Best PHP Hosting Server For Website

When you make a decision to build a website by using a PHP script. This is the best decision for you. Building a search engine friendly PHP website and choose the best PHP Hosting Server. It ensures to operate your website easily and search engine friendly.
About PHP Hosting:

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a popular open-source server-side scripting language. PHP scripting code is embedded into the HTML source of a website. It’s run on the web hosting server rather than on the browser.

When you see the source code of PHP webpage code, the script code that you will see that is just plain HTML. Since PHP is a widespread scripting language, sites made with PHP are completely viable with famous cell phones like the iPhone and iPad. An enormous number of famous sites, including Facebook and Wikipedia, are written in PHP.

Most popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Wix, etc are using PHP server script for building those content management system platforms. More than 32.3 million sites are live on the web and they are using those three popular CMS platforms for their flexibility. It’s easy to use for the instantly customizable theme, so if need to fit their coding webmasters can change it just a few clicks.

More the 78.9% are using PHP server-side programing language and the PHP is decoded on the web hosting server-side. Therefore, if the website is written in PHP, it needs to be hosted on the PHP hosting server. It is important to check to find the best web hosting provider to host your PHP site.

Benefits of Using PHP For Your Website

The PHP script is one of the popular programming languages in the world. PHP-based custom websites and web applications are running fast and very secure. But all hosting providers are not only customized servers for the best PHP hosting performance, but some also allow more PHP options than any other hosting company. There are more benefits for using PHP for websites.

Large community:

PHP is a very popular platform and a large community. For the reason of more popularity, a huge number of people are using the PHP website. The user and developer contribute to them. PHP is the SEO friendly script that SEO specialists recommend to the PHP site.

Easy to Learn:

For the huge community, all experts are available here. PHP scripts implement C and C++ language elements and syntax parts from Perl and Java. Basic elements are easy to learn and easy to use. Developers are available if you want to learn PHP and the general-purpose to the development of a website.

High Capability:

A popular & suitable platform is PHP for building a website. When associations intend to incorporate cross-stage applications that are additionally viable with the most noticeable operating systems also web workers. PHP scripts can easily run in Linux, Solaris, Mac OS, Windows, etc. Servers like Apache, iPlanet, IIS, and more are all compliant with PHP.

Embedded HTML Codes:

There is no need for extra separate coding for it because PHP has the ability to decode HTML and etc. PHP developers are generated scripts using WYSIWYG editors. There is no need to rewrite every link by the line of HTML programming language.

Unique and Flexible:

PHP development facilities include the use of predefined templates, which requires modification of the language in the programming process. This in turn improves the pace of growth, like apps, websites, and features that can be customized to one’s business needs.

Benefits of PHP Hosting:

There are more benefits of using PHP hosting for the website. At that time, Google love to very fast website loading speed. It creates value on a search engine for ranking and sending good SEO signals. Let’s check some PHP hosting server benefits:

Multiple Versions of PHP: Not every piece of software, module, plugin, or gadget is in the know regarding the most latest version of PHP, and some require a particular version so as to work. While older versions are being eliminated, you’ll despite everything approaching diverse PHP emphasis so you can run that product that you’d want to run.

Comes with Integral PHP Tools: PHP hosts are the best way if you want to control the PHP environment. Php.ini is a very popular server, many hosting solutions have come from php.ini. You can make changes to your worker’s PHP design, or support other programming languages that are frequently utilized related to PHP, for example, Perl or Python.

Superfast loading speed: Superfast loading speed is the first choice of a search engine like Google and others. PHP script software is the best solution for speed up your website and ensures a high chance of fast indexing. If your web software is scripted by PHP you have to need the best and superclass hosting server for hosting your site. The PHP script needs the PHP hosting server for the best performance.

Best 10 Best PHP Hosting Server:


Hostgator is the best PHP hosting service provider. This is best for uptime speed. Hostgator provides an excellent PHP web hosting service. HostGator offers excellent shared hosting offerings and its good for novice webmasters. With the useful site-building software and outstanding uptime. HostGator is the best for good customer service and quick support.


BlueHost is popular for the cheapest hosting plan. BlueHost offer their product and service to build a website on WordPress and PHP site and its best for the PHP hosting. Superfast hosting service is best for search engines and get ranking. Their cheapest hosting plan is started at $.75/mo.


InMotion is a web hosting service that boasts shared, reseller, dedicated, VPS – virtual private server, PHP site hosting and WordPress hosting, as well as numerous free ecommerce tools. With good customer support, team InMotion server is good uptime and a variety of hosting types. All PHP hosting plans offer unlimited email and easy to use website building software. InMotion offers a money-back guarantee if the customers are not satisfied with the service.


SiteGround is the other best PHP website hosting service provider. They offer three shared hosting plans. Those are StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek at reasonable prices. SiteGround is excellent uptime for high-speed hosting. Their excellent support team is assisting the client on 24/7. Unlimited traffic is allowed. Site builders can use very advanced features.


A2Hosting is an old and popular hosting provider. Since 2001 when A2Hosting’s name was “Iniquinet” they have been providing the best service. A2Hosting provides four popular hosting plans, Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost, and Turbo Max by the cheap price.


To suit your personal- and business-related web hosting needs, DreamHost has a wide range of features. The joint business, WordPress, virtual private server (VPS), cloud, and dedicated plans provide webmasters with lots of options to build appealing, scalable pages. Furthermore, the website construction program from DreamHost allows site development a easy task.As a consequence, with HostGator, Hostwinds, and Liquid Web as our all-around Editors’ Preference choices, DreamHost stands at the front of the pack.


GoDaddy is the world’s biggest forum for businesses worldwide to offer services. By providing them all the support and resources they need to thrive digitally, we are on a journey to inspire our worldwide network of 20 + million clients with 7000 employees worldwide. It was founded in 1997.


HostBelt is another one of the best php hosting server for website. They are providing their service from Bangladesh. HostBelt is a growing startup company, HostBelt is not getting profit from you like eShikhon(eShikhon is the best IT training institute in Bangladesh). HostBelt is giving you the best hosting within your budget.


WPEngine was founded in 2010 and the company CEO is Heather Brunner. This company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, United States. For mission critical sites around the globe, WP Engine offers managed PHP hosting. Amazing PHP and WordPress support, business level, & optimized.


Created in 1998, iPage is a web hosting agency. It provides a broad variety of web PHP hosting options for website construction for online companies and webmasters. IPage is a well-known host that provides one unified plan, a website creator, and hosting for WordPress. A free domain, free SSL, and free email are included in the contracts.


Many of the world’s top hosts have embraced PHP and accommodated it. The trick is to discern which web hosting solutions merely pay lip service to the script, and which went beyond and beyond making the PHP experience seamless. PHP users have tried and tested many leading solutions for PHP hosting – read their reviews to find the right PHP host for you.

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