How to Speed up Internet on Android?

Do you want to know How to speed up internet on android?? The speed at which data travels from your computer or tablet to the World Wide Web is known as Internet speed. Almost half the internet searches and bookings these days happen on mobile devices. And the world is becoming more mobile-friendly regarding the Internet. Here the point of discussion is how to speed up the Internet on android.

Fortunately, it is now possible to speed up your Android phone’s Internet speed, allowing videos and pages to load automatically. You can overcome this speed issue in the following ways. 

  • Clearing the cache 
  • Uninstall unnecessary Apps 
  • Download the Internet Speed Increasing Apps
  • Refresh your internet connection by turning it off and on.

Primarily students use the Internet to get more information on different topics. Businessmen need internet service to get the latest market detail and many more. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through various reasons and tips for speeding up your Android phone’s Internet and ensuring it won’t keep happening.

Why is my Internet speed so slow on my tablet?

  1. Harsh natural conditions can slow your internet speed. 
  2. If an excessive number of applications are open in the background, your internet speed will be slow.
  3. The number of tabs open in the browser can interrupt the internet speed. 
  4. Outdated software or drivers can also be a culprit in making your wifi speed slow enough.
  5. The operating system needs to be rebooted for the update to be installed.
  6. An overworked processor can make the speed rating bad. 

5 Tricks To Speed Up Internet On Your Android Smartphone

Here I will tell you about 5 basic Tricks To Speed Up Internet On Your Android Smartphone.

  1. Remove or uninstall unused apps from your mobile phones because they use data in the background.
  2. Disable unnecessary widgets from your home screen because they continuously use your internet for the latest updates.
  3. Use an ad blocker app to block excessive ads.
  4. Disable synchronizing feature
  5. Use lite apps for less data consumption, like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

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Ways to speed up the internet on android:


  • Turn on Developer Mode

In your setting, reset your network setting; don’t worry; there will be no data loss. After that, head towards the setting, get to the software information and tap on the build number seven times, and the developer mode is enabled. 

Tap on settings and scroll down until you see developer options. Scroll until you see networking, and then you can turn all options on, like for networking. Once you do this, the wi-fi performance gets improves.

  • Clear the cache

Using an Android phone automatically fills up your cache memory, which slows down the internet speed. Remove the cache from your Android phone and web browsers to speed up the internet.

  • Disable automatic app updates

In the background, auto-updates work quietly drains your internet speed in another way. Turn off this feature and manually update your app to boost your internet speed.

  • Uninstall apps.

Remove unnecessary apps from your android phone to free up memory and bandwidth on the internet speed.

  • Close apps in the background

It would be best if you avoided background apps at all costs. Optimize your internet speed by closing all apps when not in use or disabling them.

  • Speed-enhancing App

When the phone’s internet connection is slow, download speed-enhancing apps from the play store that boost your internet speed. 

  • Blocking ads

Phones aren’t immune to pop-up ads, which plague the internet world. Pop-up blockers will stop ads, allowing your browser to load your original website. 

  • Use a different browser.

Different phones work better with various applications; the same is true for browsers. You should stick with a browser that works faster than others.

  • Data loading maximum

There is a setting on Android phones that helps speed up internet connections. You can increase internet speeds by selecting the GPRS to Data Prefer option under Wireless and Network settings. 

This option allows your phone to download as much data as possible from each site to boost the internet speed.

  • On and off again

Try turning off and on your internet connection. This allows your phone to refresh its original internet connection. It will improve your internet connection the more often you do it.

How to speed up the internet on an android tv box?

If your Android TV box is lagging, you can try these solutions:

Solution #1: Get a Dedicated dissipation Cooling mechanism Component to avoid over-heating issues. By using a USB fan, you can overcome this issue. Cheap, cost-effective, and super simple to use.

Solution#2: Go to the Android TV Box settings, and select App. Then choose the preferred App and click on Clear Cache.

Solution #3: Get a Broadband Internet Connection, a direct ethernet cable connection for your Android TV Box today!

Solution #4: Check Your Power Adapter. By using an inappropriate power adapter, your box will overheat. Always use the appropriate power adapter to avoid any underperformance and overheating issues. 

Solution #5: Get Extra Storage for your Android TV Boxes. Highly recommended if you’re running low on performance.

Solution #6: Restarting Your Android TV Box will clean the memory of unneeded files and removes a considerable burden from the CPU.

Solution #7: Buy a VPN to bypass your ISP throttling. You can choose any good VPN out of the thousand available. 

Solution #8: Update your software. If your software is not up-to-date, it can cause it to slow down. Always keep your software up to date.

How to increase 3g internet speed on android mobile?

These 4 Ways help you to <a href="http://<!– wp:paragraph –> <p><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">These 4 Ways help you to Increase your 3G Data Connection Speed: </span></strong></p> Increase your 3G Data Connection Speed: 

  1. To increase your phone data speed, choose a very reliable phone browser. Widely used and best recommended fast web browsers are Google Chrome, Opera Mini Max, Puffin browser, etc. These browsers can increase your browsing speed. 
  2. Turn your browser to text-only mode; it will prevent the photos from getting loaded. Disabling images in browsers is another way to increase 3G Data connection speed. 
  3. One of the leading causes of slow performance is the cache. To speed up the internet on an Android phone, clear the cache. You can also install an app cache cleaner, which will remove the cache of all the apps at once.
  4. Uninstall widgets and memory-hogging unnecessary apps from your device. They take up lots of space and run in the background. Quickly get rid of those widgets and uninstall the apps to have a better and faster internet experience.

How to Check Internet Speed on Android Phone or Tablet

To check your internet speed, 

  • Visit using a web browser.
  • Once the results load, click the blue “run speed test” button in the search box.
  • Tap on this and allow for the test to complete. 
  • Once complete, it should display your download and upload speed, and you can make a note of it. 
  • And so that is how to check your internet speed on an Android phone or tablet.


How can I speed up my internet on my Samsung tablet?

By uninstalling or disabling unused apps and unwanted data; significantly, cache data from a Samsung tablet will help speed up your internet.

Does being closer to the router make WiFi faster on android?

Yes, the closer you are to the router, the better the signal. If you’re far from the router, your speed might be slower than expected.

Is there an app that can make my Wi-Fi faster?

Yes, many apps can make your WiFi faster. A few are listed below:

  • WiFi booster app
  • Connectify Hotspot
  • NetSpot
  • WiFi Analyzer

What’s a good Internet speed?

  • For a single person, a good internet speed would be between 30-80 Mbps. 
  • For a whole family, you’re probably going to want between 150-300
  • Good download speed = 100 Mbps
  • Good upload speed = 10 Mbps. 
  • Watch Netflix, and YouTube, attend Zoom meetings and play most online games = 100 Mbps


Android phone service speed is affected by many factors, as mentioned above. A stable internet connection is a key to effective phone use. It might be due to an outage or natural conditions slowing your internet speed.

You can significantly improve the speed of your phone’s internet connection by managing the settings and applications already present on your phone. 

These multiple tips and tricks will guide you through the steps you can take to ensure your phone’s slow internet speeds are fixed. This will enable you to access the World Wide Web more efficiently.

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