Why ios is Faster Than Android? Explore Incredible 9 Reasons

Android and iOS are both the most popular operating systems. So, when making the purchase decision between the two, it can be hard to pick one. However, both the smartphone platforms – iOS and android are excellent. Still, the iPhone holds the topmost position in the global smartphone marketplace. 

When deciding between iOS and Android, the similarities and differences must be considered. Though, iOS claims to be a faster operating system than android. There are a lot of reasons that iOS is more immediate than android.

Let’s read the article below to know why iOS is faster than android. 

9 Key Reasons That Why ios is Faster Than Android 

1) Apple Produces iOS

Apple announces a new system. On a chip every time they launch a new series. Generally, these new systems on the chip include memory, camera, display or any gaming feature. Similarly, the competitors raise their chances by launching a similar model very soon. 

But now, why does Apple’s iOS always beat the competition? Are those new systems on the chip that good?

The iPhones come with superior processors that make them stand beside the queue. Apple never forced other manufacturers to produce chip processors. Instead, they focus on making processors that conform to the purpose of that latest model. 

As a result, Apple can easily control the design and performance, making them faster than android. 

2) iPhones Have Large Cache Memory

The more significant the cache memory is, the RAM the smartphone will perform better because the cache memory can work faster than RAM. The iOS phones come with more substantial cache memory than the android ones. 

When the lags and system glitches make their way to resist the cache path in android, iOS doesn’t need to face the same issue. 

For example, the Apple A12 has an L2 cache of 4 MB and 16 MB of system cache. But the A15 uses an enormous store of 6MB for each and 32 MB for the system cache. 

The more significant the cache memory will be, it will be easy to exchange data with the CPU. However, android smartphones use bigger RAM, but iOS uses most of their cache memory. 

3) iOS Is Easy To Use

iOS Is Easy To Use

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The user interface of the iPhone is easier to use. The best thing about iOS is that you don’t need to learn more about using iOS than you need to do in android. 

Android devices have a lot of customization, making learning frustrating. But the iPhone user interface is primary, and anyone can understand it. 

4) Security

In terms of security, the majority of people will vote for iOS rather than android. IOS provides frequent upgradation, so it won’t be easy to assess. Once the data from iOS are re-combined, 

Apart from its technological advancements, the coding mechanism is impenetrable for various malware and viruses. 

But the android phone is prone to viruses and malware penetration as they use open source coding. 

5) Choices

It is a bit tough to find a better smartphone than other models. As the iPhone does not have a lot of the varieties that the android has. The iPhones only launch two to three new models each year. So, it will not be tough to find one convenient for you. 

6) Bloatware obsolescence

There is no unnecessary bloatware in Apple phones. You will only get where what you have paid for. It always provides you with the option to uninstall pre-installed applications. But in android, bloatware removal is only possible when rooting the device. 

7) App Store Restrictions

The iOS application needs various checks before releasing in the app store. Besides, Apple has rigorous policies to review their apps on AppStore connect. The first criterion is that the iOS app should be responsive and functional. 

8) Family Sharing

With the family sharing feature, you can share access to your phone with other excellent Apple services, Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple News, Apple Arcade, and Apple Card. It also allows you to add five members with its family-sharing feature. 

You can also enjoy sharing your iTunes purchase, Apple Books and other Apple books. Even your family member can help you if your phone is lost. 

9) Apply Only Provide Best Support

The customer support option at Apple is incredible. They provide you with the best customer support anytime, whenever you need it. Apple also knows its clients better than anyone. So, they produce phones with a customer-centric approach that attracts every age group.

Why iPhone Is Better than Android for PUBG

Why iPhone Is Better than Android for PUBG

PUBG is never optimized for Android or iOS. In contrast, some versions of PUBG are good to play on android, while others are compatible with iOS. However, for the following reasons, gamers prefer to play PUBG on iOS:

  • The Apple Bionic chip is one of the fastest and best in the world, making the gaming experience smooth. 
  • IOS generally doesn’t have any custom UI, so that the developers can optimize the game better for iOS.
  • Gyroscope is one of the best hardware that professional gamers use. The iPhone has hardware like Gyroscope that is better than android hardware. 
  • The iOS games contain well-maintained frame drops and lags. So you don’t face extra lag and face while gaming. 

Will Android Phones Ever Get Faster Than iPhones?

There is less possibility that an android phone can get faster than iPhone. Because Smartphones are not any software part but also hardware. 

While Apple works the whole year on a single hardware and software optimization to launch a new model every year, android is a bit different here. 

As Android is an open-source system, anyone can take it to their hardware. Only a company like Google, which makes a combination of hardware & software using Android, can provide good optimization over its software and hardware; it can go f; and, and some examples include Pixel and Pixel5. 


Q: Why is Android slower than iOS?

Why is Android slower than iOS?

The android operating device does work when you are scrolling over the screen. At the same time, the iOS system doesn’t do anything in the background. 

Exampleple, in android, you can keep scrolling when the image loads and maintaining both require additional network usage that makes android slower than iOS. 

Q: Why do people like iPhones?

The people like the iPhone for its straightforward use. On iPhones, you don’t need to go deep down the menu to find some applications. The screen already has several menus that help in accessing the iPhone quickly. 


Not to mention, the Apple iPhone has consistently delivered an unexceptional smartphone experience to its users. The above discussion proved that iOS is faster than android, and no model in a droid can compete with iPhone. 

Thanks to Apple-manufactured software and hardware that can outperform flagship android devices. When compared to longevity and experience, Apple is a great choice. 

However, the price of an iOS device is high compared to android devices because you have to pay something large to get its benefits in the most significant portion. 

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