Quran Learning Software- Every Muslim’s Dream To Learn And Recite

Quran Learning Software- Every Muslim’s Dream To Learn And Recite 

The use of technology now fulfills the necessary desire of every person with great networking. One can easily collaborate with the communication system of education, job, or business work through the easy use of online platforms, software, or applications by their pc, laptop, or smartphone. 

Every Muslim ummah wants to do good deeds for Allah (SWT). And learning the Quran is one of them. The main thing of learning the Quran is an easy understanding of tajweed, tafsir, and quotes in their native language. 

After that, having the professional teacher’s guidelines is also important when you’re thinking of learning the Quran. This all can be possible with the downloading of Quran learning software. 

Here, we’re listing the best Quran learning apps and trying to give every piece of information about the app for an easy choice.  Let’s check what’s waiting for you.

List of best Quran learning software

There are few important things to note when you’re literally deciding on downloading the Holy Quran to learn. These things are- 

What do you really want to get from the app? Are you a beginner? Do you want to learn the holy Quran from starting the Noorani Qaida for tajweed learning? 

Or do you just want to memorize the Quran with subtitles and tafsir?!

Also, what devices do you want to install the Quran learning software on? These several points we’re arranged in a sequence in this article where you can easily choose what software you should install

Learning The Quran For Beginners

As a beginner, it’s important to choose the exact application on your smartphone that improves your tajweed and reading skills. 

“Learn Quran word by word” is that category of methods for a beginner. In this category, the most practical application is nearby you. Check out the description of this app that is given below-

01. Quran Ayat App

The Quran ayat app is designed with the easy features of learning the Quran for both kids and adults. Here, you can find out the best learning method for yourself. Let’s check out the features of this Quran learning software.


  • Session: 1on 1 Online session
  • Class: 24/7 online class; Free trial classes
  • Certificate: Get a certificate after completing the course
  • Tutors: Professional & highly qualified Male & female tutor ( From Al-Azhar University) 
  • Learners: Both kids and adults learn easily from this app.
  • Azan: visual and audio notification of azan for the remainder of prayers in the right time of salah. 
  • Pdf: Free Quran, Islamic book, Arabic learning pdf book

02. Quran Word by Word with Audio – eQuran Teacher App

It’s the easiest learning Quran app where you can read and listen to the Quran and memorize it very quickly. Here, simplify the Quran word by word with audio and text synchronized, which is helpful to both adults and children. 

Once you are downloading the single sura or full Quran with a single tape, there is no need for an internet connection to read the Quran. 

You’re available to read the Quran anywhere or anytime when you need it. Let’s check out the features of this application-


  • Audio: High quality and clear voice. ( Ibrahim Mir Muhammad)
  • Graphics: Stylish and elegant high-quality graphics.
  • Word by word option: listen to a single word with repetition option (1times, 2 times, 3times and also 5times)
  • Download: Download a single surah or full Quran with a single tape. 
  •  Favorite Verses list: Create your own favorite verses list.
  • Fast downloading data
  • Internet connection: Need only when you’re first downloading surah. After that, there is no need for an internet connection. 

03. Noorani Qaida for Android

Noorani Qaida is a learning app that both children and adults can use to learn by appropriate pronunciation. 

Audio sound for each word makes you understand the uses of Quranic words, makhraj, tajweed, tanween, and all lessons perfectly. Now, let’s check what features make this Noorani Qaida software the best learning software. 


  • Lesson: 17 different lessons.
  • Audio: understand by listening to every single word with high-quality audio resolution.
  • Graphic: Designed with ease of indicating words, color, English explanation of Arabic grammar.
  • Word by word: Specific words are designed with a stylish and elegant style. 

04. Quranic: Learn Quran and Arabic App

 Quranic is the interactive Quran learning software that is easy to learn and memorize.

Learn the Quran in an interactive way and with a proper understanding of this application.


  • Learning: Learn lessons with the smart way and techniques.  In the first lesson here, the most common words are arranged with meaning. And the full app is designed uniquely and creatively.
  • Learn stories: learn stories from the Quran itself. 
  • Learn grammar: learn grammar, punctuation & vocabulary. 
  • Session: Bite-sized lessons help you in short, focused sessions.

05. Learn Quran App

Learn Quran app is the latest app that has a great method of learning the Quran easily. 


  • Translation and explanation of every verse and ayat of the Quran by Dr. Farhat Hashmi. (Translation in Hindi, Urdu, German, English, France) 
  • Easily read and listen to the verses in Arabic and native language with a single tape on the play button. Also, read tafsir & translation with the button.
  • Root words
  • Share and copy the verses from this learning app.
  • Have the option to zoom text.

Frequently Asked Question: Quran learning software

Question 1:how to learn the Quran easily?

Learning the Quran is easy if you follow the daily routine for completing the Quran. Here some basic steps are given below-

  • Learn the Quran tajweed, grammar, and vocabulary. You can take the help of an application or software which can be downloaded easily.
  • Learn to read the Quran.
  • Learn to recite the Quran.
  • Learn to memorize the Quran.
  • Get ijazah and start teaching the Quran.

Question 2: How long does it take to learn the Quran?

You can easily learn the Quran by maintaining a daily routine. Just take 10minitues to learn just a single page. 

Read it attentively with tajweed, Tafseer, and translation. It’ll only take 3months to learn a chapter of the Quran(100 pages). And this is how you will learn every chapter with memorization.

Question 3: Who is the best reciter of the Quran in the world

People who best reciter of Quran in the world are considered –

  • El Minshawy, 
  • Abdul Basit, 
  • Mustafa Ismail, and
  • Al-Hussary


The Holy Quran is the most important book for all Muslims ummah. The reverted Muslim or non-Muslims are also can easily read Quran. 

But the Quran learning software is there to help people easily get the Quran in their native languages. 

So, downloading this holy Quran and memorization is not a big deal in this modern time. That’s all for today.

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