Online Collaboration Tools For Education- opportunity to build up communication

Technology brings the opportunity to build up communication within a second. Surprisingly, the education system is now included in this system with the online platform. Students are using online collaboration tools for education. It make more easier way for schools and collages students.

From the very beginning, students are making good use of the internet for their assignments, research papers, notes, and so on. Besides, teachers are also trying to collaborate with students using the digital platform very easily. 

Though, many of the online collaborative learning tools are available to make the communication fluently. But the exact tools are necessary to ensure the performance or activity that the teacher wants for them. 

For this, we’re here to describe the best online collaboration tools for education. Hopefully, this will help you to choose the right tool. Read the full article to get more information. 

Best online collaboration tools for education

Students need to boost their study performance as they’ve to understand and note the lesson in a short period. 

Also, research papers, documents, pdf, online classes can make their effort to the best results. If all these are included in one learning tool, how will they be? 

Hence, there you have good news. Let’s check out the best online collaboration tools for education in the below-

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1. Padlet

Padlet is one of the best web-based collaborative tools for students. It’s designed to build up the great activity between teachers and students widely. Let’s know how it works-

Feature :

  • Enable to perform a wide range of tasks. Such as
  1. Interactive discussion, 
  2. Online collaboration activities 
  3. Sharing online resources 
  • Teachers can create a brainstorming session by sharing internet findings, ideas, and visual aids.
  • Helps to create book reviews for students with live class.
  • Students can use it as a portfolio to show their projects.
  • Provide the advantage of showing assessments of students.
  • Provide media resources.

2. Socrative

Another digital collaboration tools for students is Socrative. This is also a web-based tool that makes learning easy for students with interesting features. Let’s know how it helps-

Features :

  • Provide an effective classroom management 
  • Generate a good engagement between students with different virtual activists.
  • Option to learn the interesting chapter or lesson with Quizzes.
  • Provide a reporting function to inspect their understanding level on the finished lesson.
  • Featuring an extra chat and discussion room for better collaboration. 
  • There’s an option named ‘space room’ to attend an intergalactic quiz bowl which helps to create friendly competition among students.

3. Twilda

If you’re searching for online collaboration tools for college students, then Twilda is the best tool to choose. Let’s know about these features-


  • It’s a web-based tool, featuring great options for writing college assignments and other documents.
  • Helps to perform internet research easily.
  • Provide online discussion to share their findings with each other and the teacher.
  • Feature to send email, photos or videos to collaborate easily.
  • Unlimited storage to access whatever you want.
  • Helps to get connected with voice chat.
  • There’s also an option to screen capture.

4. Collaborize Classroom

Joining the classroom with inquiry-based discussion is heavily interested in both teacher and students. Let’s find about it more-


  • Collaborize classroom works like to topic library as it helps teacher too –
  1. Find, create, share and download inquiry-based discussion.
  2. The classroom URL link is provided by the teacher before the lesson.
  • Provide hundreds of pri-written lessons.
  • Helps the teacher to create their own lesson.
  • Frequently connected and sharing discussions with the students.
  • Receive and feedback from the students with the tool’s features.

5. Edmodo

Edmodo is one of the best social collaboration learning tools for students. The amazing features will surprise you. Let’s know how it works-


  • Provides a stabilized and collaborative network. 
  • Edmo provides a dashboard for students, teachers, or districts to communicate easily.
  • Helps to inspect the performance and participation of each student by feedback option.
  • Capacity can be customized or extended for building up a large collaboration.
  • There’s also an option for creating polls, award badges, free admin account activation, and others.

6. Makes empire

Make empire is featuring the most unique 3D design. This tool makes communication very easy with teachers and students. More the 2.2 million of students are using this tools and over the 50+ countries and used this software.

Features :

  • Helps to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills with 3D design.
  • Encourage students to learn STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). 
  • Provide and suggest strategies to accomplish the student’s goal.

7. Google Docs

Google docs is an online collaboration tool for students to easily make assignments and have access for everyone. Let’s get the features of this app-


  • Google Docs is an easy app to use and access.
  • After the uploading is complete, a large number of people can access it.
  • The distribution of assignments is getting fast.
  • More reliable and user-friendly. 

Frequently Asked Question: online collaboration tools for education

Question 1: What are online collaboration activities?

Where people gather together with social media platforms and work as a group or team, it’s called online collaboration activities. 

Complete tasking, sharing, matching, sorting, ranking, activities with a competitive element.

Question 2: How can online collaboration tools help students?

Tools have many interesting features and productivity that helps students grow their creativity,  develop their skill and also improve brainstorming. These collaboration tools provide online resources, classroom, audio & video call, and many more options.

Question 3: Is Google Classroom an online collaborative tool?

Among the many google collaboration tools for students,  google classroom is best. It helps students join, learn, collaborate, and teachers.

Question 4: Is Zoom an online collaborative tool?

Now-a-days, Zoom creates it’s position on the top among collaborative tools with outstanding performance.  It’s a collaborative tool that helps to build communication and learning easily with so many features. 


Learning in the best way is with the help of collaboration tools.

Though there are so many online collaboration tools for education, we’re just highlighting the best tool for you. 

These 7 tools will help you as you want the features. Now, the decision is over you. Hopefully, this article helps to make the decision accurate. 

Try the tools and learn with fun and interest. Happy learning!!

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