Which is the best In Display Fingerprint phone under $400 [2024 Top Selections]

Wanna enjoy high-quality features in a smartphone? But, you are worried about your budget, right? There’s good news for you! You can buy a high-quality phone, even the best In Display Fingerprint phone for under $400.

The top 3 best in display fingerprint phones are  UMIDIGI S5 Pro, OnePlus Nord N20 5G and TCL 20 Pro 5G. But, considering more factors, you need to choose the best phone. 

Let’s try to figure out the best mid-budget phone. I’ve discussed every little feature with real buyer experience to make it easier for you. Check it out now!! 

What is Under-display fingerprint?

Under-display fingerprint in mobile is actually something like that function from under the display to detect your stored fingerprints.  

Now, you may think, how is it possible?! This is the most common question: who just gets informed about this latest feature? 

There are basically two types of methods used for under-display fingerprints. One is optical and the other one is an ultrasonic scanner. 

In the optical scanner, a tiny camera captures a photo of your fingerprint. Like, when you want to unlock your phone and tap on the fingerprint scanner, you’ll see a green light. 

This light captures your fingerprint pattern and goes under the display and makes an image! Then it matches the picture with your stored fingerprint. 

The process is done within a few seconds, which is totally uncountable. So,  it’s the fastest thing to unlock your phone.

Few phone manufacturers like Samsung use ultrasonic scanners on phones. Here, ultrasonic waves are used to make an image of your fingerprint and then it matches the stored fingerprint.  

What is In Display Fingerprint phone?

In-display fingerprint phones use the latest technology of sensors or scanners which unlock the phone with a one finger tap on display. It’s very fast and convenient to use on phone. You can easily unlock your phone whether your finger is wet or dry. Like, you’re eating your launch and want to scroll your social media post. You don’t have to wash and dry your hands. You can easily tap the finger scanner with your greasy hand and it works! This biometric authentication process make your phone secure from hackers. As, some latest phone features the sensor which can detect the pattern as well as the blood circulation of your finger. 

Is under 400-dollar phone will be perfect for me? 

If you cannot buy an expensive phone with great features, you can buy a mid-budget phone for under $400. 

Though, they can’t satisfy as well as an iPhone pro or an expensive Samsung phone. But still, they offer an amoled display, in-display fingerprint sensor,  great camera quality and huge battery capacity. 

So, yeah! You can also have high-quality features with a $400 phone! 

Best 15 under $400 phones: Let’s Be Honest about the Top-Notch Findings 

The overview of each mid-budget phone under $400 will give you hints which help you better. So, let’s introduce the best phone and pick one! 

picture of OnePlus Nord N200. In-display fingerprint phone under $400

1. OnePlus Nord N200

My opinion: If you’re searching for a 5G phone with amazing battery life, an attractive design and a great display, then the OnePlus Nord N200 is the best choice for you! 

Why do I love the OnePlus Nord N200? 

Attractive design:

The first thing which catches your eye about this phone is its attractive design. It has a similar design to oppoa935G. 

If you look at the back, you can discover this mid-budget phone is fairly designed as it is made of frosted matte glass.  

On one side of the phone, there’s a single power button which also functions as a fingerprint.

The other side of the phone includes a standard volume rocker and on the bottom, there’s a USB c port, single firing speaker and a 3.5mm headphone jack. 

Although it has no ringer switch, the design is absolutely satisfying for a mid-budget phone. 

High-quality gaming display:

Talking about the display, you may be lucky to get this great display under mid-budget.  It features a screen of 6.5 inches, 90hz.

If you want to save your battery life, you can easily switch from 90 Hz to 60 Hz.  This features an IPS display, which has rich color with deep black and bright white.  And, the sharpness is pretty good. 

The pixel density is also great, as it is 495 pixels per inch. Although it’s not featured with an AMOLED screen, this has good display performance at this rate. 

The screen is not an edge-to-edge screen; it’s a large chin-edge screen.  So, yeah! You can’t find a high refresh rate panel like this at that price point. 

You can smoothly play any game with this wide display! 

Amazing battery life: 

The customers are truly satisfied with the great battery life on this budget. This one has a 5000mAH battery which can survive for about two days within 8 hr of screen time! 

It’s an 18-watt fast-charging phone that takes 75 minutes to charge fully. There’s no wireless charging on this phone.

Not great but obviously Good camera: 

The camera system of the N200 seems okay but not great. It features a triple-lens system with a 13MP main camera, 2MP macro lens and a 2MP depth.  

You can expect to capture good photos outdoors, but you will not perfectly get too many details in pictures. 

You can expect decent camera results indoors because it’s not a fast lens. The maximum aperture is only f2.2. 

The front-facing camera is 16MP which shows decent results. So, you can expect decently, but don’t expect too much amazing results from this N200 camera.

Fast performance with snapdragon processor: 

Well, let’s see how it performs! The performance is truly good but not too great as you’ve to limit your task with the price range. 

This phone has 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. You can expand 1 terabyte of storage with a MicroSD card if needed. 

It has a snapdragon 480 processor, which is designed with a newer 5g chip. So, you can smoothly run apps and games with the snapdragon processor. 

  • The screen resolution and viewing angle are very sharp with a 90 Hz screen. 
  • The battery capacity is absolutely impressive.
  • The lightweight, handy phone that feels superb to carry.
  • The phone is durable as it doesn’t get cracked or broken after a few drops on a hard floor.

What we liked: 

What we don’t like: 

  • The portrait mode shots on the camera are not good.
  • Some users find it slow for the app to load. 
Image of UMIDIGI Bison 2 pro Rugged Unlocked Cell Phones. In-display fingerprint phone under $400

Let’s see why Android is Better than iPhone?

2. UMIDIGI Bison 2 pro Rugged Unlocked Cell Phones

My opinion: If you want to have a phone that is water-proof, dust-proof and drop-proof as well. Then, get easy with your regular life with a UMIDIGI Rugged phone which is absolutely solid, tough and great for battery life. 

So, guess what I’ll discuss next?  Every feature of this phone & for sure you’ll fall in love with it! 

Good quality design: 

At first, you may be completely flat with the structural design of this phone. The mobile screen is large & it has two-extra customized buttons on the side along with a power or volume button.  

The weight is also a little bit heavy for its 6180 mAH battery. You may have a little heavy and handy plastic feel while carrying this phone. There’s a pressure-relief hole on the backside of the phone.

Looking at the front, you may discover the difference. This is an extremely large display than the iPhone 11 pro. 

You can now see a reset button instead of a microphone at the bottom. And, there’s also a tiny speaker. There’s an LED indicator at the top and a pre-install protector is already on the screen.

Compared with the design of Oneplus Nord2022, this is not so impressive but it seems okay! 

High-quality gaming display:

You can enjoy playing games or watching movies more smoothly with a large display of 6.5″ FHD.

Nevertheless, to say, Bison 2 pro features an AMOLED screen and you’ll never bore with this high-quality gaming display of 90 Hz. 

The screen is also an edge-edge screen. The resolution is 2400×1080P. 

So, yeah! It’ll offer a higher refresh rate panel than the Oneplus Nord N200.

Superior battery life: 

Believe me! You’ll be very satisfied with this phone for its superior battery life! 

You will get a 5000mAH battery Oneplus Nord n200. Whereas, you’ll pay the same price but still get a 6180 mAH battery which will survive for 2 days. But, if you switch to 60HZ then it’ll survive more.

It offers an 18W fast charger. It only takes 70-75 minutes to boost your phone with a complete charge. So, what’s your worry about? 

Outstanding Camera:

Absolutely you’ll get an excellent camera at this affordable price. You’ll also get shocked at how the camera works really so well! 

Where, you only get a 13MP main camera, 2MP macro lens and a 2MP depth camera system in Oneplus Nord n200. 

Here, you’ll get a 48MP rear camera, 5MP Macro Camera, 16MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera, and 24MP Front Camera. It’s not so much with this handset.

Well, there’s a more sharp and more vibrant result with three fantastic camera places on the backside. You can take more detailed pictures with zooming and it still results in high-quality photos. You can shoot videos in 4k. 

The camera does not do a fantastic job indoors or outdoors. You may wonder if it is also great for underwater photos! And it’s certified by ip68.

Fast performance with G95 processor:

Well, you can expect fast performance with G95 performance powered by MediaTek. Though it’s a mid-range processor, it still fulfills your normal usage. 

It runs the latest Android 12 Os. You can enjoy the remarkable performance with up to 2.2GHZ CPU frequency. 

Check out the storage of the phone. This phone features 8GB Ram and 256GB Rom. You can add 512GB of the card to the phone to expand the storage more. 

What we liked:

  • Excellent battery life, which lasted up to 2 days.
  • Supports more games and phones. 
  • Features a headphone jack.
  • The speakers are more clear and loud. 
  • Two custom buttons are very convenient.
  • Triple cameras do a fantastic job of capturing even underwater.
  • Superior rugged and solid phone as it’s advertised. 

What we don’t like:

  • The smartphone is a little heavier.
  • Some users find the sensor key not too impressive like other features. 
Image of UMIDIGI S5 Pro Unlocked Cell Phones. In-display fingerprint phone under $400

3. UMIDIGI S5 Pro Unlocked Cell Phones

If you’re waiting to see a smartphone with an in-display fingerprint,  then good news! That smartphone is in our next discussion.

My opinion: If you’re searching for a smartphone like UMIDIGI Bison 2 pro but with more latest technological features, then pick it now

Attractive design:

Unboxing this phone, you may fall in love with the phone body which has a premium design with 3D curved glass with a metal frame. 

At the bottom, you’ll see a microphone, a USB type C port, and a speaker. At the side, you’ll find a volume rocker and power button. 

At the top of the device, you will find a pop-up camera. On the other side, there’s a hybrid sim tray.

You can not feel so heavy,  but yeah, a little heavier withholding this phone. 

High-quality gaming display:

This is an absolute gaming display with AMOLED and an edge-edge screen. Though, it can’t beat the large and best-quality display of the bison 2 pro. But as a budget phone, it has a better-quality display.

Feel free to enjoy and dive into the game with a big screen of 6.39″. The screen is about 403 pixels per inch. The screen resolution is 2380×1080 pixels. 

So, you can watch movies or play games with a full Hd screen without any notch. 

In display fingerprint Sensor:

Oh, no! You may forget about in-display fingerprints!  Bison 2 pro doesn’t have the features which you’ll get with the s5 pro! 

You’ll use the side button fingerprint with Bison 2 pro. But, you’ll get used to the latest in display fingerprint sensor once you own the s5 pro. Though, it’s not so much faster, this budget phone’s latest feature. 

Better battery life: 

You may not get the same 6180 mAH battery of the bison 2 pro, but it will offer a 4680 mAH battery will

There’s no need to worry about running out of power. Your phone charge will survive for 1.5-2 days with normal use.

Same as bison 2 pro, the charger is 18w, which will boost the charging speed.

Great camera 

You may get a satisfactory camera but not too superior like the Bison 2 pro.

Similar to the bison 2 pro, there’s a 48 mp camera and 5Mp macro camera, and 5 Mp large aperture camera.

But, the bison 2 pro has a 24 Mp front camera, whereas the s5 pro has a 16 MP front camera.

But trust me, you can get more sharp and more vibrant photos with a back camera. It wouldn’t disappoint you.

You can also shoot videos at 4k like bison 2 pro.

Fast & powerful gaming processor:

You may be a little disappointed with your existing phone set as its performance is very slow. But, get ready to enjoy fast gaming processors with the s5 pro.

You’ll be happy to know it offers the G90T powerful gaming processor. You can run any games more smoothly and faster than other MediaTek phones, even with bison 2 pro.

The more you’ll get tons of internal storage with this premium set. There’s 6Gb Ram and 128 Gb Rom, which help to run the apps faster. You can’t detect any slowness or problems with opening and closing the app. The background apps also run great.

What we liked:

  • With 6GB LPDDR4x RAM, you can download lots of apps and mobile will work faster. 
  • The liquid cooling system technology is so great.
  • The loudspeaker works well.
  • Not very heavy to hold.
  • Experience the best width and full HD screen. 

What we don’t like:

  • There’s no headphone jack.
  • Some users find the screen fingerprint very slow. 
Image about Moto G Stylus 5G. In-display fingerprint phone under $400

4. Moto G Stylus 5G

My opinion: If you’re not capable of buying an overpriced Samsung or iPhone for a good camera, better display & battery life experience, you can buy a MotoG stylus 5G undoubtedly!  

Attractive design:

The first impression after unboxing, you’ll discover a pretty unique texture and seafoam green color in this device. The material used in Moto G is plastic and the back cover is metallic. 

At the top, you’ll notice a front camera. At the side of the device, you’ll have a volume button and a side button that works as a fingerprint sensor.

On the other side, there’s a sim tray where a free 256GB sd card is already installed. At the bottom of the device, a stylus, speaker, USB C port, and headphone jack. 

I think it’s coming with a more stylish and premium design!

High-quality Display:

Completely experience a full HD screen with a wide ultra-wide view screen.

The screen is very large. It is 6.8″, which means It’s a larger screen than other phone sets we’ve discussed already. Though it’s not an AMOLED screen, it still offers better resolution and refreshes rate than an LCD panel.

The maximum resolution of this device is 1080×2400 pixels. The more you get, the 90hz refresh rate panel for smooth viewing.

Unfortunately,  you can’t expect a high-quality gaming display like the AMOLED screen of bison 2 pro.

Better Battery Life: 

Moving forward into the battery specification of this device, you can expect to see good news! 

With this moto G handset,  you will get a 5000mAH battery. So, you’ve not charged the phone for at least 1-1.5 of use. 

A fast charger of 18w is offered with this Moto G phone.

However, I think it’s a great battery at this budget price.

Good Camera

There are not many impressive specifications we found in this MotoG stylus 5G latest handset. It remains the same as previous models, like the 4G stylus.

Here, you’ll get a 50 MP back camera system and 16Mp front cameras, 8Mp ultra-wide cameras and a 2 Mp depth camera.

Hopefully, you can expect sharper & balanced pictures with a wider camera system option. There are enough detailed pictures you can capture but still, there’s no option of shooting 4k videos.

One thing is left to share with you! You can have more clear & sharp capture by eliminating unwanted motion blur with OIS(optical image stabilization). 

Fast Snapdragon 695 Gaming Processor:

As an android lover, you’ll know how snapdragon processors are popular these days over other panels.

Glad to see the Qualcomm snapdragon processor, which is undoubtedly perfect for running gaming and other apps more smoothly. 

You can also get this phone fast and snappy; it’ll not ever slow down. You can download more apps as it has 8GB Ram and 256Gb Rom. 

What we liked:

  • Good battery backup for at least 2 days
  • Quad pixel technology works better at low-light sensitivity. 
  • Fast performance with 5G Network. 

What we don’t like:

  • The camera isn’t so impressive and satisfying.
image of OnePlus Nord N20 5G. In-display fingerprint phone under $400

5. OnePlus Nord N20 5G

My opinion: What you’ve missed in the Nord N200,  you’ll get updated features in this handset! Let’s begin-

High-quality Gaming Display:

It’s better to invest extra money where you’ll get an AMOLED screen and a high-quality display.

Where the Nord N200 display is 6.5″ large, you’ll get a 6.43″ large amoled screen with the Nord N20.

So, absolutely it’s a better option to enjoy a screen with deep colors and resolution with Nord N20.

In Display Fingerprint Sensor:

With an AMOLED screen, you’ll also get premium features like an in-display fingerprint at this budget-friendly handset. 

The fingerprint sensor works very fast at one touch. It’s really great to use.

Great Battery Life 

You can expect good battery life but not great as Nord N200. It offers a battery of 45000 mAH. Still, it survives for 1.5-2 days with normal usage.

The charger is an extra booster for this handset as it comes with 33w. Whereas you just get an 18w charger with another phone at a similar budget.

Outstanding Camera:

This Nord N20 has an extremely superior triple camera.

The main camera is 64MP. The front camera is 24MP. The other camera is a 2mp macro camera and a 2mp depth camera.

Well, it’s not necessary to tell how the camera will work. You can see the specifications.  It completely beats any other handset camera under 400$.

Fast Snapdragon Gaming Processor:

Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 is the most powerful processor, enabling you to stream online gaming videos without disruption. 

There’s also tons of storage as it has 6Gb ram and 128GB Rom for installing so many apps. You will get a fast phone instead of many loads of apps.

What we Liked: 

  • The fingerprint sensor and face recognition feature work amazingly.
  • The camera is much sharper. 
  • Faster wifi supports 4G and a few 5G bands.
  • Great battery life.
  • Light to carry and hold.

What we don’t Like: 

  • The single speaker isn’t great.
  • Some users find it a little slow.
image: TCL 20 SE 6.82 Unlocked Cellphone. In-display fingerprint phone under $400

6. TCL 20 SE 6.82″ Unlocked Cellphone

My opinion: Choose this if you want a great camera system with a fast processor & superior battery life. 

Better Quality Display 

Though, TCL 20Se isn’t featured with an AMOLED screen but performs great with an expensive notch display powered by NX vision.

It has a large screen of 6.82″ and the resolution, sharpness & color are also good. You can expect to stream games or enjoy movies on a large screen. 

Unluckily, there’s no under-display fingerprint sensor in this phone. The fingerprint sensor is on the power button.

Superior Battery Life 

Feel relaxed about the battery life with a 5000mAH battery. 

You can use your phone the whole day. After 2 days there’ll also be a charge left and still, you can’t believe how it’s possible.! The best long-lasting battery you’ll experience on this phone.

Great Camera System 

Like the umidigi  S5 pro, you are lucky to have a good quality camera with a 48 Mp main camera and 16 MP front camera.

There’s also a 5MP wide-angle camera and 2Mp macro camera for more balanced shots and captures! 

Fast Snapdragon Gaming Processor:

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor is used on this phone. So, undoubtedly run the apps or have fun with Online streaming very smoothly! 

Well, it has massive internal storage.  The phone has 4GB Ram and 128GB Rom, allowing you to download more apps as you like! 

 What we Liked: 

  • Bright, clear & full HD screen.
  • Superior, long-lasting battery life.
  • Absolutely fast gaming processor for serious game players.
  • The camera is great for this budget.

What we don’t Like: 

  • Some users find the google assistant button troubling.
image: TCL 30XL Unlocked Cell Phone . In-display fingerprint phone under $400

7. TCL 30XL Unlocked Cell Phone

My opinion: It’s a good budget phone for teenagers for having average performance,  not for serious gaming players!!

Good Quality Display

A better viewing experience is running when you’ve chosen a wide-screen display.

Well, take the best viewing angle and large screen LCD with TCL 30xl.  The screen is large at 6.8″, similar to TCL 20 se. The resolution isn’t impressive, as it is only 720×1640 pixels. 

This screen is powered by TCL NXTVISION technology that performs well but is not great as a model. So, it’s not too impressive a screen display for serious gaming players. 

Superior Battery Life 

Like other mid-budget phones, it also offers a 5000mAH battery. 

It’s not to mention how this battery capacity will make you satisfied! With this, you’ll get an 18w fast charger.  

It’s good news that this phone features an on-the-go-reverse charging option. 

Decent Camera System

This android phone has a good camera system! But it does not have too many high-end quality pictures it’ll give you! 

There’s a 50 MP main camera,  5MP ultra-wide camera, and 2Mp depth camera to capture sharp & balanced shots.

The front camera is 13MP. So, it features a decent camera system, indeed! 

Fast Processor

You can expect a fast processor in this phone. This will not make you regret it at all!!

Octa-core processor and good internal storage allow your apps to perform more smoothly. You can’t even have any “lag” during online streaming or video watching! 

TCL 30XL has 6GB Ram and 128GB ROM, which is really more appreciable & useful than TCL 20SE.

What we Liked:

  • The long-lasting battery life you’ll enjoy is up to 2 days.
  • The image quality is great. One can take photos with a very convenient fingerprint sensor. 
  • Premium design with a large screen.
  • The screen is vivid and more clear.

What we don’t Like:

  • Some users complain that it has a poor viewing angle.
  • The cameras aren’t too good.
image: Moto G Power. In-display fingerprint phone under $400

8. Moto G Power

My opinion: If you want a mid-budget phone with outstanding battery life and a camera system, try to buy Moto G power. (it’s not a gaming phone!)

Good Quality Display

With this phone, you can’t get an AMOLED screen. So, if you want a gaming phone, the display won’t satisfy you.

Moto G power display is an IPS LCD panel and it comes with an ultra-wide screen. The screen is 6.6″ vision HD. The maximum resolution is 1600×720 pixels.

So, you can enjoy watching movies, sports or series with this average screen. 

Long-lasting Battery 

Like the MotoG stylus 5G, you’ll get an outstanding battery of 500mAH. The charge will last for a maximum of 3 days.

Moto G power charges very fast and you don’t have to worry about recharging it every single day! 

Great Camera System

Might be you’ll get a different camera experience with this budget phone!  But, it can’t beat the camera of the Moto G stylus 5g.

Moto G power has a 48 MP camera, Whereas moto G stylus has a 50 Mp main camera.

The other cameras are 16MP, 8Mp, and 2Mp like a stylus,  but unfortunately, I can’t find impressive shots much better than a stylus 5g.

Still, it’s a good camera for those who don’t want high-end quality pictures as an expensive phone.

Fast Processor: 

Good to see the use of a snapdragon processor in this mid-budget phone.

Like stylus 4G, there’s a use of snapdragon 662 processor which will undoubtedly give you a fast and snappy phone. 

Get a lot more apps with internal storage of 4GB ram and 64 Gb Ram. But, I think it’ll not perform as great as stylus 4G. 

Stylus 4G beat it completely with 256GB internal storage.

What we Liked:

  • Superior battery performance for 3 days.
  • The screen is sharp and large. 
  • Well built and durable as it has a water-repellent finish.
  • There’s a headphone jack.

What we Don’t Like: 

  • The camera isn’t so impressive.
  • You can’t stream games smoothly with this phone.
image: TCL 20 Pro 5G. In-display fingerprint phone under $400

9. TCL 20 Pro 5G

My opinion: If you want to get everything more perfect with the latest in display fingerprint sensor at a 400$ budget, this phone is for you! High-quality Gaming Display

If you want a gaming display, good news for you.

 TCL 20 pro features a 6.7″ AMOLED display. This wide display has better colour, brightness, and contrast to enjoy every little second of your favourite show.

You can stream online video games for unlimited without any lag or disturbance. 

So, the TCL series nailed it with the TCL 20 pro than another model.

In Display Fingerprint 

You can’t believe how lucky you are to have this under display fingerprint sensor for phones under 400! 

The latest technology have include TCL 20 pro 5G, just tap on the fingerprint sensor on the display and it’s gonna open at once. 

Very useable and fastest fingerprint sensor you’ll experience with this phone. 

Superior Battery Life

The superior performance battery won’t disappoint you! You haven’t charged it for a full 2 days as it features a 4500mAH battery. 

Outstanding Camera

I think this phone’s camera will give you an incredible experience compared to other expensive models.

You’ll get a 48Mp main camera which captures balanced and sharp pictures. The front camera is the most impressive as it uses 32 MP. So, you don’t get bored with this superb camera! 

There’s an extra advantage of shooting 4K videos with Cinematic experience. So, is there anything left with a magical camera to satisfy you?

Fast Snapdragon 750 Gaming Processor: 

Enjoy the fastest speed with a 5G network and snapdragon 750 gaming processor.

You’ll never be tired of loading and downloading hundred of apps with the fastest speed with the processor. Enjoy and stream online videos, movies or games without any lag experience!  

Not only this, you’ll enjoy a ton of internal storage with this premium phone. There’s 6GB Ram and 256Gb Rom.

What we Liked: 

  • Super speedy performance with a Snapdragon processor.
  • Sharp & large AMOLED display for serious gaming players.
  • The fingerprint scanner & face recognition works great.
  • The camera quality is much better.

What we Don’t Like: 

  • Some users find the push notification option a little bit problematic.
image: TCL 30 SE. In-display fingerprint phone under $400

10. TCL 30 SE

My opinion: If you need a large display, superior battery performance and a great camera, you can buy this phone without any doubt.

Better Display

Wanna enjoy a large screen & display? You’ll get an IPS LCD panel display of 6.52″.  

You’ll also get eye-comfort mode features with this display! Though it’s not an AMOLED display you’ll enjoy watching movies, streaming games and more shows. But, there’s no in-display fingerprint sensor in this phone. 

Superior Battery Performance 

You’ll get a 5000mAH battery which will extend for 2 days.  So, use your phone with unlimited apps, watch movies, capture shots or stream video with this long-lasting battery life.

Camera System

Extend your real-life experience by capturing memories with an outstanding camera. It features with 50 MP camera, 2MP depth & 2Mp macro camera. 

But the selfie camera isn’t as sharp as TCL 20 pro. You’ll get only an 8Mp selfie camera.

What we Liked: 

  • This phone comes with a case and screen protector.
  • This display is very clear and large.
  • The operating system is the latest android 12 version.
  • The price is affordable.

What we Don’t Like:

  • It doesn’t support 5G
image: Moto G Play. In-display fingerprint phone under $400

11. Moto G Play

My opinion: If your budget is too low, then go for its average performance 

Large Display

You’ll get a 6.5″ large screen which is ultra widescreen. Enjoy unlimited watching movies, and playing games on this wide display. But it does not have a good enough display like a high-quality phone.

Superior Battery 

Enjoy the long-lasting performance of your phone with a 500mAH battery. It’ll last for up to 3 days for sure. 

Fast Snapdragon Processor 

Take this fast and snappy phone with a snapdragon octa-core processor. You can’t expect more internal storage with a budget. Still, it offers 3Gb Ram and 32Gb Rom.

What we Liked:

  • Battery life is amazing
  • The camera works great.
  • The phone is fast enough with the processor
  • The price is too affordable

What we Don’t Like:

  • There’s low memory space. 
image: Moto G Stylus. In-display fingerprint phone under $400

12. Moto G Stylus

My opinion: Purchase if you need an ultra-wide screen, faster processor & great camera! 

Large Display

You’ll get a 6.8” large and wide screen to enjoy watching movies, videos or favourite tv shows. It features a 90 Hz refresh rate panel. 

Outstanding Camera

Enjoy capturing your life-related experience with a 50MP camera. Absolutely amazing camera you’ll have! 

Fast Pnapdragon Processor

For this budget phone, you are still lucky to have a fast snapdragon 480 5G processor. You can explore and download more apps smoothly and at a fast rate. As this Moto G stylus has plenty of storage with 6GB Ram and 128 GB Ram.

What we Liked 

  • Expandable Memory storage
  • Excellent camera performance 

What we Don’t Like

  • The battery hasn’t superior performance as it advertises
image: UMIDIGI A13 Pro 5G. In-display fingerprint phone under $400

13. UMIDIGI A13 Pro 5G

My opinion: If you expect outstanding performance with plenty of storage at a mid-budget, this phone is perfect for you! 

Ultra Large Screen

Wanna enjoy a cinematic wide view while watching movies, and videos or exploring gaming? Then, choose this one for an ultra-large screen of 6.5″. 

How smoothly it performs!! Because the refresh rate panel is 90HZ and the touch sampling rate is 120hz.

Superior Battery Performance 

Get ready to enjoy a long-lasting battery capacity of 5150 mAH. It’ll last for 3 days.  There’s also offers an 18W faster charge. 

Best Camera 

You’ll get a 48 Mp main camera which takes balance and sharper shots. In this budget, you’ll be very satisfied with a 24MP selfie camera.

Expandable Memory Storage

You don’t need to limit your task to a few apps.  There’s plenty of storage waiting for you. Having 8GB ram and 128 GB Ram for installing and exploring more apps.

What we Liked

  • Come with a 3.5 mm audio jack.
  • The fastest speed with a 5G network
  • Huge battery capacity

What we Don’t Like

  • The fingerprint reader doesn’t work great.

Buying Guides and Users Experiences:

There’s a huge option available when you are crazy about purchasing a new phone for under 400$. But for picking up the best one, you need to consider some factors- 

Amoled Display

Always chooses an AMOLED display to enjoy the best viewing angle. If you want a gaming phone, an AMOLED display will absolutely give you a satisfying performance. 

Choosing another expensive display is also a matter of cost. You can’t replace those displays with a small amount.

Snapdragon Processor 

You need a Snapdragon processor when you want the fastest phone for exploring more apps. Unless you can feel disruption or lag when streaming online videos or games.

Internal Memory Storage

Make sure to choose a phone with low storage. It’ll slow down your mobile with just a few apps loading.

Try to get 6Gb Ram and 128GB Rom on the phone to download more apps and files and enjoy the fastest phone.


If you’re expecting more things with cameras, choose a phone with better rear and front cameras. Like a 48MP rear camera and a 24MP selfie camera. 

But, if you need an average performance, you can use a phone as you wish.

Battery Capacity

Always try to purchase a phone with a 4500-5000mAH battery. Otherwise, your phone’s charge will not last for a single day! And here you’ll suffer!!

In The Display Fingerprint Sensor, 

Technology has gone so far. Still, using a phone with a side fingerprint is very old see! 

An in-display fingerprint sensor is the fastest and most convenient way to unlock your phone. 


Which is the cheapest in display fingerprint phone?

The cheapest in display fingerprint phone is Samsung M30s and Realme 3.

What is an in display fingerprint sensor?

In-display fingerprint phones use the latest technology of sensors or scanners, which unlock the phone with a one-finger tap on display. This is called an in-display fingerprint sensor. 

What is the first phone in display fingerprint?

Vivo X20 UD is the first in-display fingerprint phone.


At the end of the day, you need to buy a phone to your personal preference. You can select a phone from our entire article. If you’re still confused, then I can help you with little hints. 

If you need the best phone under 400 with a front fingerprint sensor, you can choose the OnePlus Nord N20 5G.

You’ll get an AMOLED high-quality gaming display, an outstanding camera, a huge battery capacity and a fast snapdragon gaming processor. 

Still, it’s your choice. But don’t forget to inform us, what would you pick next? 

Now, it’s time to say goodbye! 

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