Does Messenger Show Active When Playing Games

Does Messenger Show Active When Playing Games

Yes, the messenger tells people that you’re active no matter what you’re actually doing if the messenger app is running in the background The app may display a message saying that you’re online and available to chat, but will not indicate that you’re currently playing a game. It’s no secret that people love to play … Read more

How to Run Exe Files on Android?

How to Run Exe Files on Android

It is generally not possible to run .exe files on Android devices. .exe files are Windows executable files that are designed to run on Windows operating systems, while Android devices use a different operating system (usually Android OS). Some available methods claim to allow you to run .exe files on Android devices, such as using … Read more

Best Xbox Games for Girls That Will Keep You Hooked

Best Xbox Games for Girls

There are many Xbox games that are popular among females. Some of these titles include games like “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey”. While this game may be popular among both genders, it tends to appeal more to women due to its strong female protagonists, open-ended gameplay, and immersive storylines. So if you’re looking for some great Xbox … Read more

Dragon Ball Z Dr Gero’s Androids

Dragon Ball Z Dr Gero's Androids

The Androids created by Dr. Gero were designed to have the ability to absorb energy, as well as be incredibly strong and fast. While they were originally intended to be used as weapons, they eventually became some of the strongest fighters in the Dragon Ball universe. These bio-weapons are some of the strongest characters in … Read more

How to See Fb Password in Android Easily

There is no way to view someone’s Facebook password on their Android device. However, if you have access to their device and they are logged into the Facebook app, you can view their password by going to Settings > Accounts > Passwords. But such methods are only possible with phones that have user-friendly UIs like … Read more