Viva Video Maker For PC – Edit The Video Professionally

Suppose you are searching for the best video editing tools that provide exceptional results and are easier to use. In that case, you will not find a better option than Viva video online Editor.  It is a popular tool for video editing that makes you able to edit the video professionally. 

For beginners, Viva video maker for pc is the best tool to choose to get professional quality videos with less effort. But the big hurdle is that the Viva video maker is only available for android devices and does not allow it access to use on PC. How can you enjoy its features on your PC to make excellent videos?

We have found a way to make you able to use this excellent software on your PC. Stay with us to know about Viva video, its features, and its downloading, installation, and use on PC and Laptop.

What is viva video maker for pc online?

Viva video maker for pc is one popular editing app that offers excellent but very simple features to make professional videos. It is a completely free app and allows users to edit videos and even large movies with some simple clicks.

Millions of users of this video collage maker for pc around the globe love its features. It is such a reliable tool; even professional video editors use it to make short films and even Hollywood movies. The tool is available for iOS and Mac devices.

It is the best alternative tool of kinemaster video editor for pc online that is simple to operate. You can even make better videos with the Viva video editor than the Kinemaster tool. It is also compatible to use with all windows versions and with any hardware specifications.

Top Features of the viva video maker for pc:

  • It comes with excellent video editing features that may support you for trimming, splitting, and merging.
  • You can add videos and sounds to your videos.
  • It offers features to add HD effects to make your old videos more attractive.
  • You can even edit the black and white videos into color videos with its excellent video editing features.
  • Viva video online Editor offers you support to increase or decrease the speed of videos.
  • You can also edit audio tracks.
  • You can also edit your photos and can also add audio and photos to your videos.
  • These include the reverse function that may help you to make Tiktok videos
  • You can also add text, music, and transitions to your videos
  • It also offers you the feature to add filters, themes, and stickers to your videos.

How to download viva video maker for pc?

You can easily edit your videos on your phone by using viva video maker for pc. It is excellent for short films or videos, but eos, it is good to use a PC or la for the quality of long videosptop. This App is not available for the app, but we found a way to make you able to use that tool on your PC.

Follow below simple step-by-step guidelines for video maker app download for pc and make your videos more colorful, charming, and professional.

4 Steps to follow to download viva video maker for pc:

Step 1: Install BlueStacks

BlueStacks is one popular tool that allows you to install and use apps that are only developed for Android devices. It has become essential that most people have this tool on PC, but if you do not have it, then first install that app from the internet.

It is pretty easy to download and install BlueStacks App on your pc. Do not worry if it takes time because it is large and may take 10 to 20 minutes to download and install. You do not need any key to activate that tool because it is a free app.

Step 2: Download Viva video

Once you have downloaded the BlueStacks on your PC, the next step is to download the Viva Video for PC online. For that purpose, click on the notification bar on BlueStacks and access the search bar option in BlueStacks.

Search for Viva video make for PC in the search bar; you will see the tab same as the Google Playstore. When you see the app, look at the bottom here, you will see the Download button; click on the download it will start downloading. Wait for a couple of moments to download.

Step 3: Install Viva video editor App for PC

Once you have downloaded intro maker free download for pc, it will not install automatically like on android or iOS devices. You will need to install it manually. Find its download file from the BlueStacks download menu and press the install button. The installation will start; wait for a couple of moments to complete the process.

Step 4: Finish the process and Start video editing.

Do not skip anything or close the tab until installation is complete. Once complete, access the Viva video app and go to editing functions and edit your videos without any problem on your pc. No worry about the specification because it is compatible to use on all Windows versions.

FAQ: viva video maker for pc

Is the free Viva video maker app download for pc safe?

“Yes,” It is entirely safe; it works the same as other Android apps from the Google Play store and does not affect any functions or files stored on your computer. It will remain in the BlueStacks and will not show any impact on your computer functions.

Do I need to update the Viva video for PC online?

Yes, on updating any new feature, you will need to update it manually to access new features of the video collage maker for pc. It is pretty easy to update; you can update it by pushing the update button in the BlueStack app Google Playstore menu.


For the best video editing experience, you need trusted and high-quality tools. Most of the trusted editing apps are paid, but no worry for the beginners’ Viva video maker for PC is the best app for video editing. It comes with all features that you may need to make your videos charming and attractive. It offers you a feature that even you may not get in paid apps.

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