Dragon Age Inquisition Not Launching: Troubleshoot and Fix Guide

Dragon age inquisition not launching? Troubleshoot the issue by updating the game and checking system requirements.

Are you experiencing difficulties launching dragon age inquisition? If your screen remains blank after clicking the play button, or the game crashes upon startup, you may be frustrated and eager for a solution. Thankfully, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve this issue and return to your immersive gaming experience.

This article will guide you through these steps, ensuring that you can successfully launch dragon age inquisition and dive back into the captivating world of thedas. By updating the game and verifying your system meets the necessary requirements, you can overcome this hurdle and begin your exciting adventure once again.

Dragon Age Inquisition Not Launching Troubleshoot and Fix Guide
Dragon Age Inquisition Not Launching Troubleshoot and Fix Guide

Common Reasons For Dragon Age Inquisition Not Launching

Dragon age inquisition is an epic role-playing game that has captured the hearts of gamers around the world. However, if you find yourself struggling to launch the game, you are not alone. There are several common reasons why dragon age inquisition may not be launching on your system.

We will explore these issues and provide possible solutions, so you can get back to adventuring in thedas.

Outdated System Specifications

  • Your system may not meet the minimum requirements to run dragon age inquisition, causing it to fail to launch.
  • Check if your processor, ram, and graphics card are compatible with the game.
  • Ensure that your operating system is up to date to avoid compatibility issues.

Incompatible Graphics Drivers

  • Outdated or incompatible graphics drivers can prevent dragon age inquisition from launching.
  • Update your graphics drivers to the latest version provided by the manufacturer.
  • Visit the official website of your graphics card manufacturer for instructions on how to download and install the latest drivers.

Corrupted Game Files

  • Corrupted game files can also be a reason for dragon age inquisition not launching.
  • Verify the integrity of the game files through the game launcher or a built-in game repair feature if available.
  • If issues persist, try reinstalling the game to eliminate any corrupted files.

These are just a few of the common reasons why dragon age inquisition may not be launching on your system. By addressing these issues, you can increase your chances of getting the game up and running smoothly. Remember to always check for updates, ensure compatibility, and verify the integrity of your game files.

So, don your armor, gather your companions, and embark on your next adventure in the world of dragon age!

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Step 1: Updating System Specifications

Dragon age inquisition is a popular fantasy role-playing game, cherished by gamers around the world. However, some players have been experiencing a frustrating issue – the game simply won’t launch. If you’re facing this problem, fear not! In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps to troubleshoot and fix the dragon age inquisition not launching issue.

Let’s start with the first step: updating system specifications.

To ensure smooth gameplay and avoid any compatibility issues, it’s essential to make sure your system meets the game’s minimum requirements. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Checking minimum requirements: Begin by confirming that your system meets the minimum specifications for dragon age inquisition. These requirements typically include the operating system version, processor speed, ram, graphics card, and available storage. Refer to the official game documentation or the game’s website for the specific minimum requirements.
  • Upgrading ram and storage if necessary: If your system falls short in terms of ram or available storage, consider upgrading these components to meet the game’s requirements. Insufficient ram or storage can often be a bottleneck, preventing the game from launching properly. Increasing your ram capacity or freeing up adequate storage space could potentially resolve the issue.

Remember, it’s crucial to align your system specifications with the game’s minimum requirements. If you are unsure about your system’s capabilities or how to upgrade specific components, consult with a knowledgeable professional or refer to the game’s official support channels for further guidance.

Now that we’ve covered the first step of updating system specifications, we can move on to the next stages of troubleshooting and fixing the dragon age inquisition not launching issue. Stay tuned for the upcoming sections where we will explore additional solutions and delve deeper into this ongoing problem.

Step 2: Updating Graphics Drivers

Dragon age inquisition is an immersive and thrilling game that players can easily get lost in. However, there are times when the game may not launch, leaving players frustrated and unsure of what to do next. One common solution to this issue is to update graphics drivers.

This step is crucial in ensuring that your computer runs the game smoothly and without any glitches. In this section, we will explore the process of updating your graphics drivers, starting with identifying the graphics card model.

Identifying The Graphics Card Model

  • Open the “device manager” on your computer by right-clicking on the “start” button and selecting it from the menu.
  • Expand the “display adapters” category to view the graphics card model.
  • Make a note of the exact model name as this information will be necessary for downloading the correct drivers.

Downloading And Installing The Latest Drivers

  • Visit the official website of the graphics card manufacturer. Common manufacturers include nvidia, amd, and intel.
  • Locate the “support” or “drivers” section on the website.
  • Enter your graphics card model in the search bar or select it from the list provided.
  • Download the latest driver for your graphics card, ensuring that it is compatible with your operating system.
  • Once the download is complete, locate the file on your computer and double-click to begin the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the drivers, and restart your computer if prompted.

Updating your graphics drivers is a crucial step in resolving dragon age inquisition launch issues. By identifying the graphics card model and downloading/installing the latest drivers, you can ensure that your gaming experience remains smooth and uninterrupted.

Step 3: Verifying Game Files

Dragon age inquisition is a highly popular and immersive video game that hooks players with its captivating storyline, stunning graphics, and challenging quests. However, sometimes players may encounter issues where the game fails to launch properly. One potential solution to this problem is to verify the game files using the game launcher’s verify integrity feature.

In this step, we will explore how to use this feature to troubleshoot and resolve the launching issue.

Using The Game Launcher’s Verify Integrity Feature:

  • Open the game launcher and navigate to the settings or options menu.
  • Look for the option to verify game files or verify the integrity of the game cache.
  • Click on the verify files button to initiate the process.
  • The game launcher will then scan and compare the game files with the original ones from the game’s server.
  • If any corrupted or missing files are detected, the launcher will automatically replace or download them.
  • This process ensures that all the necessary files are intact and in their original state, potentially resolving any launching issues.

By verifying the integrity of the game files, you can ensure that your Dragon Age Inquisition installation is complete and not missing any essential components. This step is particularly useful if the launching problem is caused by corrupted or incomplete files.

However, if the issue persists even after verifying the game files, additional troubleshooting steps might be required.

Reinstalling The Game If Necessary:

  • If the problem still persists after verifying the game files, reinstalling the game might be the next course of action.
  • Uninstall the game from your system using the proper uninstallation method.
  • After uninstalling, navigate to the official game website or platform and download the latest version of dragon age inquisition.
  • Follow the installation instructions carefully and ensure all system requirements are met.
  • Reinstall the game and try launching it again.

Reinstalling the game provides a fresh start and can resolve issues arising from corrupt or conflicting files that were not fixed during the verification process. Remember to back up any saved files or game progress before uninstalling, as they might be deleted during the process.

If you are experiencing issues with dragon age inquisition not launching, verifying the game files and reinstalling the game can often resolve these problems. By following the steps outlined above, you can troubleshoot and enjoy the immersive world of dragon age inquisition once again.

Happy gaming!

Additional Tips To Fix Dragon Age Inquisition Not Launching

If you’re experiencing trouble launching dragon age inquisition, fear not! There are several additional tips you can try to get the game up and running smoothly. Below are some solutions that may help you troubleshoot and fix the issue:

Closing unnecessary background applications:

  • Close any unnecessary background applications running on your computer. These applications can consume system resources and may interfere with the game’s launch. By closing them, you free up valuable resources, allowing the game to run more efficiently.

Disabling antivirus temporarily:

  • Temporarily disable your antivirus software before launching dragon age inquisition. Some antivirus programs may mistake game files for potential threats and prevent the game from launching. By disabling the antivirus temporarily, you can rule out this possibility and determine if it’s causing the issue.

Running the game as an administrator:

  • Right-click on the game’s shortcut or executable file and select “run as administrator.” Running the game with administrative privileges ensures that it has the necessary permissions to access system resources. This can help resolve any permission-related issues that may be preventing the game from launching.

These additional tips should help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue of dragon age inquisition not launching. Give them a try and see if they make a difference. Happy gaming!

Seeking Technical Support For Persistent Issues

In the world of gaming, there’s nothing more frustrating than eagerly anticipating the release of a highly anticipated game, only to find that it won’t launch properly. Dragon Age Inquisition, a popular role-playing game developed by bioware, has encountered its fair share of launch issues.

If you find yourself facing persistent technical problems with the game, don’t fret! There are steps you can take to seek the technical support you need. In this section, we’ll discuss two primary options for getting the assistance you deserve: contacting the game developers directly or reaching out to support communities.

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Contacting Game Developers Or Support Communities:

  • Contacting the game developers directly: If you’re experiencing persistent issues with dragon age inquisition, your first instinct might be to reach out to the game developers themselves. Here are the key points to keep in mind:
  • Visit the official website of bioware or the dragon age inquisition game to find the appropriate contact information.
  • Be prepared to provide detailed information about the issue you’re facing, including error messages and any troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken.
  • Explain the problem concisely and clearly, highlighting any patterns or specific circumstances that might be relevant.
  • Be patient and allow the developers some time to investigate and respond to your query.
  • Joining support communities: Sometimes, finding answers from fellow players who have experienced similar issues can also be incredibly helpful. Consider joining support communities dedicated to dragon age inquisition, such as forums or social media groups. Here’s what you need to know:
  • Active support communities can be found on platforms such as reddit, discord, or official game forums.
  • When posting about your issue, provide comprehensive details to help others understand and assist you.
  • Be respectful and appreciative of the community’s assistance.
  • Remember that fellow players might not have the expertise of the game developers, but they can still offer valuable advice and workarounds.

Remember, the key to receiving effective technical support lies in providing detailed information that allows troubleshooting to be conducted more efficiently. Whether you choose to contact the game developers directly or seek assistance from support communities, following the steps outlined above will improve your chances of resolving those persistent issues and getting back to enjoying Dragon Age Inquisition as soon as possible.

Dragon Age Inquisition Not Launching Troubleshoot and Fix Guide
Dragon Age Inquisition Not Launching Troubleshoot and Fix Guide

Frequently Asked Questions?(FAQs):

1. Why Won’T Dragon Age Inquisition Launch On My Computer?

There can be several reasons why dragon age inquisition is not launching on your computer. It could be due to outdated graphics drivers, conflicting software, or a compatibility issue. Ensure that your system meets the game’s requirements and try updating your graphics drivers to see if that resolves the problem.

2. How Can I Fix The Issue Of Dragon Age Inquisition Not Launching?

To fix the issue of dragon age inquisition not launching, you can try several troubleshooting steps. These include verifying the game files through the game launcher, disabling any conflicting software or overlays, running the game as an administrator, or reinstalling the game if necessary.
Make sure to check the game’s official forums for any specific fixes related to your issue.

3. What Should I Do If Dragon Age Inquisition Crashes On Startup?

If dragon age inquisition crashes on startup, there are a few things you can try. Firstly, ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements for the game. You can also try updating your graphics drivers, disabling any overlays or background applications, and running the game as an administrator.
If the problem persists, check the game’s official support channels for further assistance.

4. How Do I Troubleshoot Dragon Age Inquisition Not Launching On Steam?

If dragon age inquisition is not launching on steam, you can try a few troubleshooting steps. Firstly, verify the integrity of the game files through the steam client. You should also make sure that your graphics drivers are up to date and try running the game as an administrator.
If the issue continues, you can seek support from steam or the game’s official forums.

5. Why Does Dragon Age Inquisition Freeze On Startup?

When dragon age inquisition freezes on startup, it can be due to various reasons. Ensure that your computer meets the game’s requirements, update your drivers, and try running the game in compatibility mode. Additionally, disabling overlays and background applications, as well as verifying the game files, may help resolve the freezing issue.
Check the game’s forums for further assistance.


To sum up, experiencing difficulties with launching dragon age inquisition can be frustrating for gamers. However, by following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this blog post, you can resolve the issue and get back to exploring the captivating world of the day.

Remember to check your system requirements, update your drivers, and verify the integrity of game files. Additionally, disabling background applications and running the game as an administrator may also prove beneficial. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the game’s official forums and social media channels for updates and patches that could address any ongoing issues.

With these solutions in mind, you can now embark on your journey in dragon age inquisition without any obstacles in your path. Happy gaming!

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