10 Reasons why Android is Better than iPhone?

 10 reasons why android is better than iPhone. why is Android better than iPhone? Android is the top choice for better organization and customization and mainly works as users’ freedom. You can choose an android phone according to your budget.

Something went wrong!! What’s happened to people who say android is better than iPhones? Like you, I was also shocked when I saw these debates. But, it’s true! You will believe that myth when you know the 10 reasons why android is better than iPhone.

Android is the top choice for better organization and customization and mainly works as users’ freedom. You can choose an android phone according to your budget. Versatile options are available for android lovers. Whereas iPhones are expensive and you can customize or organize them as users want. 

There’s more spicy information you’ve to justify to understand the debate. Let’s join this full article to know the truth. 

Android Vs iPhone: Quick comparison chart

Key differenceAndroidPhone 
1. Customization Your default browser, caller id app, digital Browsing app, launcher, sms app, phone app and over a hundred apps you can customize.Only default browser and email app.
2. Wider optionChoose desired features according to your budget.Low-budget iPhones are also expensive. 
3. ChargerUSB C ChargerLightning charger
4. Digital assistantGoogle Assistant Siri
5. Expandable memoryWith a cheap SD card.Upgrading phone with the expense.
6. Side-loading appDownload any app from the browser and install it on your smartphoneDownloading an app won’t support it. 
8. Support & Service costAffordableExpensive
9. MultitaskingAvailableNot available.

Why Androids are better than iPhones?

People have their own choice and needs. iPhone can stand better for its incredible features. But an android phone also can compete with an iPhone for its reasonable price, features and many more advantages over iPhone. 

Let’s see the 10 practical reasons why make a top choice android phone over iPhone-

1. Customization

10 reasons why android is better than iphone 1s is app coustomization

Why won’t you choose the best smartphone which makes you independent to work with?

Well, Android has nailed it over iPhone!  You can customize over a hundred things as you want.

Like, the latest IOS 15 allows you to change the default browser and email app.

 On the same customization front, you can get more options to customize- default browser, caller id app, digital Browsing app, launcher, sms app, and phone app. You can customize every link you’ve opened on your phone to a different app.

As an example, you want to use something other than google chrome. Then you can switch to Microsoft edge. There’s a big point you can catch why android is better for you! 

2. Wider option

Whatever you want, gaming phone, good camera phone, mid-budget phone or low-budget phone! Android offers versatile options according to specific needs and budgets.

10 reasons why android is better than iphone 2nd is ultra wide available in many budget

Where there’s available a high-budget android phone for $700,  there’s also a budget-friendly android phone for $100.  

While you are only capable of owning an iPhone if your budget is high! Because the budget-friendly price of the new iPhone starts from about 4390₹.

So, here you may find why iPhones are not in the range of middle-class people. Therefore, it’s enough reason to choose Android phones over iPhones. 

3. Charger

The other benefit you can take from android is the universal charger. USB C port cables are almost used in all android phones. 

10 reasons why android is better than iphone 3rd reason is availibility of charger

On the contrary, lightning cables use for iPhones. These are specifically designed for iPhones and are very low-quality cables.

Considering the price, you may get USB C port cables at a cheaper rate. Whereas lightning cables for iPhones are very expensive & they don’t last long like USB c port cables.

4. Digital assistant 

You want to explore more with your smartphone! And here, the digital assistant on your phone can satisfy you more.

Digital assistant in android phone

In an android phone, google assistant will help you with every single step you want! 

Wherever you go, check google Maps and follow the directions. Ask about the weather condition or any update to your google assistant that you need! 

Before you think,  google assistant is there to give you the desired result you want! 

In iPhone, Siri isn’t perfectly worked straightforwardly or to the point you want. Like, tell your google assistant to set a timer for 10 minutes. It’ll work between nanoseconds. 

But, if you apply the same thing on Siri, it’ll not work. It shows something went wrong. As there’s no update function set on Siri.

So, yeah! Google Assistant works very smoothly over Siri.

5. Expandable Memory

While you want to enjoy more space on your phone, android is an excellent choice over iPhone.

In android phones, there’s an option to expand the memory with an SD card. Like, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus, you’ve internal storage of 128Gb. You can expand it with a 64GB memory card.

But, you never expand your phone storage on the iPhone. Here,  you need to update your phone to add storage. Like, your iPhone has 256 GB and you want to expand it to 512 GB. Then, you have to spend $200 to upgrade the phone, so the internal storage will expand.

external memory card in android phone

So, you only spend $20 to buy an sd card on an android phone. In the same case,  you need $200 to upgrade your iPhone. Obviously, android is the best option! 

6. Side-loading app

Side-loading apps are a very effective reason why people choose android over iPhone.

So, what does the side-loading app mean? It means that you can download any app from the browser and install it on your smartphone. Well, you can do that with your android phone. 

Side-loading app

Not just a single app, you can even download the entire app store on android. There’s no need to use any google id at all. I think it seems like I’m enjoying the best features without any difficulty, right?!

But, what about iPhone? Unluckily, you can’t benefit from those features if you own an iPhone. Although there’s a space called alt store, it doesn’t work at all! 

If you want to get your installed stall app support on the iPhone,  then you’ve to change your region to the US. You might have difficulties with subscriptions as they’ll convert to US dollars! So, why should you then bear the expensive cost and difficulties? 

7. Call recording

Although call recordings aren’t so useful these days, it still depends on personal needs.

So, you’ll be lucky to have an android phone over an iPhone when you need call recording features. Because iPhone doesn’t have these features to serve you.

call recording is another factor in 10 reasons why android is better than iphone

In the iPhone, you can’t call records without an announcement. You need to download google voice recorder or other apps to call records. 

Whereas you can call a record on an android phone with an announcement. You can even call records without an announcement on Samsung phones. 

8. Support & Service cost

Meanwhile, you can look after the repair cost if your mind is full of confusion! 

Suppose if you’re the latest android phone, Samsung s22 ultra and it needs to repair the back glass. Then, it only costs around 5-8 k. 

Support & service is another issue for 10 reasons why android is better than iphone

At the same price tag, iPhone 13 pro needs 20k+ cost to repair the back glass. This time it’s about 3× the cost of repairing an android phone.

Again, android customer service is available in every city. But, there are very few apple service centres which are mostly in state capitals. 

In most cases, Apple phone service centres don’t want to repair the phones. They suggest purchasing a new one where it is still repairable.

9. Multitasking

a man with lots of task

Multi-tasking is the best option which easily differentiates the android from the luxurious iPhone.

On Android, you can use two apps at the same time. Like, you’re watching a video on youtube and at the same time chatting with your friend on messenger in the video below. 

In the iPhone, multitasking is just listening to a song while browsing apps. You can’t perform tasks on two apps at the same time.

So, here you can feel why android performs better than iPhone!!!

10. Notification

Both android phones and iPhones have group notification advantages. But, android has more options to customize the notification as you want. How? Let’s see! 

Mobile notification is another reason in 10 reasons why android is better than iphone

As an example, you don’t want to see promotional ads notifications from a food delivery app. You can go to the settings & turn off all notifications of that app from your iPhone.

Again, you don’t want promotional ads but you want to see the delivery notification. Here, you can easily tap on the notification and go to the option to customize the notification on android. Tap turn off the notification, where you get the option to disable only offers and promotion notifications. 

 This is the notification channel option that is available on android phones. But, you can’t get that advantage with an iPhone. 

Again, you can set different ringtones for your group message with the group messages notification channel. Isn’t it so convenient to use? 

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Why Samsung is better than iPhone?

in this picture describe: Why Samsung is better than iPhone?

Samsung is better than the iPhone when you want a big screen, an impressive display, and better features to customize. It’s more convenient to use and more budget-friendly than the iPhone.

The disadvantages of iPhone over android

iPhones aren’t as budget-friendly as android. There’s no option to customize apps, expandable memory, or multitask. The battery life is also lower than an android phone. 


The debate will go on! Both android and iPhone are doing great on their platform. 

But it depends on personal choice. Still, android wins in all necessary features over iPhone. Furthermore, budget is another thing that completely makes the android phone the best choice ever! 

So, what would you think? If you know any other reason to beat Android over the iPhone, share it with us! 

Now, it’s time to say goodbye! Will meet you again!

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