How To Browse On Android TV

How To Browse On Android TV? The options to get a Web browser are: Install a third-party web browser, Get the web browser as an APK file.

How To Browse On Android TV 

Every home has several internet-connected devices such as phones, tab, computers, and TV. Like others, you are most probably used to using the internet web browser on your phone, tab, and computer.

But, now you can easily browse the internet from your android TV. When the ways are open to you to use a web browser on android TV from your living room, then why wouldn’t you utilize the advantage? 

The android TVs Generally don’t come with any pre-installed web browser. So, you need help with any third-party application that helps you browse on Android TV. 

This article will go through the steps to use a web browser on Android TV. Let’s have a look below:

Can You Web Browse on Android TV?

Yes, you can use a web browser on android TV. As the android TV doesn’t have any built-in browser, you need to download one from the play store. 

There are several web browser applications that you can use on your android TV. Before you know the steps to browse on Android TV, you need to know how to get the web browser on your android TV. 

How To Get An Web Browser On Android TV

There are several ways to get a web browser for your android TV. But you can use the main three ways to browse the internet on your favorite TV. 

The options to get a Web browser on android TVs are:

  • Install a third-party web browser
  • Get the web browser as an APK file
  • Select a proper casting device

Nowadays, every android TV and its functions are different. But you may find the below methods simple and applicable for most android TVs.

a) Get The Browser From The Google Play Store

You can find common web browsers like Google Chrome in your app store. 

  • First, log into your account and open the Play Store. 
  • Search here by the name of your preferred browser. You will get the same option.
  • Now select the download and install button. 
  • Once it gets downloaded, now install it and get it on your homepage. 

b) Use APK Files To Install the Browser

ApK file is a package file that will make you download any file from third-party software. You may need to go through this way to download the same for specific browsers. 

  • First, you need to get the APK file on your USB. 
  • Now connect the USB to your TV. 
  • Enable the APK usage on your TV. 
  • So go to device choice/preferences>Security>Find Unknown Source> Activate the source. 

Follow some on-screen steps and run the installer.

c) Compatible Casting Device

You can easily browse your android TV by connecting it with compatible casting devices. First, plug in a Google Chromecast and then use the phone as a remote control to stream content per your wish.

How To Browse On Android TV

The browsing process on Android TV is similar to what you do on a phone or computer. Just go to the homepage of your android TV and select the browser app. Now the browser is open in front of you. So, you browse as per your wish. 

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What Are Some Best Android TV Browsers

Now you know that you can browse on your android TV, and you also know the steps to get the web browsers on your TV. Let’s jump straight into the section of some of the best Android TV browsers that you can use:

TV Web Browser

TV Web Browser for Android Tv

The TV Web browser is one of the best solutions for you as the Android TV browser. The application works well in voice search, making browsing easy, checking bookmarks, searching history, etc. 

Puffin TV

Puffin Tv browser

Puffin TV has excellent compatibility with the android TV remote. You can navigate in android TV effortlessly. You can quickly play the TV using the QR code and don’t need to type long URLs. 

Google Chrome

 Google Chrome for Android TV

Who doesn’t know about Google Chrome? This is the most loved and commonly used web browser in the world. Apart from phones, laptops, and other devices, you can also use it on android TV. But you have to download Google Chrome from the play store. 

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox for android tv

Mozilla is another preferred web browser with many privacy and tracking features. With Mozilla, you can Browse safely on your android TV. It also has no dedicated version for TV, so you need to download it. 


Q: Can you get Chrome on android TV?

Chrome on android TV depends on the model you are purchasing. For some TVs, you need to install Chrome from the play store, while others may not allow it. You can download other web browsing software like Puffin TV, TV Web Browser, etc.

Q: Which browser is the best for android TV?

There are a lot of web browsers you can use for Android TV. But it would be better if you use any android specified web browser like TV Web Browser, TV bro, Puffin TV, etc because these browsers are specifically designed to work on Android TV. 


These are the web browsing software you can get for your android TV. But most of them still need to be pre-installed. So, you need to download them from any authentic source like Google Play Store. Once you get the right web browser on your TV, you can start browsing even from the living room. 

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