Wayback Machine Alternative Sites

This is the right article if you are finding your site or any site go to back features of the website. If you are making a plan to start a new website and you want to check the history of some successful websites. For the successful blogging or any niche of blog or review you have to need check out the successful relevant blog. Find the success story and check the development strategy and other details to assure utmost success. Checking all history then the site builder can make a proper decision and can start a plan for building a website. 

Wayback machine is the best website for checking the history of any website. But most of the time people love to re-check to another one site. In this article Diurnal Tech describes some wayback machine alternative sites. 

Best Wayback Machine Alternative Sites:

1. Archive.is

Archive.is is one of the best options on a wayback machine. It is known by web pages as a time capsule. It retains web pages ‘snapshots’ even if the website vanishes. But it doesn’t have any active elements and scripts when it comes to saved and archived web pages. Although it’s an old option, since it’s user-friendly and quick navigation people love to use.

If you visit the website, you can see two search bars at archive.is. The first bar lets you access the content, code and screenshots of a given website. You can post those screenshots with the second bar and import them too.

2. Screenshots.com

ScreenShots.com is another possible alternative to the wayback machine, an Internet archive. It needs website archive screenshots from various periods. As it is an older archived website, screenshots.com offers an accurate snapshot of how an earlier website used to be. It’s also named as a time machine with screenshots of more than 250 million websites.

But one can’t access the code of stuff like its destination connection in this website. Screenshots.com has the best app, so you can zoom in the screenshots as well.

3. Competitor Screenshots

Competitor screenshots are the other one wayback machine alternative sites. Competitor Screenshots is essentially intended to give you an insight into the marketing tactics of your rivals, including screenshots of their website , email campaigns and their social networking activities to identify their active landscape.

But to get information about the website details of your rival, you must sign up on this page, and it is free. The free signup allows you to have restricted access to your competitor’s results , i.e. only for the last 60 days.

But if you want to find out more details, you must upgrade to your Premium Plans. More or less, it is somewhat similar to the Screenshots, as it also archives only a website’s screenshots and not the HTML code.

4. DomainTools:

DomainTools has an online WHOIS service that helps users find details on a website that is complete. It also includes Website archives of the hosting history and IP addresses. DomainTools provides a free internet archive service based on screenshot, making it the list.

On domain resources, users can see the screenshot history of every website i.e. how the website has developed in terms of design along with Whois records i.e. the contact details of the website owner, when the domain was registered, The IP history etc. It can turn out to be a very useful tool if used properly.

5. ITools

If you are searching for an alternate Wayback machine that offers details beyond the screenshots and their coding structure, ITools could be your answer! ITools is not just a web archive but a website analyzer that provides you with specifics of the website including website traffic, numbers, website popularity, Alexa rating, contact information, etc.

ITools makes use of the famous Alexa tools to provide information about a website to that degree. In essence, ITools is not so much a web archive but a Web tools, a place for all the popular analytics tools on the web. The website layout will confuse you when you land on a website’s home page but as soon as you start using ITools, you’ll start to love it.

6. Alexa:

Alexa is the most popular tool with the most systems. No introduction is required because people are familiar with this website. Alexa is a trademark of Amazon.com. It includes a website’s entire history and its browsing information as well. In particular , it provides the information for competitive analysis on the website’s rating and keyword study. Also, you can find details about past visits, where they are often visited and the period.

Apart from all the details above, one can view Alexa statistics such as domain information, the age of the website and the referring domains.

7. YubNub:

YubNub is yet another great wayback machine alternative sites. It is one of the most easy to use and useful tool for finding information about the website. It certainly does not offer a broad variety of features such as Page Freezer, but it is obviously helpful for simple uses.

Visiting YubNub automatically gives you the idea of how you should use this website to access information about the website. Just enter the website’s URL on the home page and hit enter, and in no time get the details you are looking for from the website given.

8. Page Freezer

One favorite solution to the Wayback machine is Page Freezer. The wide variety of features that the freezer page provides makes it stand out in the market. If you are searching for details about your competitors website or want to evaluate your own website, Page Freezer is the best choice that you can look up to.

Page Freezer is extremely advanced and can be relied on in terms of functionality, protection. Where most websites and the Wayback itself give you a glimpse of past knowledge from the website, Page Freezer offers you a real-time website experience as if it were always operating in the past.

In addition, Page Freezer also offers website archiving on social media that discusses where and when the website got the social media and what was said about it. There are of course some other features of Page Freezer that make it one of the industry’s leading websites.

9. Stillio Automatic Screenshots:

Stillio helps render regular web-page screenshots. It provides features such as website archiving, website compliance, trend tracking, competition tracking, and SEO tracking. It’s so simple, just Archive, then capture the screenshots and share them. But it’s close to PageFreezer, a limited-edition alternative to Wayback Machine.

10. WebCite

Because of the inept user interface, WebCite isn’t one of the best internet archive websites. You won’t understand how to use this website at first, but if you want to explore an additional choice than the top alternatives to the Wayback machine above, you can go for WebCite.

It is essentially a web archive for writers, webmasters, authors and publishers who want to be citable in an academic sense for their content. WebCite lets you discover the web pages, images, documents and HTML codes cited above.


Indeed the Wayback machine is the best archive website with the biggest database ever. But this website has many other options that provide similar and often different functionality than the Wayback machine. Many people are finding Wayback machine alternative sites, diurnal tech is written on this topic for those people. 

So, it’s kind of important for you to get an idea of alternate sites on the Wayback machine so you can connect to them if the Wayback machine is down or it doesn’t help you discover the kind of knowledge you ‘re willing to know about. We hope you thought the article was useful! If you know of some other better website that we failed to list on the Internet archive, please tell us in the comment section below.

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