Free Trello Alternatives-Trusted Tools For Project Management

Are you searching for free Trello alternatives? But you may get confused about where to start because of a lot of options. There is no doubt it is a stiff challenge for everyone to find a reliable alternative to any trusted tool.

 It becomes challenging when you are looking for a free alternative. Most free software is fake or scam, and you do not get anything except a virus. So when you are in need to find the best free options, you need to be more careful.

No worry, we have tried to make your task more accessible, and we have found some of the best free project management tools that are the best alternative for your Trello software. Read about them to decide which one is a better solution for your team for Trello software.

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What is Trello software?

Before knowing about the Trello alternative open source, I would like to tell you about Trello software and its functions.

Trello is the best software that offers interactive project management features that helps you to organize tasks and subtasks into visual boards for easy project management. You have the options to add tasks and cards to your projects for assigning a due date, attach files, add descriptions, make labels, update work status, comment on work and share any helpful information.

It also includes many other functions that make your project management functions easy, fast and productive. You can easily communicate and collaborate with your team members and other stakeholders. 

Not restricted to one project, you can also deal with many tasks simultaneously without mixing up information.  Trello also offers free project management tools, but you need it’s paid version for premium functions for a large team. 

The software comes with compatibility features with multiple devices. You can log in to that application on a web browser and use its app on mobile devices for convenience. 

There is much software available on the Trello competitors list, but only a few are the best to choose. You may find trusted tools for project management, but never will you find such easy and fast project management software as Trello.

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Free Trello Alternatives(competitors list)

We have chosen the best free alternatives for Trello that are trusted and helpful for your team to manage your project management activities. You can find all these alternatives for free and can improve your team communication skills.

1. Asana

Asana is a famous project management software that is a favorite for every team. If you deal with projects, then indeed you hear about asana. It is trusted software and is one of the best alternatives for Trello.

It offers a paid version for large teams, but if your team is less than or equal to 15, you can use its free version. Asana software is equipped with advanced project management features that make your project management tasks more manageable.

A modern approach that asana offers its users is a personal Kanban board online free that allows users to display projects and tasks in the view list, file view, and calendar view to make things easier to find and share.

It is free software that makes your project and task management activities like communication and collaboration with your team improved and effective. You can assign tasks to your team members, get updates from them, and comment for praise or rectification.

When any member updates the task status, it automatically updates the board, and every team member instantly gets an update. Software is compatible with mobile and desktop devices. Its user interface is pretty easy; even the person who is the new user can easily understand and use it.

In Asana, adding files is pretty straightforward and flexible; you can upload files up to 100 MB, and you will get unlimited space for storage. You can keep all your projects recorded in the available dropbox.  It is compatible with third-party apps like Dropbox, hipchat, Jira, and much more for storage.

Top Features

  • Free for teams less than 15 members
  • Accessible features for collaboration and communication
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Compatible with mobile and desktop devices
  • Kanban board for easy display of projects and information

2. Taiga

This free software is an agile project management tool with a clean and straightforward interface that is self-explained anyone can use it.  You will also find many community-created features that make this tool a perfect alternative for Trello.

Software is open-source, which means it is free to download and install. Now you are restricted to its already provided options; even in the free version, you have the opportunity to add your plugins and make suitable changes.

It offers excellent collaboration and communication features that help you to improve team communication skills. Taiga also provides a hosted server where you can host the software and provide users access to use that server. 

This service is completely free for personal use, but if for private projects, then they may charge only 5 dollars per month.  If you compare it with Trello, its premium version is also very affordable Trello.

Your data is safe even if you are already managing your project on Trello or Asana and now want to switch on Taiga; then, you have the option to import data without damaging your files and records. It supports data import features for Jira, Github, Asana, and Jira.

The software is friendly and straightforward to use and compatible with scrum principles and Kanban workflow. With its scrum, you can break the large projects into smaller chunks for ease.

Top Features

  • It offers features for project communication and collaboration
  • Bug tracking features for safety
  • Tasks management 
  • Time tracking features for time delivery
  • Scrum board for dividing tasks.
  • Kanban boards features
  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Free to download and install

3. Wrike

Wrike is also one of the best free Trello alternatives that are available in premium and free tools.  There is no worry when you have it’s free tool because there is a difference in several team members, but features are almost identical.

Here, you will get Gantt Charts and Kanban card options that store all the information your team needs for project management.  You can create the tasks and assign tasks to one or more team members and use the messaging system with the outside stakeholders.

It is also essential in project management to upload and download many files for assignment and understanding directions. You have the options in Wrike free tools to upload the files for better collaboration among the team. Every member of the team can update work status and also can edit the file if needed.

Such suitable communication and discussion with your team members assist you in making timely decisions and take initial steps for the completion of tasks. You can also set the workflow plan for your project and break down the significant functions in the subtasks for easy completion.

Wrike is a good option for you to choose as the best free project management tools equipped with excellent project management features such as time tracking, client billing, and timer for working and monitoring your team members. It automatically calculates the time your team member spent on a project.

Top Features

  • Free tools that are best for small teams’ less than five members
  • Its interface is friendly and colorful that is simple to use
  • You can assign tasks and subtasks
  • Can monitor time consuming by team member on a specific project
  • Easy features for collaboration

4. ProofHub

Proofhub is a popular task management and project management tool that can be an excellent alternative to Trello project management software. It’s better options than Trello make it a good software for project management and team collaboration.

There are the best free Karban boards and Gantt chart view for timeline management and calendar and list view for better project management. 

With the help of these advanced features, you can prioritize your tasks by categorizing them and assigning tasks and subtasks to multiple people, and collaborating with them. You can also mention people by pressing @person. It also has options for file attachment.

You can also set the dates like due dates, estimated time, track time, and much more.  Unlike the Trello project management tool in ProofHub, you also can customize access levels with default access levels.

In this excellent project management software, users find resources, workload reports, and project management options. You can track the time of the project and have access to export time entries to third-party apps like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and many more. Users of that tool are Netflix, Disney, and Nike.

You can get their free plan for three users, but for more, they offer two paid plans; but the remarkable thing is that their paid plans are also cheaper than Trello and do not change with several team members.

Top Features

  • It is suitable for small businesses to large companies
  • Free and paid versions are available
  • It offers all the project management features
  • Advanced Gantt chart and chat features
  • Can assign tasks to every team member separately
  • You can manage your activities by tracking time
  • The user interface is clean and easy to use

5. Airtable

We have picked another personal Kanban board online free project management tool that is airtable. The tool comes with all the necessary project management features and makes your project management functions efficient and more accessible.

You have the option to enjoy a better level of communication and collaboration that keeps you and your squad up to date every second about updates about your project. You and your team members have the flexibility to update work status and to share information for praise or help.

With fewer efforts, you can manage and control complex projects and large teams. It is a parting database and being a part spreadsheet. 

Everyone uses spreadsheets differently; some use tabs on tasks, projects, requirements, and workload. But using a spreadsheet is limited, and you become unable to work when required cells are queried or relationship manipulation.

While the database is very complex and hard to understand for every user, only experts can understand it. But thanks to Airtable, it offers the familiarity of a very easy-to-use and understand spreadsheet and combines the power of a database.

Combining both makes it straightforward to manage workloads, perform complex tasks, and assign work to team members. The combination of both powerful features makes it a suitable Trello free alternative, and project management teams love to use that tool.

Top Features

  • It comes with advanced Kanban view options.
  • It supports the download and upload of heavy files
  • The user interface is pretty easy; even new users can use it
  • Spreadsheet and database combination to make project management easier
  • Calendar, form, gallery views, enable grid view and many advance options

6. Avaza

Avaza is an agile project management tool that comes with some whistles and bells of accounting software. It allows its users to track time spent on projects and tasks, collaborate, generate reports for expenses, etc.

You can also take help from that excellent Trello free alternative tool for timesheets, sending invoices to your clients, and even you can update and get paid from that advanced tool. It means you get project management, customer management, and accounts management features in this tool.

In Avaza, you can easily collaborate with your team members through notifications and email-enabled discussions. You also get options for switching between Gantt chart, Kanban, and list view for easy task management and creation.

It offers flexibility for its users to convert the emails into tasks, track the tasks completion rate, members’ time spent on a specific job, and much more.  Software dashboard is straightforward and cleans a new user can efficiently perform functions because menus are self-explained.

File integration is pretty easy in Avaza from Google drive, Dropbox to manage all your files in one location to make it easier to access when needed. It also protects from duplication or confusion when needed.

Avaza software is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses; freelancers can get a lot of help from that free software to manage their teams and projects with advanced communication and collaboration levels. You can also share your project boards with your clients, send them quotations, and share your project reports.

Top Features

  • Free for a single user to manage five projects each month
  • The interface is clean and simple
  • Can manage your customers by sending invoices and receiving payments
  • Can share reports and quotations with clients
  • It offers features to manage your project management team with better collaboration.
  • You can convert your emails into projects.

7. Jira

Jira was started as the issue tracking software and was developed for the software developers. Due to its compelling features, other people also start using that excellent Trello alternative open source. The software was established in 2012, but in 2017 Trello took over, but still, it has its separate identity and is an excellent alternative to Trello.

This excellent software offers support for more than 3000 third-party apps, while Trello offers support for only some hundreds. It is a helpful tool for improving and enhancing emailing and communication features of the tool.

It also offers options for its users to add time logging, time management, invoicing tools that make its users able to track the time spent on a specific project and then send an invoice to the client for work hours payment.

Jira also shows your project management statistics such as its start, processing, and completion by adding timeline icons with your projects. It is widely used by small, medium, and extensive company professionals who trust that software.

Almost all its users are from every profession, but still, software developers prefer its use. The software is also equipped with scrum view and Kanban boards that make it an agile project management tool.

You can categorize your projects and tasks and create reports for making quick and helpful decisions to improve your project performance. A ten or less than ten team offers free versions to work on a single site or with one project. But for advanced features for large groups, you will need to get its paid version.

Top Features

  • Best software for software developer
  • Free for ten users
  • Kanban and Scrum view features
  • Offers all project management features
  • You can add reports for outside clients
  • Can track the time for project
  • Can share information with team members
  • Provides support for more than 3000 apps

8. KanbanFlow

KanbanFlow is a trusted project management tool for businesses that utilize Kanban workflow processes. The software shows Kanban view by default which may not seem attractive to everyone, but for effective, streamlined business default, Kanban view is excellent. Even famous project management tools like Asana and Trello also do not offer such a perfect Kanban view.

The essential functions of that Trello project management alternative tool are provided by KanbanFlow that offers a significant relief for the users who deal with complex projects. You may find things more complex while dealing with Trello, but you can easily manage complex processes with its KanbanFlow features.

KanbanFlow is free software available in premium versions for advanced features to deal with complex workflow systems in big organizations. But you will be surprised to know that even the paid version has only a 5 dollars fee per month that is almost like a free account for professionals.

You can receive unlimited tasks, subtasks, filters, and boards with their free version. You also have the option to add recurring tasks, and you will even get access to project time management features such as time-tracking with its free version.

Here is a different feature that you will not find in other project management tools developed for the students, perfectionists, and procrastinators. It offers to engage in 25-minute online sessions with the team and break between each session.

You can also monitor your team activities by sharing information, updating task status, and tracking time for specific projects. It offers perfect communication and collaboration features.

KanbanFlow is highly recommended for large companies, and there are many popular users of that software.

Top Features

  • You can define your specific tasks.
  • Can conduct monitoring towards the particular task
  • Online 25 minute sessions
  • You have options to mark breaks between sessions
  • The user interface is pretty simple  and easy to understand 
  • The Default Kanban view is perfect for complex processes dealing with businesses.
  • Very affordable paid plan
  • Unlimited options for boards, tasks, subtasks

Is Trello available for free for commercial use?

Trello can be used for free commercial use, but you cannot access the premium features with its free version. So it is better to get the paid version if you are dealing commercially.

How many users can use the Trello free version?

If your team is less than ten members, then you can use the Trello free version. A free version may meet all the needs of a simple team or small business. But for advanced features, they need a paid version of Trello. Trello is not very expensive, and there is no concept of adding more cost by increasing the number of team members.

Are Trello free alternatives safe?

Trello free alternatives are safe to use; trusted organizations and safe to use develop all the above-provided alternatives. But there may be limitations on available features overall; all free alternatives are good to use.

Final Thoughts

Trello is one of the best tools, but it also has some pros and cons; you need a paid version for its premium features. If you do not like to use Trello or want a free solution, then you can use Trello, free alternatives software that is also suitable and helpful for project management.

We have provided the list of best free project management tools that are secure to use and simple. You can choose any of them that are perfect as per your requirements. All are excellent performers and are available in free and paid versions.

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