What Are The 8 Top Paid Apple Services?

Apple has established itself as a frontrunner in the evolving digital landscape. It is
unmatched because of its hardware and wide range of services specifically designed to
improve the Apple ecosystem. Apple’s paid services offer users a premium experience from
productivity to entertainment and more.

Whether you seek powerful storage solutions, immersive entertainment, or access to
premium content, this guide lists the top Apple paid services that will elevate your digital
experience to heights. And if you want to know how to check the charges on your Apple
account for the services you are using, click https://setapp.com/how-to/check-apple-
. This blog on Setapp outlines how to check Apple charges on your account
and what to do if you see unwanted charges.


AppleCare is an insurance program for Apple products, and it works to protect your device
against theft and damage. Although Apple products come with a limited warranty for a year,
you may want more coverage for a more extended period. After all, Apple products are
expensive, and you wouldn’t want anything to happen to them.

Some types of damages are not included in the limited warranty, such as the back glass of
iPhone 14 breaking due to an accident or any other reason. If this happens, it requires a full-
device replacement. The costs of such damages and repairs can be significantly reduced
with AppleCare. This is because users only need to pay a deductible instead of the full price.

So, check whether you have AppleCare and what it covers.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is a popular streaming service where you can watch Apple’s original content.
Initially, the streaming service started with a small collection of original movies and shows.
Today, it has significantly expanded.

Of course, this streaming service cannot be compared with Disney+ or Netflix because it
doesn’t have the catalog of TV shows and movies as the other streaming platforms. But
Apple TV+ aims to offer quality content to the users. You can subscribe to this service for
$6.99 a month.


iCloud is one of the most widely used Apple services. It is a data storage and syncing
service for Apple users. If you have created an Apple ID, you will automatically get 5GB of
free storage on iCloud. If you have used this free storage space and need to upgrade, you
must pay for the different storage plans.

Apple Arcade

To address the burgeoning gaming market and make its mark, Apple came up with Apple
This is a service offering more than two hundred games for on-demand download.
Apple Arcade library is download-only, which makes the service stand out from other gaming

Apple Music

Do you enjoy listening to music? You must use Apple Music as it has more than seventy
million songs. The songs are carefully curated to help you find motivation or relaxation. The
curators generate playlists, and you can even create a personalized playlist. You will also
find radio shows hosted by musicians.
You can listen to everything on Apple Music, including tracks you purchased via iTunes.
Also, you can listen to music downloaded from Soundcloud and other apps.

Apple News

Apple News is an aggregator application focused on collecting articles from different displays
and publications and organizing them in an algorithmic timeline. With this service, Apple
hoped to augment the news reading experience with limited ads and proprietary formats.
If you want to read exclusive articles, check out Apple News+. This is a paid service within
the Apple News application.

Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness+ aims to make you fit and healthy. It is an exercise subscription platform
featuring videos on professional, expert trainers with on-screen metrics. If you participate
with your Apple Watch, you can see your heart rate on the TV screen and other essential

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a convenient way for Apple users to make payments. It is a digital payment
system used at NFC payment terminals or compatible sites. You can store multiple cards
within the Apple Wallet to quickly pay for things without carrying your physical card.
Apple Pay is a service built on tokenized card numbers and privacy. Also, it offers encryption
of stored data. When users use Apple Pay, retailers have difficulty tracking customers
because of the tokenized card number used at every transaction.

Please note that Apple Pay isn’t a paid service by Apple, but it is used to make purchases. It
is included in this list because this service is used to make payments online.

The Bottom Line

The inclusion of Apple services makes it a better experience for Apple product users. It
invites everyone to embrace a synced ecosystem where security and privacy are paramount.
So, check if you are using the paid services mentioned above. If there are other paid
services Apple users must know, leave a comment.

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