The Easiest Way Convert Photo to Cartoon App Free [Pro Tips Proven!]

Hey, Listen!!! Do you think cartoon yourself? Believe me; convert photo to cartoon app free and I had a serious affinity with cartoon characters like every kid. I wish I thought to them and my image turned into a cartoon; that would be funny. Fortunately, Nowadays, it’s possible, and with the help of an app, you can turn your picture into a cartoon. Let’s Know some top-rated convert photo to cartoon apps free. 

After Researching a lot, I found A List Of the 10 Best Apps to Cartoon Yourself For Free:

  1. Cartoon Photo PRO
  2. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker
  3. Cartoon yourself & caricature
  4. camart – cartoon photo
  5. Sketch Me!
  6. Prisma Photo Editor
  7. Paint Lab – Photo Cartoon
  8. Photo Lab Picture Editor
  9. Pencil Photo Sketch
  10. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

Well, Bellow, I will discuss more apps that help you convert photos to cartoons. Please stay tuned to learn more about the best free image to cartoon converter. 

What’s it called when you turn a picture into a cartoon?

It’s called Avatars, similar to Snap’s Bitmoji or Apple’s Animoji. Another name for these pictures is Caricature (comic effects). 

A caricature is a generated image demonstrating the characteristics of its subject in a simplified way through sketching, pencil strokes, or other artistic drawings.

If you want to know about advance technique of video editing also then you can visit Viva Video Maker For PC .

Can I convert a photo into a comic with Picsart?

Yes, you can use the Comic Effect. The Comic Effect offers many features for animating your images, like your favorite comic book illustrator.

  • Open the Picsart app.
  • Then tap the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen to create a new project.
  • Select a picture to cartoon from your camera roll.
  • Then scroll across the Editor toolbar and tap on Effects (fx).
  • Tap on Sketch to open up a variety of artistic effects. Use filters, then click Apply to save the filter on your edit.
  • And that’s how to cartoon your image. Now you can Save it to your device or Post it to the Picsart community.

A List Of 10 Best Apps to Cartoon Yourself For Free:

Cartoon Photo PRO

Cartoon Photo PRO is one of the most remarkable camera applications! Use cool and artistic effects on new or existing photos. Transform your photos into cartoons, sketches, oil paintings, pencil drawings, and much more with this app. See a “totally separate world” through the lenses of your camera.

Apply significant and imaginative effects to new or existing photographs. 

  • Apply comic effects to the images in your gallery
  • Apply real-time results and take pictures with your camera
  • Use the back and front cameras of your phone

Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

Clip2Comic is a high-quality, high-resolution image editing app that converts your images into funny cartoons, caricatures, and drawings in seconds directly on your iPhone or iPad. Use Clip2Comic for free!

  • Convert as many images and videos as you like into cartoons, posters, and sketch art
  • See the globe as a cartoon using the cartoon camera with a live preview
  • Apply all cartoon art effects immediately on your iPhone or iPad
  • Export your sketch in high resolution and videos up to 1080p.

Cartoon yourself & Caricature

Cartoonized caricature has a pretty user-friendly interface. You choose a picture from your gallery or take a pic with your phone camera, then select an effect you want to use, and here you are. This will surely make your day! 

Moreover, you can send the result to your buddies via Instagram, iMessage, Twitter, or Facebook. It will have them in stitches!

  • Convert any portrait image into a cartoon.
  • Apply realistic emotions to face and animate them. 
  • Turn an ordinary photo into a freaky one.

Camart – cartoon photo

Camaro photo editor is an excellent app to apply your camera’s most impressive artistic and cartoon effects in real time! Take the most fantastic selfies, create artwork from your pictures, and record videos like live paintings. 

There are dozens of artistic filters to select from (cartoon, sketch, pencil, watercolor, manga, comics, oil painting, and many more).

Apply real-time effects and take photos, selfies, and videos with your camera, or change the existing images in your gallery.

  • You can select from many artistic and cartoon effects and adjust settings to create infinite variations of your photos.
  • Swipe to zoom, tap the screen to autofocus, and switch between the back and front camera
  • Share images by email or social networks

Sketch Me!

Sketch Me! is a straightforward, fun app that converts photos into sketches by applying up to six image effects. Turn your images into illustrations, cartoons, or sketch ideas in one click to create instant works of art.

  • You can use your finger to move a picture around the screen to find its best position. 
  • You can also zoom in and out through the pinch gesture.
  • In the split screen mode, only half of the picture is shown.
  • You can have extra control over how the sketch effect turns out.

Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma is another photo editor app that creates incredible photo effects changing your photos into paintings. With this photo editor, it’s easy to release the artist within and go from a middle image to impressive edit in seconds!

  •  The Portrait Segmentation feature is the best selection of Prisma’s tools to customize your image.
  • Graphic frames that will complement absolutely any of your photos.
  • With this tool, you can replace the background of any selfie you want! 

Paint Lab – Photo Cartoon

Paint Lab: Photo Cartoon, Art Filters is at the top of the list of Photography category apps on Google Playstore. 

A Photo Editor converts your photo into famous Artwork and shares it on social networks. It is super flexible, fast, and exclusively designed for gaming purposes.

  • More than 40 filters from famous artists
  • Fast image processing
  • Change style filter intensity
  • Enhanced Prisma filters

Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo Lab is an editing application that focuses more on making fun pictures than touching up the image itself. Make your photo look innovative in seconds without using an experienced photo editor and set it as wallpaper or share it to any social network. Photo Lab will change your life forever!

  • Neural Photo Art Styles
  • Photo frames
  • Realistic photo effects
  • Face photo montages
  • Photo filters
  • Photo collages

Pencil Photo Sketch

Pencil Photo Sketch is a professional photo editing app that will make you an artist by creating pencil illustrations or color sketches of your images. Pick a picture from your library or take one from your device camera to generate the pencil sketch effect on your photograph. 

  • Simple and Smooth, Easy to use.
  • More than 15 artistic effects, 20 photo filters, 10+ editing options, and more are coming soon.
  • One tap option to share to social media platforms.

 MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

MomentCam permits you to create humorous Cartoons and Emoticons from your pictures.

Select a picture from your Album and immediately create your personalized avatar. You can choose one of our backgrounds from the thousands available and customize your caricature completely.

  • Transform your images into caricatures
  • Customize the avatars as per your desires
  • Lots of face editing tools on offer
  • Different background designs are available

How to turn a photo into a cartoon app for free? Source:

You can convert your photo to a cartoon from any app by following different steps:

Open the PicsArt app and click on the plus sign.

  1. Then click on all photos, then click on the background, and you can pick any background.
  1. After that, click on add photo and select your image.
  1. Next, click on the effects on the bottom right side, click on the sketch, then click on the first one.
  1. After using a filter, adjust your photo, then click on apply. 
  1. Again click on effects, go to artistic and click on the oil Painting next; adjust to make your photo look cartoony.
  1. Next, we’re going to press on cut out over here, then press on an outline; basically, you will outline your whole picture.
  1.  Then click on the arrow over here, erase extra stuff, and click on the save option.
  1. If you want to add some stickers, you can add anything to make your photos pop. 
  1.  Click on tools and click on shape crop, then click on circle or heart or any shape click on that area, and that’s how you can make your photos look cartoonish.

Honorable Mention: convert photo to cartoon app free

Apps to convert image to cartoonSpecial Features (Short)
Painnt – Art & Cartoon FiltersLimits output resolutionOver 150 filters to select and apply to photographs
BeFunkyCrop and Resize PhotosTurn Photos Into ArtBackground RemoverRetouch PortraitsOne-Click Collage Maker
Art Filters & EffectsMore than 200+ excellent filters in Art filtersAutomatic Image Background removeAutomatic background removal, effortless to modify the background of a picture with one click
Avatoon Avatar Maker OnlineFacial recognitionAvatar CreatorTons of customization optionsPersonalized Stickers
CartoonizerUse a camera or select existing images from your gallery.Use the crop tool to edit your photos.Record videos with real-time art effects
Free photo to cartoonYou can add a vignette You can apply blend modesYou can immerse yourself in full-screen editor mode


What Are The Best Apps to Cartoon Yourself on iPhone?

a) ToonCamera: 

  • Customize your effects with impressive line art styles
  • Take photos and record videos with a real-time preview of the effects
  • Transform existing images and videos from your albums

b) Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker 

  • Convert as many pictures and videos as you like into cartoon art 
  • See the globe as a cartoon using the cartoon camera with a live preview. 
  • Choose between more than eight different toons, comic and sketch art filter effects. 

c) Moments Cartoon Caricature

  • Turn yourself into laughable cartoons and animated emoticons.
  • Color Caricatures! Express your colorful feelings and problems in amazing color caricatures.
  • Text Bubbles! Add some quotations and jokes to make your caricatures funnier.

d) Cartoon Camera Free 

  • Real-time cartoon photo effect
  • Images automatically saved to the gallery
  • Supports both front/Selfie Camera and back camera

e) Cartoon yourself video effects 

  • Convert any portrait image into a cartoon
  • Apply any realistic emotions to a face and animate them
  •  (friendly smile, sad or surprised face, etc.)
  • Turning a regular face into a freaky one (like a troll, alien, Martian, bulb-headed guy, etc.)

f) Cartoon Sketch Camera PRO 

  • Easy-to-use single-tap effects
  • Eight amazing effects/filters: Sketch, Cartoon, Dots, Halftone, Crosshatch, Swirl, Pixellate, and Emboss
  • Share photos to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram other social platforms.

g) Artisto – Video and Photo Editor with Art Filters 

  • Artisto transforms the video world into a piece of art. 
  • Users can shoot anything anywhere – a single chair, a cup, walking pets, etc.
  • Works as a video version of Prisma.

What Are The Best Photo to Cartoon App on Android

a) MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers 

  • Turn yourself into laughable cartoons and animated emoticons.
  • Express your colorful emotions and situations in memorable color caricatures.
  • Add some quotes and jokes to make your caricatures funnier.

b) Cartoon Photo Editor 

  • Apply cartoon effects to the photos in your gallery
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Supports autofocus

c) Prisma Photo Editor 

  • Extensive library of styles. 
  • Vivid frames for photo enhancement.
  • You can remove and replace the background of any selfie you want.

Where can I turn my image into a cartoon?

You can quickly turn pictures into a cartoon online for free. But below, I mention two apps where you can transform your image into a cartoon

  • Quickly turn your Picture into a cartoon with Fotor software. Go from pic to cartoon in just one click. This software is powered by artificial intelligence, so you don’t need professional photo editing skills. From pop art to structuralism, you can remake any photo into a cartoon in a moment for free.
  • Cartoonify Yourself or Cartoon Me – you can fast make a cartoon of yourself instantly online without any software installs and for free! With Cartoonify, you can cartoon yourself. This software contains more than 300 illustrated parts, so you can create your avatar as unique as you are.

Conclusion: (Which one best you think at the end and why)

By using these apps, you can convert your picture into a cartoon. Above listed are some top-rated convert photo to cartoon apps for free. Transform your photos into cartoons, sketches, oil paintings, and pencil drawings. Use these apps to turn any photograph into a comic! 

Clip2Comic is a high-quality, high-resolution image editing app that converts your images into funny cartoons, caricatures, and drawings in seconds. It is indeed the best editing app because you can apply the most impressive artistic and cartoon effects in real time with this app.

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