How to Save Battery on Samsung [Extend Battery Life In Much Faster Ways]

How to save battery on Samsung? Turn On Power Saving Mode, Adjust Screen Brightness, Turn Off Location and Wireless Services, Switch To Dark Mode 

Nowadays, people look for an energy-efficient feature in their smartphones. So battery capacity or life is one of the most important concerns for most users.

However, the Samsung phone battery is an excellent option for people who want to avoid hanging their phone in a power socket multiple times a day. If you have a Samsung mobile but are worried about its fast battery draining on android, then read the article. 

Here, you will find the proven ways to extend battery life on Samsung mobiles and the emails of sudden battery drain issues. Let’s read the article till its end to know more about it. 

Why is my Samsung battery draining so fast?

Battery Draining on Samsung Mobile

There are several reasons why your Samsung battery can drain faster than ever. Some of the most common reasons are given below:

  • Your phone is getting too many push notifications and alerts that can drain your battery.
  • A lot of apps are running in the background.
  • You are using the phone with its higher screen brightness.
  • Your phone screen stays awake too long. 
  • You are using the backdated operating system.
  • Sometimes extreme temperature variations may affect the battery life on Samsung phones.
  • The phone’s battery is too old, and it’s near the end of its life cycle. 

Ways To Power Saving on Samsung Phone Battery

icture About Ways To Power Saving on Samsung Phone Battery

Now come to the point. Most probably, you have guessed the culprit that is responsible for your fast battery drainage on the android issue. Let’s learn how to save up energy on your Samsung phone

1. Turn On Power Saving Mode

Sometimes you can face a situation when you need your battery power longer than it usually stays. Turn on the power saving mode to cut back functions that drain the battery. You can find the option in the settings. Go to the battery usage chart and find the option power saving mode.

For maximum power saving, you can use the option of limiting apps and the home screen. It enables working with only selected apps and limiting the background activities. 

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2. Adjust Screen Brightness

Smartphone screens are big, and the display may consume most of its battery power. You may don’t need your smartphone to be in its brightest setting always. Go to settings and adjust the display setting as per your comfort. 

However, for the brightness, you open the pull-down screen and set the brightness level. You can also set auto brightness that will adjust the screen based on your preferred need. 

3. Turn Off Location and Wireless Services

The GPS and wireless signals are some of the essential things that consume battery life. You can turn off all the backend services to get the maximum amount of power saving. In that case, you don’t need to go to the full power-saving mode option. 

As soon as the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data receive a new ping, it consumes the battery life. You can easily conserve battery life by putting your phone in airplane mode. You will get your phone disconnected from all these services and save its power. 

4. Switch To Dark Mode 

For the AMOLED screen user, you can easily save battery life by setting the dark theme on the display setting. 

In that case, the AMOLED display will disable individual pixels and backgrounds to save power usage. You can also apply a dark wallpaper and enable a system-wide dark theme on the screen. 

5. Disable Background Data Access

By cutting off cellular data access for specific apps you don’t require, you can save your battery quickly. Once you cut off the cellular access for those apps, these apps will not work in the background so that you can save up battery. You can easily do it by following the below path:

Setting>Apps>Usage>Mobile data>Off on background data usage.

6. Remove The Misbehaving Apps

Some applications come with deliberate, aggressive background consumption features. In that case, limiting that app’s usage can help you get rid of this battery fast draining on the Samsung mobile issue. Follow the below path:

Settings>Battery and device care>Tap on battery. Now you will see a battery usage chart on the screen. Find out the apps that drain most of your battery power. 

You can uninstall or force-stop if you don’t use the app that much. Check your device for some days to see if the problem is solved. If the trick doesn’t work, then switch to an alternative one. 

7. Stop The Google Assistant

Nowadays, in making work and fun easier, the contribution of Google Assistant is undeniable. 

Do you know that Google Assistant is an application that gobbles your phone battery faster than others? 

But if you don’t use Google Assistant that much and are not heavily dependent on it, then you can shutter it. 

However, you may not find it easy to switch to Google Assistant. So follow the instructions below:

Tap on your profile photo on Google app>Settings>Toggle on Google assistant>General> Off the switch.

8. Change Your Charging Pattern

Changing the battery pattern is another way to save up power on your phone. Let’s dig into the deep of this point:

  • Use the correct charger for your Samsung phone; otherwise, it will take a slow charge. Apart from that, the charger’s amperage may also differ for every charger.
  • The power output may also make the charging process disturbed. Try to take charge from a direct power outlet rather than your laptop. 


Q: What is ultra battery saver mode?

You can disable the ultra battery saver mode to save battery on your phone. In a power-saving manner, you can save up a lot of energy. But the screen may turn into grayscale, and you can only use selected apps on your phone that consumes a lot of battery charge. 

Q: Does Samsung have a battery saver?

Yes, Samsung has a battery saver. You can find it in the setting tab. First, open the settings menu, now tap on battery and device care.  Toggle on power saving mode to get power saver on Samsung phone.

Q: At what percentage should I charge my Samsung phone?

It would help if you did not overcharge your Samsung phone. It may disrupt the battery working and damage its life. You were having a charge within 80-90% regularly can keep the battery in good condition. 

Q: What are Samsung’s a12 battery life hours? 

The Samsung a12 comes with a 5000mah battery standard for its relative models. You can wait until 16 hours while using the web browser on Wi-Fi and other applications. 


Hopefully, the above tips will help you reduce your phone’s fast battery-draining issues. So, take a reboot and apply the ways. Notice it for some time and see whether the tip works for you. If it doesn’t work, then switch to an alternative route. 

But remember, if your phone battery is near the end of its life cycle, then any of those above ways work for you. In that case, you can contact your service operator and discuss the problem. They have certified experts who can get your device in perfect condition again. 

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