How To Have a Healthy Relationship With Your Phone

Nowadays, people prefer to use mobile phones all the time even if they can’t think about their day without a phone, but it is important to be careful about its use.  

Smartphone has made life easy and it makes everything easy to connect at the click of a button. But it has an adverse effect that is ruining the physical and mental well-being. 

Due to the extensive use of smartphones, humans are getting affected, such as the blue light damaging eyes, the whir of constant information disrupting sleep and social media making anxious and unsecured. 

In that case, maintaining a healthy relationship with smartphones is crucial. Here are ways to make a healthy relationship with the smartphone that can make your living healthy and less stress-free. 

9 Effective ways- How to Have a Healthy Relationship with your Phone:

1) Don’t Use Phone In Your Bedroom

Forget using your phone while going to the bedroom. Many people have made it a habit to use a phone before sleeping. It may create pressure on your eyes and damage your sleeping habit. 

Bedroom using the phone

If you need your phone to use the alarm setting, then it’s better to use an alarm clock. Keep the phone in airplane mode in different rooms. 

In that case, you will not be disrupted by the unwanted notifications on your phone. 

2) Change The Morning Routine

Change The Morning Routine

Do you check your phone in the morning first? Then stop it. Rather make a habit of checking phone notifications after having your breakfast. Otherwise, you may have some headspaces and this may disrupt the start of the day. 

3) Let’s Encourage The Boredom

Do you know boredom helps our mind in wandering and make daydreams that make people creative? Generally, people try to escape this boredom using the phone

This unnecessary boredom includes standing in the grocery line, waiting for food to come in the restaurant, a break in office meetings, etc. 

Let's Encourage The Boredom

Rather than using the phone to cut off these boredoms, allow your mind to think of something more interesting than scrolling social media or gossiping with best friends. 

4) Prioritize The Importance

Prioritize The Importance

Some big categories of human life include family, relationships, career, hobbies, etc. When considering these big categories in your life, prioritize the following points:

  • What is more important to you 
  • The intention and 
  • The goal for each type. 

Can your phone help you by fitting into those categories? So think about what role your phone plays in meeting your life goals. 

5) Try To Leave The Phone At Home

Is it really necessary to carry your phone when you are outside of your home? Doesn’t it give you a sense of false security all the time? Try to carry your phone only when you need it. 

Leave The Phone At Home

That means you may not need it when walking, going to dinner, etc. It also reduces the need to use your phone when cooking, reading, watching TV or going out with friends. 

6) Schedule No Phone Day

You can reserve one day at the weekend for using no phone. In that case, you can rule with your family and friends to leave the phone for 24 hours. 

Schedule No Phone Day

Don’t rely on reviews online for any restaurant; find your way without using Google Maps. Even if you get lost, then take it as an adventure.  

When you return at the end of the day, ask yourself what you could miss this day if you took your phone with you. 

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6) Don’t Use Phone When Having Meal

Is it your habit to use your phone in one hand when having a meal? Don’t do this. You are here to enjoy your food and have a conversation with your family. 

Don't Use Phone When Having Meal

For that particular time, there could be nothing more enjoyable than enjoying the meal. Forget the rush of uploading the delicious picture of the food; rather, enjoy the delicacy of the food (in front of you). 

7) Delete The Most Addictive Applications

What is the most addictive application on your smartphone? Is it any game or social media? 

Do you get satisfied using these apps or are all these making you tired and you are getting more aggressive in using this application? 

Delete The Most Addictive Applications

Delete this problematic app for one day and focus on other things like some of your hobbies or reading books. 

8) Monitor The Screen Time

You can find some applications that show exactly how much time you spend on your smartphone and the applications that take most of it. 

Monitor The Screen Time
Monitor The Screen Time

Monitor these time-tracking apps for some days and the result might surprise you. This way, you can be motivated to reduce the excessive use of smartphones. 


Feeling addicted to a smartphone is not a sign of weakness. But anyone has to work a bit extra to use it in moderation habitually. 

Make the above small adjustments to have a healthy relationship with your phone. It will keep your phone long-lasting and you can live a healthy life. 

After some days, ask yourself how the relationship is going with your phone. Aren’t you damaging your healthy being as well as your phone? 

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