Best Mini Portable Air Conditioners to Stay Cool This Summer

It’s hot outside, and chances are you’re looking to stay cool this summer. But what if you don’t have the space or money to get a large central air conditioner? A mini portable air conditioner might be the answer you’re looking for! These compact and portable cooling systems can be moved from room to room as needed, and some of them even have remote controls so you can adjust the temperature from wherever you are in your office or home. Here’s everything you need to know about mini portable air conditioners!

What are Mini Portable Air Conditioners?

When your air conditioner isn’t strong enough, a portable air conditioner is a simple way to stay cool on hot days. A portable AC unit can cool down a room quickly, whether you’re using it at home or moving it from place to place. Today we’ll talk about mini portable air conditioners—portable AC units that are smaller than traditional models and usually have lower BTU ratings. These small window-mounted ACs are excellent at cooling individual rooms of any size, making them an ideal choice for your home or office. If you’re looking for additional information on buying an air conditioner and all of its parts, check out our more in-depth guide.

How to Choose the Perfect Air Conditioner

When it comes to buying a new portable air conditioner, there are a few factors you need to consider. The biggest one is size: if you live in a studio apartment or one-bedroom home, it’s unlikely that you’ll need anything more than 10,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units). Anything more powerful and you risk having your machine freeze up on itself—not only does that leave you without an air conditioner for days at a time, but it can also damage your unit. It may be tempting to opt for an AC that’s too big for your space just so you can use fewer utilities, but think about where you put your unit: proximity to windows and ceiling clearance will come into play when picking out a new AC. How to choose the right air conditioner for you, read some tips:

01. Choose an air conditioner that fits your room size: 

If you’re trying to cool a large space, it’s best to go with a larger unit than one that will struggle and freeze up. The bigger your room, however, the more BTUs you need—for every 100 square feet of space, add 2,000 BTUs (and multiply by two if you live in a hot climate). To keep things simple, aim for 10-12,000 BTUs per bedroom and 10-15,000 BTUs for living rooms and kitchens. For example: if you have a one-bedroom apartment measuring 700 square feet (70 x 70), look for an AC with at least 7,000 BTUs. That way, you can be sure your machine won’t get overwhelmed. Of course, there are always exceptions to these rules—if you live in a really small studio or have a really big house, feel free to adjust accordingly!

02. Get an Energy Star-certified model:

It may seem like common sense, but most people don’t realize that some portable air conditioners use significantly more energy than others. According to Consumer Reports, older models can use as much as 50% more energy than newer ones; so when shopping around for a new AC unit, make sure it’s Energy Star certified. These machines are guaranteed to use less energy while still providing great cooling power. In fact, they’ll save consumers $30 on their annual utility bills compared to older models! 

03. Don’t buy an extended warranty:

Unless you’re buying a top-of-the-line AC unit from a trusted brand (i.e., Carrier or Trane), chances are you won’t need an extended warranty—these plans cost anywhere from 10% to 25% of your original purchase price and will only cover certain parts of your machine in case something breaks down.

04. Go for a portable air conditioner with remote control: 

While most AC units have a few buttons on their front panel, it’s much easier and more convenient to use a remote control instead of having to get up every time you want to adjust your temperature or turn your unit off/on. Plus, many remotes have presets that allow you to quickly switch between cooling modes (i.e., sleep, energy-saving, etc.) without having to press any buttons at all! 

05. Make sure your new AC has an auto-evaporation system: 

One of the biggest problems with portable air conditioners is that they can easily develop mold and mildew if they aren’t properly cleaned out after each use. An auto-evaporation system helps prevent these issues by automatically draining out water from inside your machine—no need to worry about manually cleaning out a tank! 

06. Self-evaporative technology: 

The two aforementioned technologies help keep your room fresh and dry, but self-evaporative models do both in one fell swoop.

The Advantages of Having a Small Space Cooling System

Many people don’t think that they need an air conditioner because their home or apartment is so small. The truth is, if you live in a climate with hot summers and your living space isn’t well-ventilated, you may need some way to cool it down. There are several advantages of having a small AC unit; check out these three reasons why you should invest in one for your home: 

01. Cost-Effective:

 You can save money on energy bills by cooling just a few rooms at once rather than your entire house all summer long. Small units can cool spaces as large as 200 square feet, which means they’re perfect for bedrooms, offices, and other areas where you spend most of your time during warmer months. If you only have one room to cool down, using a mini portable air conditioner is much more cost effective than running central air throughout your whole house!

02. They’re great for renters:

Central air conditioning systems are expensive to install and can be quite noisy, so many people who rent apartments or houses don’t bother with them—but that doesn’t mean they don’t need some way to stay cool in hot weather! A small space AC unit is an affordable alternative that will help keep your living space comfortable without making too much noise or causing damage to your home.

03. They’re easy to move:

If you live in a small apartment and have several rooms that need cooling, it may be difficult for you to get a central air conditioning system installed. A mini portable AC unit is much easier to move from room-to-room, so you can cool down any area of your home quickly and easily!

04. They’re safe: 

There are several safety features built into small AC units that make them ideal for use in homes with children and pets. They’re also much quieter than central air conditioning systems, so you won’t have to worry about your child or pet being startled by a loud noise while they sleep!

05. They’re easy to install: 

If you do decide that a mini portable AC unit is right for your home, it’s a good idea to hire an HVAC professional who can help you install it properly. While installing one of these units isn’t as complicated as installing central air conditioning, there are still several steps involved in setting up your new cooling system correctly.

The Benefits of Owning an Energy Efficient AC Unit

Energy-efficient air conditioners can help you save a considerable amount of money over time. Here are some benefits of owning an energy-efficient unit. If you’re in need of an AC unit, but don’t want to break your budget, consider looking for one that is energy efficient. In fact, it’s estimated that just by investing in one of these units instead of one that isn’t, you could end up saving more than $300 per year on your electricity bill! Some benefits of owning an energy-efficient ac unit: 

1.  You can save money on your energy bill by using less electricity. 

2. You can enjoy a cool environment without having to worry about rising utility costs and power outages that come with it. 

3. You’ll have an easier time keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, even if you’re not there to adjust it manually yourself (like when you’re away on vacation). 

4. Your air conditioner will be more reliable and durable in general, so you won’t need to worry about costly repairs or replacement costs in the future. 

5. You can reduce your carbon footprint by using less electricity and lowering your carbon emissions overall! 

6. With proper maintenance and upkeep, these units can last for years before needing to be replaced entirely—which means they may end up saving you money in other ways as well!

Cost-Effective Tips for a Comfortable Home

No matter what time of year it is, chances are you’re interested in keeping your home cool and comfortable. Your biggest energy expense is usually cooling. So, if you have a central air conditioner, look into replacing your 15-year-old system with a new and more efficient model that will also improve your home’s indoor air quality. If central air isn’t an option, consider adding a mini portable AC unit to one or two rooms of your house. You can get them for as little as $50 at most major retailers and install them yourself in just minutes (just make sure you read any instructions or watch manufacturer videos first). Whether you need just one mini portable AC unit or several—you can get them from Best Buy today!

What Size AC Unit Do I Need?

Sizing an air conditioner for your room or home is fairly simple, but it can be difficult for those who are unfamiliar with HVAC systems. Luckily, it only takes a little math and knowledge of typical American homes. Most air conditioning units will come with charts that estimate ideal BTU per square foot (1 BTU = 1 British Thermal Unit). In order to find out how many BTUs you need, simply multiply your square footage by 12. To understand what size AC unit you need, start by figuring out how many BTUs you’ll need to cool your room or area. An average-sized bedroom will usually require 5-10 BTUs per square foot; larger rooms like garages and basements may need more like 15-20.

Powerful AC Units for Bigger Spaces

For larger spaces, such as an entire home or commercial property, a mini portable air conditioner will likely be too weak. Instead, opt for window or room air conditioners that are powerful enough to cool down large rooms and areas of your home in a short amount of time. With multiple speeds and settings, you can control how quickly it cools your space and when it shuts off once you’ve reached your desired temperature. This allows you to save energy and money while still staying comfortable in your own home. To stay cool all summer long, find a good air conditioning unit on BestReviews today!


Whether you live in an extremely hot environment or simply want a way to stay cool in your room during these dog days of summer, investing in a portable air conditioner can help you maintain comfortable temperatures. The key is making sure you choose one that’s right for your needs and budget—the right model will provide efficient cooling and enough power output to meet your demands. If you have any questions about any of these products, please leave a comment below! And remember: no matter what kind of air conditioner you invest in, use it wisely; be sure to follow manufacturer instructions for proper maintenance and avoid leaving it unattended for long periods of time.

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