IMEI Unlock. To unlock your Boost Mobile phone, I will guide you step-by-step so you can use it with any operator. After reading this article, you will learn how to open a Boost Mobile phone for free. 

What is Boost Mobile unlocking software?

The Boost Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) offers monthly and annual prepaid plans. They block their devices to use only their networks, so boost unlocking software unlocks your phone without paying the expensive fees that carriers charge for their locked phones.

A Guide to boost mobile unlocking software download:

Unlock BOOST Mobile Phone software successfully provides many customers with free and paid Boost phone unlocking services worldwide.

  1. Download the application
  2. Fill in information about your device
  3. Pay with PayPal (account or credit card).
  4. Check your inbox for the unlock code and all instructions.

Benefits include: 

  • You will no longer be bound to any specific network by unlocking your boost mobile carrier. The services are available to you regardless of the network operator you choose.
  • With a contract, a seller earns money by selling you a phone. The most advantageous part is that you can use the same plan even after unlocking your phone. As a result, you can avoid being locked into a contract when you unlock your boost mobile carrier.
  • The roaming charges on an unlocked phone are enormous when you travel overseas. When you unlock your BOOST phone, you can use any local sim card in the country you’re visiting.

Unlock Boost Mobile – How to unlock a Boost Mobile phone free

You will have to call customer service to unlock your boost mobile phone for free. Before you call customer service, there are some requirements you have to meet before they unlock your phone for free. 

Here are four things that must happen before boost will even think about opening your phone needs to be sim unlocked. 

  • If your phone has been stolen, mark it lost or stolen, so no one can take it and run with it. You have to have had this device from boost mobile for 12 months before boost will unlock it; even if you own it, they’re not going to open it. 
  • You must have your account with increased mobile in good standing. You can only have unpaid bills. If you have anything unpaid, they will not unlock your phone.
  • If you need the number one more time, it is right here for customer service blocking my face somewhere on the screen or in the description below if you prefer using it that way. 
  • Also, if you’re in the military, boost will unlock your phone with proof of deployment, so take your deployment papers to a boost mobile store or call customer service to send them your information. They will unlock your phone as long as your account is in good standing. If you’re in the military, you need proof of deployment, and boost will unlock your phone. 

Some third-party people claim to be able to unlock your phone. I don’t highly recommend that it could damage your phone, so you can’t use it at all. Go through the proper steps to get this done. 

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Boost mobile unlocking software download for pc: 

Download the Gsm Ment Pro software if you haven’t installed it earlier. Using this tool, you can quickly flash your Android device in case of trouble. 

Alternatively, if FRP locks your Android smartphone and you want to remove it, you can use this tool. This tool also helps you remove FRP from your device. 

The installation procedure is relatively straightforward. The password for the zip file is Ethiopia. After successful installation, open the software interface. 

Here is a Samsung tab; you can also translate all world languages and unlock the sim. You can click on read info or unlock the sim. 

Features of the GSM Tools Collection:

  • Blackberry Tools
  • GSM Flasher ADB Bypass FRP Tool
  • Huawei Modem Unlocker
  • Nokia Firmware Suite
  • Samsung MSL Code Reader
  • GSM Multi Hub
  • Huawei Unlock Code Calculator
  • OPPO Network Unlock Tool
  • Samsung Service Tool
  • SPD Diag Reset Tool
  • Xiaomi Support Tool
  • Android Multi Tool
  • Samsung FRP Hijacker

Ways To Unlock boost mobile apn settings:

When your Android phone has been activated and your SIM card has been inserted, follow these steps to update its APN settings.

Step 1. Go to Settings (in Apps or the pull-down notification tray).

Step 2. Depending on your phone, click Connections, Network Connections, or Network and Internet

Step 3. Make sure Mobile Data is enabled on selected mobile networks

Step 4. Access Point Name or “APN” (possibly in Advanced Options)

Step 5. Add a new APN by selecting the plus “+” sign

Step 6. Please enter the following information, and ignore all fields that are not listed here:

  • Name – boost
  • APN – reseller
  • MMSC – http://mmsc.mobile.att.net
  • MMS Proxy – proxy.mobile.att.net
  • MMS Port – 80
  • APN Type – default, MMS, supl, Fota, cap
  • APN Protocol – IPv4 / IPv6
  • APN Roaming Protocol – IPv4 / IPv6
  • APN enable/disable – Enabled
  • MVNO Type – GID

Step 7. Select the three-dot icon on the upper right corner of your screen to save (depending on your phone).

Step 8. Make sure the Access Point Name you created is selected

Step 9. You may need to restart your phone

Step 10. Try calling, texting, and loading a web page to test your phone’s connection. (Make sure WiFi is disconnected.)

How To Unlock boost mobile lg stylo 6

Follow these steps to unlock the boost mobile LG stylo 6:

Step 1: Submit the IMEI of your LG Stylo 6. 

Step 2: Find your IMEI by dialing *#06#. 

Step 3: Enter the number, hit Submit, and wait for the number to be processed by the Unlocky server. 

Step 4: Now choose your country and the network provider your LG phone is locked to (i.e., United States/Verizon). 

Step 5: An unlock code will be generated based on the IMEI by Unlocky, which is connected to LG servers. 

Step 6: After entering this code and unlocking your phone, you should be able to use the LG Stylo 6 wherever you want.

Step-By-Step To Unlock boost mobile iPhone XR

Steps to unlock boost mobile iPhone XR through WiFi or mobile data.

Step 1: Insert a non-accepted SIM card.

Step 2: Type your SIM PIN.

Step 3: Obtain your 15-digit IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your phone or go to Settings >> General >> About.

Step 4: Your iPhone shows SIM Not Valid.

Step 5: Connect your iPhone to a WiFi or mobile data connection.

Step 6: Your iPhone will be activated and unlocked forever.

Easy 7 Ways Unlock boost mobile coolpad legacy

To unlock your phone, you need only 15 digits of IMEI. The following steps will help unlock:

Step 1: Switch OFF the Coolpad Legacy phone.

Step 2: Insert any other network provider SIM card.

Step 3: Switch ON the phone.

Step 4: Find the 15-digit correct IMEI by dialing *#06# on the phone.

Step 5: It will prompt for simlock / NCK / SIM Network Unlock PIN.

Step 6: Enter the unlock code which routerunlock.com provides.

Step 7: Now, your Coolpad Legacy phone is unlocked permanently.


How can I unlock my phone from boost mobile?

Boost Mobile’s cell phones are locked to their network, so you cannot use them with another carrier until you unlock them. Unlocking your cell phone through Boost Mobile is free. 

  • Call Boost customer service.
  • Get the unlock code
  • Input said code.

How much does it cost to unlock a phone from boost mobile?

Boost will automatically unlock Prepaid devices within two business days of becoming eligible for unlocking. Meanwhile, other software will cost up to $300.

Do I have to pay to unlock my phone at Boost Mobile?

Cell phones sold by Boost Mobile are locked to their network, so you can’t use them with another carrier. You can unlock your phone without paying any fee through Boost Mobile’s customer care line. 

But unlocking through third parties costs money. They must do this for free if you’re out of your original contract. You can unlock all major networks for free, even if you’re in a contract.


Boost phones are locked with their network. You can unlock your Boost mobile through official means by contacting your customer support care, but you must have used the carrier for at least 12 months and meet other requirements. 

Hence, I have listed the most effective software above for unlocking your device without any eligibility criteria, conditions, or limitations. 

By following the guideline mentioned above, you will be able to remove the lock from your boost phones in a hassle-free manner. 

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