7 Best Hibernate App for Android in 2024

What are the best hibernate apps to install on your android?  the 7 best hibernate app for android: Hibernator, Greenify, Droid Optimizer, DOZE.

You have many apps in your android that may not be working, but still consuming power. It may affect battery and overall device performance. But thanks to modern hibernate apps that put all the working apps in the hibernate app when you close the screen. You have many hibernate apps to install. I will suggest to you the 7 best hibernate apps for android in 2024.

Before installing the hibernate apps on your phone, ensure you install the trusted app. Once you have installed the app, it will keep your phone fast, cool, and free, making the battery long-lasting and fast charging.

Stay tuned and learn about the best apps that are not only safe but also improve your phone battery and performance.

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Is the hibernate system harmful to my phone? 

 No, hibernate system is safe to use on phones. It puts all the background running apps in a hibernation state to protect your battery from draining. It also keeps the phone system relaxed and burden-free. There is no risk of hibernating the phone for days or weeks.

 Do hibernation apps really enhance your phone’s performance?

Yes, hibernation apps provide you with an easy way to stop all the running apps on your phone when not using them. It not only saves your phone battery but also ensures a boost in overall performance. 

If you have a hibernation app on your phone, it automatically closes all the running apps whenever you turn off your phone s screen.

7 Best Hibernate Apps for Android

You may find many hibernation apps on the internet, but only some of the apps are trusted and works well. I have listed the top 7 hibernation apps that will perform amazingly on your phone.

1. Hibernator

The Hibernator app, as its names specify, is an app that is developed for hibernation purposes. The app is equipped with advanced hibernation features that make it worth installing. The Hibernator app does its job more excellently than many other apps.

7 Best Hibernate Apps for Android in 2023
1st name is Hibernator

If you buy the app, its paid version will extend your battery life and make your phone best performing. 

You also have the option to choose the apps from the list for which you want to set the hibernation system. It will hibernate all the apps except those you have excluded from the list.

The app improves your phone performance by improving battery life, speeding up the phone, and freeing memory. 

Another best feature that makes this app best is the CPU cooler. It cools down your phone temperature and reduces the lag.

2. Greenify

Greenify is a free app that you can download from the Google play store. It is designed for the android phone to assist them in identifying power-consuming apps. 

image about Greenify app

Once it identifies the power-consuming apps, it puts them into hibernation when you are not using them.

Besides its hibernating feature, it also lets your device adjust the doze to with less or more aggressive. You do not need to wait hours to click many apps to hibernate them. 

Once the hibernation feature is set for apps, all selected apps will automatically hibernate when not used.

Its features help you save battery life by pushing the apps effectively and systematically into hibernation mode. 

No worry while using Greenify because it does not kill the apps like other hibernating apps. Instead of killing, it forcefully hibernates the apps, helps in freeing space, and improves battery performance.

3. Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer is another awesome hibernate app that works with all apps and phones. The app has a simple user interface, so everyone feels it is helping. Its setup process is relatively easy.

image about Droid Optimize

The Droid Optimizer app lets users hibernate many apps with one click. But remember to exclude the apps which you do not want to hibernate. 

You can exclude the apps which take your location, like Facebook, if you do not want to share your locations.

It quickly hibernates the apps and protects your phone battery from the drain. It works on map-based site tracking; the app is lightweight that only takes a little memory on your phone. 

But it helps your phone in many ways, keeps its speed at the top, its cup cool, and battery life longer. 


Doze is my fourth top hibernate app to install on your phone for unnecessary hibernating apps when not using. 

It is one of the best power-packed applications that works well and ensures the saving battery life of your android phone.

Image About Doze app best hibernate app for android

Its advanced features attempt to conserve the battery by restricting app access to the CPU- intensive services and networks. 

The Doze app also protects the other apps from accessing standard alarms, syncs, networks, and tasks that are not related.

The app is equipped with the best features to make your phone’s battery last longer, so the user can use the phone for an extended time. It also assists the battery for quick charging, boosts your phone speed quickly, and releases memory to lessen the burden on your CPU. 

5. Power+ Launcher

Power + Launcher is our next best hibernation app, a minimalist launcher that reduces power consumption. It uses the accessibility service that assists you in closing the apps and processes in the background to make your phone faster.

This image about Power + Launcher App

You will find it absolutely awesome because it performs excellently as all the other paid versions. The Power + Launcher app is fast, lean, intuitive, super easy, and streamlined. 

When you install the app on your phone, it quickly identifies the power-consuming apps and provides you with a list to select and deselect them.

Once you have selected it, it hibernates all the apps, which protects your phone from slowing down. The Power + Launcher app quickly shuts off all the apps once you are off your phone’s screen. 

As for the app itself, it is a lightweight app that takes very little space and time to install.

 6. Brevent

Brevent is another best app that works awesome for hibernating the naughty power-consuming apps such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc, while not using. Doing that saves your phone’s battery from the drain and keeps the CPU free from auto-download files.

This image about Brevent app

The Brevent, when installed, shuts down the apps and keeps your CPU cool. The app is powered with advanced features which reduce power consumption, boost the phone’s speed and keep the system free from unwanted files.

No worry about the apps; like paid apps, you can exclude the ones you do not want to hibernate on. Just run a scan and find the list of all apps.

7. Servicely

Servicely is a modern android customization app developed for rooted tablets and phones. It saves the phone’s battery from consumption. When you turn off the screen, the app will close all the apps.

This image about Servicely app

Once the apps are closed, they cannot consume that battery power. Servicely has some best features, such as auto-revoke permissions, deleting the VDEX and ODEX files, deleting app caches, and force-stopping the app.

With its wide features, the servicely boosts the phone’s speed, performance, and battery timing and keeps the CPU space free. 

Its installation and setup are effortless. You can complete the process in a few clicks. No worry; it is entirely safe to install on your phone, which works fast but does not burden your computer.

Is it a good deal to install hibernating apps on your phone? 

Yes, installing hibernating apps on your phone is a good deal. No worries, they are free but entirely safe to install on your phone. 

It makes your battery long-lasting and boosts the overall phone’s performance. But make sure you have a trusted app; otherwise, you may face trouble enjoying hibernating features.

Note: The app even has a CPU cooler that prevents your CPU from overheating and determines all the lugs. Wherein the hibernate app doesn’t collect any of your data, so no worries about that.


The apps mentioned above won’t consume that much battery power. It needs to be said both system and user apps are covered, so keep that in mind. 

Herewith, you get to set the exception list of the apps you don’t want to be closed. The most common apps to include in this list are messengers, alarm apps, and all that.

Plus, there’s a task killer tool that stops all the processes running in your device’s bg. Along with that, the app has a memory cleaning tool that deletes all the unneeded data and frees up the cache, leading to immediate speed up. 

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