Free Professional Tax Software- Guarantees Maximum Refund On The Tax Return

Hiring professionals for tax preparation is not possible for everyone because of their expensive services. But if you are on a budget and want professional tax services, you have many options. Modern professional tax software can help you in a great way to calculate your tax and incomes for tax purposes.

If you do not have enough or even no budget, there are still free professional tax software options for you. Stay with me on this page. I will provide you with some excellent software for tax preparation that you can take freely.

Four excellent free professional tax software

Here I will share our special free professional tax software to aid you in professionally preparing taxes.

01. H&R Block 

We found H&R Block is a trusted tax return software for tax preparers that offers its services for a long time. The software is first for the taxpayers who want to file simple taxes or file for the first time. An excellent thing about free software is that they offer you help center services to guide the process.

Tax preparers can get assistance for state and federal tax returns and find support for multiple forms such as 1040, 1098-T, and Schedule EIC. 

Users can access the accessible option in particular situations such as various W-2s, unemployment income, student loan interest, social security income, and claiming children as dependent.

Top Features

  • Importing data is relatively easy with its online version. You can also get a picture of the W-2 form and can upload it. It offers you the feature to import last year’s taxes. 
  • Windows and mobile devices support software.
  • Its free services are available for multiple incomes such as interest incomes, retirement incomes, and retirement contributions.
  • The students offer features to deduct the student loan interest, tuition, and other payments to students on its free version.
  • It comes with an attractive but friendly user interface.

02. TaxSlayer

It is not new software for filing taxes. You can use its free version for tax filing services in both simple and complex tax situations. No worry about its free version; it will perform the same as its paid version. The software is the best professional tax preparation software specially designed for simple tax returns but professionally.

You can access features for state tax and federal income tax return features from its free version. If it offers features for W-2 income filers, it can be the best free tax software for small tax preparers or falling under such criteria. 

If your earnings are less than $100,000, file as single, claim against standard education, no dependents to claim, deductions for student payment or loans, etc.

Top features

  • It offers you the feature to import your previous year’s tax data.
  • Simple e-filing feature that allows prepare and file 1040 returns with ease and accuracy.
  • Its excellent features support you to complete the step-by-step process of filing.
  • Offers free services for all educational expenses and income dealings.
  • Compatible with multiple devices.

03. Credit Karma

If your preference is accurate and gets a maximum refund on tax, then credit karma is top in the list of best tax software for tax preparers 2021.  The software comes with a professional outlook that may seem odd for beginners, but there is no better option than that software once you learn.

It has paid versions for advanced and big companies, but it’s free version is an excellent tax preparation program that ensures maximum refund tax with a hundred percent accuracy. To access its free services, you will need to get register with credit karma.

Credit Karma is free professional tax software that caters to tax filers who want simplicity and prefer the basics. It offers excellent support to many primary forms and schedules for State and federal returns.

You can use that software for W-2 wages and tax statements, 1098-E & T, 1099-INT&MISC, 1040, Schedule 1, 2, 3, and many more. Software is compatible with multiple devices such as desktop and android devices for easy access.

Top Features

  • Support many basic forms and schedules
  • Easy to access by multiple devices support feature
  • Offers hundred percent accuracy and maximum refund by its audit defense features
  • The interface is simple and friendly
  • Best for simple and complex tax situations

04. Turbo Tax

Turbo tax is also widely used free professional tax preparer software in the best professional tax preparation software list. Its free services are excellent and built its excellent market reputation. For the small income people who file their income on W-2s Form, Turbo tax is the ideal choice.

It offers free state and federal tax return services and provides support for many schedules and forms. You can get assistance for Form 1040, Unemployment form 1099-G, Schedule EIC, Form 1099-INT, and Form 1040-V. It also offers features for many other forms available in its library; you need to enter the data.

For complex forms such as Schedule SE, Schedule D, and educational forms like 1098-E and T, it provides assistance to calculate tax. It is the best tax return software for tax preparers that is easy for beginners to complete their tax calculation job with ease and perfection.

Top Features

  • It ensures maximum refund on tax by calculating your income and expenses with a hundred percent accuracy.
  • You will find the updated tax refund when you work through the tax filing process, and all tax refund menus are self-explained, making everything easy.
  • The interface is attractive and straightforward that makes it friendly to use.
  • It is compatible with multiple devices such as mac, android, Linux, Windows, and other mobile devices.
  • No need to update; its features automatically update even with the free edition.

Final Thoughts

Tax filing and preparation is a complex task, and many people feel hesitant and hire a professional. But there are many tax software that can help them even for free. People do not believe in software, but they are wrong.

Free professional tax software ensures accurate calculation and guarantees maximum refund on the tax return. We have provided you four best tax professional software that professionals highly recommend for free.

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