How Do Smartphones Affect Relationships?

Is mobile the first thing that you check after waking up in the morning? Or is the mobile the last thing you see while going to bed? If yes, then the article is for you. Do you know your phone is the culprit who is killing all of your relationships and making you away from the real world?

Yes, smartphones affect relationships. It may always connect you with your friends, office and colleagues but in reality, it’s ruining your relationship with your intimate ones. 

The smartphone makes you busy with social media, games, chatting, emails, etc. So, at the end of the day, your partner may feel alone because you give most of your time to your mobile phone. 

Let’s read the article till its end to know how smartphones affect relationships and how you can take control of it. 

How Do Smartphones Affect Relationships?

Nowadays, people are more habituated to the term ‘need for connectivity’. But the unlimited connectivity can create an impact on individuals that actually affect families and relationships. 

While the ‘need of connectivity’ is very important for today’s life. But once people get habituated to responding massively to ‘ Need of Connectivity’ – they get distracted from family and their relationships. 

Recent research by Savci and Aysan in 2017, revealed that the technological rush affects the relationship with their peers, family, friends and relationships. Apart from that, people addicted to smartphones don’t care about their adolescence being an important part of a relationship. 

So, the use of smartphones is necessary while it doesn’t hamper any relationship and this is the ‘actual need for connectivity’. But too much use of smartphones affects social life and hampers connectivity with real-world people. 

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1. Relationship Destabilization

Digital interaction is one of the most important reasons for the destabilization of relationships. The study says that the smartphone may make a man selfish and non-sympathetic to others who don’t care for others. 

how do smartphones affect relationships Destabilization

These people lose emotional attachment and become more dependent on the virtual world rather than the real world. As a result, they lose interaction with real people which results in poor relationships with their family and friends. 

2. Less Communication

Communication has a major role in any relationship. Research says that communication breakdown is one of the most common reasons that lead to serious relationship issues. 

In that case, when people first get involved in long conversations on social media rather than having conversations with people who have a personal touch. The non-urgent conversation takes the place of urgent conversation. 

A lot of involvement on smartphones also eliminates the activities that help a person in socialization or get appreciation. The problem is more concerning between the children’s parents and the love relationship between the couple. 

In children-parent relationships, the parents get busy on social networks, so the children start using various defense mechanisms to solve this issue. 

While, on the other hand, less communication interrupts the way to building a concrete relationship. Because, a relationship, needs trust, honesty, and self-disclosure to make any relationship concrete. But too much use of smartphones creates communication issues and leads to the breakdown of relationships. 

3. Stress and Anxiety

A smartphone-addicted person gets anxious when they are away from their smartphone. Sometimes, these cases make people alienated from the real world. 

These types of people generally don’t get pleasure or don’t feel secure when interacting with other people. This situation makes people unable to communicate with their loved ones. 

Apart from parents who use smartphones and are addicted to them, they are unable to create cordial relations with their children. 

How You Control The Use of Smartphones That Ruining Relationship

Smartphones may seem like small rectangular objects that stay in our pockets but take a significant shift in running the relationship and interacting with the real world. Let’s find ways how you can keep your smartphones away from harming your relationships. 

  • Don’t Rely On Apps Too Much

Nowadays, people rely on applications too much for making their daily chores and routines. When you find applications to make you wake up in the morning to make you sleep at night, you will forget about the people who are around you. 

So, they get too attached to the internet and applications. Rather than, communicate with people and try to do your daily chores without the help of the internet. 

  • Turn Off Notifications 

There are various social apps, social media, news and entertainment channels that send you a lot of notifications per day to distract you. Most of these sources send you unused notifications that you have no need for. 

So, turn them off. Because these notifications not only make you distracted but also ruin your relationship with family, friends and loved ones. 

  • Avoid Groups on Social Media

In earlier days, people started to join groups through Google and Yahoo. But nowadays, the mobile world has spread it through WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media. 

Generally, most of the time the chats of these groups are useless, which is only for time to pass. If these groups send photos, music or videos, they will be stored on your phone which can also ruin your relationship with your wife, kid or anyone else. 

Rather than, being part of so many groups, meet people in the real world and spend time and involve yourself in activities. 

  • Use Phone For Good Only

The use of smartphones is not only bad. Rather, you can use it to do something good. There are many ways that you can use to improve your personal relationship. 

You can send your partner a sweet text to make them feel special. Or you can spend time playing a game together or give a date for special dating, etc. 


What is phubbing?

Phubbing refers to a situation when you give more attention to your mobile phones while ignoring the person you are with. Phubbing is generally a habit when you make a habit of using smartphones excessively. Sometimes, this phubbing mat kills your relationships and makes you detached from family and friends. 


Hopefully, you have learned more about how your smartphone is ruining your relationship and how you can control the use of smartphones that are ruining your relationship. 

If you feel it is difficult to have a hard time while not using the smartphone, you can seek help. Even if you can not control the use of a smartphone, then talk to a therapist. 

So, try to spend more time with your family and loved ones, as only they are the people who will be there by your side for a lifetime. 

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