How to Save Phone Battery Android From Draining [Easy Solutions You Didn’t Ever Hear]

 Do you know how to save phone battery Android from draining? Turn off the notification and alerts. Restrict or uninstall the unwanted apps running in the background.

Recharging the phone battery repeatedly is a ridiculous job. But have you ever noticed you have many apps on your phone which use location services and send alerts and notifications? 

You also have many apps on your phone which run in the background and damage your android battery power so fast. Yes, you may lose android battery power in many ways if you need to learn how to save your android battery from draining.

So be a step forward and take quick action to save your android battery from draining. 

  • Turn off the notification and alerts. 
  • Restrict or uninstall the unwanted apps running in the background
  • Set the screen brightness low.
  • Keep mobile data, Bluetooth, and hotspots off
  • Avoid vibration mode
  • Protect your phone from too cold or too hot

You can try many other ideas to save your android battery from draining. Stay tuned and learn the easiest ways.

Why is my android battery draining so fast?

You have a new phone, but the battery dies quickly? Surely you will be worried if your phone is faulty or the battery is? Do not hurry first; check for other reasons that may cause your android battery to drain quickly. 

Here I have mentioned some significant causes that drain the battery quickly even if you have a new one.

  • Dirty charging port
  • Brighter wallpaper
  • You always keep your phone using
  • Improper closing of different programs
  • Keep notification “ ON” for all apps
  • Do not make a battery settings adjustment
  • Keep screen brightness at high
  • Volume for call or sound is at high
  • Set vibration mode for notifying the message or call
  • Do not set the time out for screen or long time out
  • Keep Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile data, or Wi-Fi Turned on
  • Do not turn off the auto-rotation of the screen
  • Keep your phone on all the time 
  • Always keep charging 100%

How to save your android phone battery life?

Here are a few essential tips that will help you to save your android phone battery life.

  • Switch on Power Saving mode
  • Turn off the location service
  • Put the unnecessary apps on Sleep mode
  • Enable adaptive battery and brightness mode
  • Manage lock screen
  • Switch on the Dark theme 
  • Turn off auto update for apps
  • Switch off mobile data, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; only enable when needed
  • Remove the unnecessary background apps
  • Keep power-consuming apps on sleep mode and active only when needed
  • Keep notification or alert mode off
  • Turn off the Google assistance
  • Try to install light or web apps
  • Turn off the active listening mode
  • Adjust the sync settings
  • Turn off auto device scanning mode

Best ways to save battery on android: 

Here I will share the 3 best ways to save your phone battery life without impacting your routine use.

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Way 1- Restricts or removes unwanted apps.

Many of us do not think about it, but we have many unnecessary apps on our phones. But these apps use the phone battery to refresh, update, send alerts and work in the background. Resultantly the battery drains so fast.

So it is better to sort out the unnecessary apps on your phone and remove or restrict them. Restrict the apps you use often, and remove the ones you never use.

  • Go to the settings of your android phone
  • Select the “Apps Management”
  • Then select the unnecessary apps from the list
  • Delete the apps or click on “ Restrict.”

Way 2- Turn off auto-update apps

Another setting to save android batteries is to turn off auto-updated apps. There are so many apps on the phone that update automatically. 

It drains the android battery fast. You can turn off these auto updates on your phone in a few steps. 

  • Go to Play Store
  • Then go to the left upper corner and select “Settings.”
  • Choose “ Network Preferences”
  • Then tap on “ Auto-update apps.” 
  • Select “ OFF” to turn off the auto-update feature

Way 3- Turn off the location Service

The last way to save your phone battery without affecting your routine use is to turn off the location service. 

Most of the apps on android phone use location. So you need to make some adjustments for unnecessary apps.

  • Find the app on Home Screen for which you want to turn off the location service.
  • Touch and keep holding the app icon for a few seconds
  • Select the “App info” from the list
  • Tap on “Permission” from the list
  • Select “Location” and turn off the location service.

How to save battery android 10?

Android 10 is a new platform that needs many improvements. But it has some of the best features to improve your battery performance. You can save the battery of android 10 by making some essential changes.

  • Go to the apps menu and then choose the battery.
  • From this menu, click on “ Manage battery usage.” It will improve your battery life.

Here are some actions you must take to protect your android 10 battery life.

  • Keep brightness low
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth only when needed.
  • Stop background apps
  • Only turn on the mobile data when needed
  • Enable dark mode
  • Turn off location

How to save cell phone battery life?

You have many ideas to try to save cell phone battery life. Here I have listed a few common ideas which can double your cell phone battery life.

  • Keep screen brightness dim.
  • Set screen off time short
  • Adjust the brightness change on auto mode
  • Do not turn on the vibration mode
  • Switch off notifications
  • Uninstall unwanted apps
  • Keep your phone mobile data off
  • Turn on the battery saver
  • Do not login unwanted accounts

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which apps are draining my battery?

You have many apps on your phone which drain the battery so fast. Some most famous apps installed on every phone are as follows:

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok, etc. 

So take care while using these apps to protect your phone battery from the quick drain.

What drains your phone battery the most?

Sometimes the poor setting of the phone damages the android battery. The system’s sound and vibration on the upcoming call and notifications drain the phone battery. The brightness of the display screen, wifi, Hotspot, and location are other factors that drain the phone battery the most. 


Prolonged battery life can be highly beneficial in many ways. Whenever you experience the fast draining of your android battery, battery and recharge problems are not the culprit every time. 

Apps on your phone are also responsible for the fast draining of the phone battery. So always ensure the correct settings and keep only essential apps on your phone for longer battery life.

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