10 Funny Video Editing Apps to Make More Laugh

Video editing apps can be a lot of fun. They allow you to make videos more entertaining and humorous with the addition of custom filters, sound effects, and music. In this blog post we discuss some of the best video editing apps that are free for android devices.

You may think that video editing is something only professional film makers do but nowadays anyone can use these app to edit their own footage or store funny moments in life for family members and friends to enjoy! These 5 apps offer everything from basic trimming tools to advanced features like 3D animation, keying out backgrounds, adding text captions and animated stickers as well as special effects such as slow motion and time lapse so there’s something here for everyone. 

Top 10 Funny video editing app:

There are a lot of video editing apps available for android devices, but not all are worth your time. I will be talking about some of the funniest and best apps that I have found to edit videos on such as Cut Video, Funny or Die Editor, and Splice. These 10 specific apps offer a variety of features with everything from funny filters to the ability to record your own sounds effects. They also provide an easy way to share your finished creation with friends and family on social media! 

Let’s take a look at these great tools shall we?

1. Face Booth:

Face Booth is top 10 funny video editing app for android platform. This application lets user to make fun with face in your mobile phone. You can get hours of enjoyment from this application and can be entertain by making funny video with face booth application in android , quite easy to use.

2. Video Lab:

From this list, I give video lab is the 2nd choice in top 10 best funny video editor 2021 application for android platform. In this app, you can make your own video with real time video effects & audio effect and then share with your friends and family on social media for have more fun.

3. Touch Effects:

Touch Effects is another best funny video editing app for android platform. In this application, you can choose many free effects & filters from a huge list of effect to make your video funny and special too, quite easy to use.

4. Touch Photo Editor:

Touch Photo Editor is the 4th best video editing app.  Touch Photo Editor is one of the best image & video editor applications for android platform. Touch Photo Editor app is an easy way to make photo look funny and special, not only that Touch Photo Editor supports adding text on photos with many fonts styles. Even you can add sticker or emoji to your video and also real time live filters and background music effects. I’m pretty sure, touch photo editing can be make you happy.

5. File Manager HD Video Pro:

File Manager HD Video  is the last best video editing app in my list of 10 best Android video editor apps. File manager HD is one of the good video editing app with a lot’s of features such as adding text to videos and it supports 50+ effects to your videos and images. Like photo frames effect, 2D & 3D background effects etc..

Also you can add live stickers on pictures or photos, You can easily share your edited videos in you social media platforms.

6. iMovie – Movie Editor:

iMovie is a good movie editing application for android devices. You can edit your videos with a lot’s of effects and filters, from applying regular video filters to creating animated films or adding funny transitions. You can also use this app to make slideshows from your images or photos and share them on social media. This app is exclusively only for iOS user. But you can got it for android version APK file.

7. Funny Video Clips:

This is a fantastic funny videos app for Android since it displays the greatest and most popular YouTube videos based on cats, pets, commercials, news bloopers, and cartoons, among other things. This funny video app also includes three informative articles on the advantages of laughing.

8. Lamebook:

This funny video app is a social and entertainment network with millions of users from around the globe. You can download lamebook for android APK file. Lamebook basically is for share funny videos for free entertainment.

9. Touch Effects:

Touch Effects is the best funny video app for Android users since it enables you to make your own funny video in minutes and share it with friends and family. If you like Touch Effects, please comment below and let us your opinion.

10. Vine:

Vine is a awesome android tool.  It is an easy way to make and share great videos with friends. The Vine is for android video editing application for make a funny video.


Thank you for reading! I hope this article has been helpful to you and that the information will inspire you. If there are other video editing apps or tools that you would like to see listed, please leave a comment below with your thoughts about them. Have an awesome day!

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