Kinemaster Video Editor For Pc Online – Perfect For Making Stunning Videos

Do you love to edit videos? You may need to edit videos to share with your friends on your social media accounts for fun or for earning money. There are many video editor software in the market, but Kinemaster video editor for pc online is one of the perfect software for you if you want to make stunning videos.

It is good to install that tool with your PC to give a new life to your videos and collect appreciation and praise from your friends. We will guide you with correct information about that tool that may help you understand it’s worth.

kinemaster video editor for pc online: An Overview

Kinemaster video editor for pc online is one of the most appealing tools for short filmmakers and YouTube creators. It offers many advanced features for video editing, such as adding layers to videos and adding images to your videos to make awesome videos.

Video editing is not an easy task, especially when you are editing videos on your mobile screen. But Kinemaster online video editor tool allows you to edit the videos on your PC or Laptop screen. It will ensure better quality and helps you to get perfect output as required.

There is no doubt how advanced a tool you have, but getting a professional finish for editing on a mobile phone isn’t easy. You will require a PC if you are looking for professional quality results. With excellent online kinemaster video editing for pc, you can make videos like the Hollywood movies’ quality.

The awesome thing that makes you more convinced to have this software on your PC is that it is very easy to operate. Its interface is colorful and self-explained, which makes you perform all of its functions without facing any issues. Even the new users can easily finish their video editing jobs.

It is compatible to use with all video and audio formats such as MP3, MP4, MOV, and 3GB. If you are new to professional video editing, then no need to worry because you can easily learn this kinemaster online use pc without having prior skills.

Top Features of kinemaster video editor for pc online

It offers you better video editing features than many popular video editing software such as viva video maker for pc. We have provided some of the advanced features that may help you edit your video like a professional video editor.

  • You become able to add sketches and text to your videos to show specific things in your videos.
  • Its embedded texts, video effects, images, and classic editing options make it possible to edit a video within a few clicks.
  • The software eq with advanced features such as free; adding multi-level texts, videos, and other effects make it the best video editing software for windows
  • You have the option to edit and organize the videos based on each frame; you may not even get such features in a paid video editing tool.
  • It offers you the facility to view its preview during editing on the left side of your PC screen, so you can easily monitor your work, and it can save you time. You can easily spot the mistakes during your video editing tasks.
  • Kinemaster free video editing software for pc offers excellent basic features, such as contrast, hue, change brightness, intensity, and much more. 
  • You can also add audio sounds to your videos.
  • You have the features to convert video and audio files into a single element.
  • Its animation features make you able to edit your videos like a professional.
  • A user can increase or decrease the volume, speed, and much more of a video to make it suitable for a specific purpose.
  • You can also draw over the video, and you can add a variety of overlays, music, burns, and effects to your videos.
  • It offers you options to share your edited videos on different social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.

How to download and Install kinemaster video editor for pc online?

It is an android app, and you cannot directly download it from the Google Play store on your PC. But you can download it on your PC through Bluestacks. The process of downloading and installing kinemaster video editor for pc online is given below.

Step 1: First of all, download Bluestacks software on your PC and install it; if you already have this, you do not need to do that step.

Step 2: After installation of BlueStacks on your PC, click on the BlueStacks icon on your PC to start and Sign in with your Gmail account

Step 3: You will get access to Google Play Store like your Android phone through BlueStacks.

Step 4: Install the Kinemaster video editing tool, same as other tools from Google PlayStore.

Step 5: Once you have done this, you can edit your video using Kinemaster video editor for pc online in BlueStacks.

FAQ: kinemaster video editor for pc online

Is Kinemaster available to install on a PC or Laptop?

No, still, it is only available for Android or smartphone devices. But you can use it on your PC by installing BlueStacks on your PC.

Is the Kinemaster Watermark removal feature available in the free version?

No kinemaster free version does not offer a watermark removal feature from your videos. You need to use the premium version of kinemaster to get access to that feature.

Is the Kinemaster free version safe to use on your PC?

Yes, it is completely safe, and there is no issue or harm to your computer. It does not affect your stored files and data.

Is kinemaster video Editor Chinese software?

No, it is not Chinese software; a South Korean company developed it.


If you are a beginner at editing videos and want to learn modern skills, then kinemaster video editor for pc online is the best tool. It is a simple tool that is easy to use and comes with excellent video editing features. 

You can make videos more charming and attractive. Its PC version offers you the facility to make your videos more professional and of better quality. You cannot directly access its PC version, but you can use it after installing the BlueStacks app on your PC.

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