Best Free Cad Software for Beginners (9 Top CAD Software in 2024)

Visualization and simulation of 3D printing techniques have gained much importance and are widely used in all industries. All is done with the help of CAD software which makes us able to put our visualization into some good shape. 

But 3D modeling software is expensive and widely available; what do you have to do if you are a beginner? Because many of the software are complex and need proper training before their use, only experts can use them. While others are simple but not much beneficial to use. 

I have sorted out some of the best free cad software for beginners that will work for you. Stay with me here and know about free cad software that offers excellent performance to its users, especially the best one for beginners.

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How can Cad software help us?

Cad software has many advantages that make our performance excellent and save a lot of money and time. Here are some significant reasons why cad software is helpful for us.

Increase your productivity

With the help of cad software, designers can complete their jobs with low production cost, more innovative and faster than improves their overall productivity.  It also reduces the labor requirement that saves labor cost, and you can make timely decisions that positively impact productivity.

Excellent designing options

Cad software is mostly used by designers who can draw beautiful and complex designs in a couple of hours or minutes.  It gives complete control to the designers to add and remove the characteristics in a design to ensure a better and unique design.

Easy to draw and read

A traditional way to draw the designs was to use paper and pencil, which was a formidable job and needed time and effort. A slight mistake can spoil all of your efforts, and there is no space for errors. Work was also hard to read and understand. But now, there is no such issue while using the cad software; even a beginner can use easy cad software for beginners to draw a design. No matter how many mistakes beginners made, you can quickly rectify them without spoiling your design.

Easy to reuse the design

Cad software widely used in many industry modern fashion designs are also developed with the help of cad software. Cad software allows the designers to reuse the old designs. You can save the designs on a computer and in the future can reuse the design after making some changes. It is pretty easy, as a document editing on your computer.

Simple to share

It is hard to share your hand drawings with others. But thanks to Cad software, now designers can share their designs with others through internet facilities to get views from others or by taking help from seniors and experts to make their design more charming, unique, and attractive. It is now simple, like a document sharing from your computer.

If you are a beginner and using the best beginner cad software for 3d printing, it will be easier for you to learn by sharing your work with seniors or friends to get help.

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How to pick the best free Cad software for beginners?

It is not a simple task; you need to consider some essential software features before choosing. So when picking the best 3d cad software for beginners, consider these factors to ensure that you have made the right decision.

Get consultation 

If you are a newbie and need to select free cad software, then it is better to consult it with your seniors or friends who know. You can also help us because we will also provide you some of the best free cad software for beginners. It will protect you from wrong selection and wastage of time.

Analyze your expertise

Every beginner is not at the same level of expertise; some people also have some knowledge while the others are a newbie, and they do not have many computer skills.  So while choosing cad software for home design, being a beginner, analyzes your skills first and then selects the software compatible with your expertise.

There are many complex and straightforward free Cad software available. But free does not mean it comes with limited features that are simple to understand.  You should choose the easiest one if you do not have any skills. But if you have some knowledge and skill, you can download advanced free cad software even if you are a beginner.

Ensure your software offers required features

Every software comes with some unique and distinct features that make them suitable for different tasks.  So it does not mean you can pick any of them; before selecting free cad software, you should consider all the essential features that you require to do your job.

Best beginner cad software for 3d printing is available for all industries from the medical sector to fashion and architects in every sector can use free software for designs and 3D drawings. Each industry has different demands, and so different software fits with different sectors. 

So before choosing the easy cad software for beginners, you should consider your purpose and then check the software features and only select the software that offers the best and compatible features for your work.


Compatibility is also an essential feature to consider when choosing easy cad software for beginners. You should select the cad software that is compatible with different devices like computers, laptops, mac, android, and iPhone. It will give you greater flexibility to run on any device and also to manage your work. You can easily access your work from remote areas on your phone.

User friendly

No matter how many features Excellency software has but is not friendly to its users, it is a waste.  The free software is also necessary for the paid software that it should be friendly to use. 

Its interface should be simple and easy to understand. There should be an easy mechanism to get access and to perform the functions efficiently. So consider the friendly nature of cad software when choosing cad software for home design.

Best free cad software list

Here I will present to you the nine best free software cad lists that could be an excellent choice for you if you are a beginner to cad tools.

1. 3D Builder

3D builder is excellent free cad software for beginners.  It comes with an excellent but simple user interface that makes it easier for the newbie to learn its function and execute them efficiently. Anyone with a few skills and knowledge of computers can use that tool to withdraw 3D designs.

You will find a library where you will find many excellent and attractive 3D projects to choose from if you find any of them suitable for you.  It is not complex and comes with limited options, but still, it is helpful for a beginner.

It allows its user to work on 3MF files, OBJ, and STL files. We recommend you try that cad software if you are searching for software to get initial 3D printing and 3D modeling skills. 

No need to worry about its download and activation because it is free software, and you can download and activate it without any paid key.

Top Features

  • Free and straightforward to download and install
  • Easy to use
  • Offer cloud print features
  • Support OBJ, STL, and 3MF files.
  • Support Windows RT.

2. NanoCad

NanoCad is easy cad software for beginners that are free and compatible with both 2D and 3D designs. It comes with a friendly and attractive user interface and advanced options that offer its users to get most of that free cad tool.

The astonishing thing about that software is that it automatically receives updates to add new features to keep you updated according to modern requirements. It is popular software and available in paid versions, but you should try the free version before paid versions if you are a beginner.

The software proves as the best cad software for all industries. It comes with excellent features for woodworking that make it the best cad software for woodworking. 

You will get maximum essential features for free. It is beautiful software, but the only limitation is that it needs powerful machines. It is best for businesses with powerful computer machines but does not want to spend on Cad tools.

Top Features

  • Easy to access, even the non-technical user can easily use it without getting any training.
  • It supports automation features that can transport documents and drafts from the app to the database.
  • Free to download and install
  • Auto-updates for new features
  • Fast for complex projects

3. LibreCAD

LibreCAD is old cad software that is suitable for beginners. It is not for 3D printing and offers features for 2D printing but provides a base for beginners to learn 3D printing. The tool is open-source and free and does not require any activation.

It is best for individual and commercial use and is still widely used in many industries.  It also offers you access to libraries where you can find completed projects. You can use that 2D cad software for interactive geometry designs, benchmark suite, and ray-tracking for analysis and rendering. 

With its help, you can create circuit boards, math figures, and many geometrical shapes. Its interface is highly customizable and attractive and simple. 

Easy cad software for beginners supports DWF and DWG files, so users can easily import their saved projects from other CAD applications.

Top Features

  • Free and open source
  • Easy to download and install
  • Offers features for DXF, LFF, CXF
  • Offer features to export PDF, ICO, SVG, TIF, BMP, PNG, and many others.
  • The tool offers categories for polyline, circle, text, dimension, line, and spline

4. 3D Slash

If you are new to 3D and have no experience, 3D Slash is the best cad software. It is pretty easy to use; even kids over the age of 6 can easily use that software. It can be the best free cad software for beginners looking for cad software to perform educational activities.

There is no doubt it is a perfect software for 3D modeling, and it can be used for building games and offer a lot of fun with its start. It gives its users options to access the basic features with ease to learn 3D quickly.

The software offers support for OBJ and STL files that can also be imported into other tools. It also provides VR view features and is a pretty easy CAD software for 3D modeling and one of the most recommended software by experts.

Top Features

  • It offers support for the import and export of different format files
  • Free and easy to download
  • Offer features to turn the 3D model into moving graphics
  • Offer features for adding colors, shading, lights, and much more
  • User-friendly interface

5. SketchUp Free

If you are a newbie to Cad tools, you should try Sketchup Free, one of the best beginner cad software for 3d printing for new designers. It does not require much knowledge to start and learn its functions. 

New users can easily download, install, execute its functions and can share and export their creations. It is the best software for inexperienced users and does not have the budget for training.

Software is developed for the creation of 3D and 2D designs and documentation. It offers 3D modeling features; it is also equipped with cloud storage and modeling view features. It provides access to several free and premium 3D assets for the users to take advantage of.

Top Features

  • It is free software that is simple and fast to create 3D and 2D designs.
  • You will find a library where you can download pre built models from 3D and 2D warehouses for free.
  • The free version offers maximum essential features.
  • The user interface is attractive and intuitive.
  • Auto-update features

6. OpenSCAD

For beginners who prefer to use textual description language to create 3D objects, it is the best free CAD software to download. It may be simple, quick, and reliable CAD software for you. In many situations, you might need such an interface that depends on textual language descriptions, particularly for professional experiences.

You need to be specific as much as possible while modeling things, and to find the helpful ways in such needs, OpenSCAD is the best source for you. It is good cad software for home design that prefers the documented features with extensive features to tell about the parameters to give descriptions.

Here you will find an impressive level of documentation that will assist you in the long run, especially when you are a newbie.  Its user interface is developer-centric, which is best for professional developers. Software is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux devices.

Top Features

  • Free and open-source software
  • Easy to use do not need to deal with shortcuts, menus
  • Offer support for multiple devices
  • Intuitive and friendly user interface
  • Excellent software for professional developer basic skills

7. Leopoly

Leopoly may be the best option for you being a beginner in the CAD software field. The software comes in many versions that suit different purposes. It is available in free, and business paid versions. Its premium versions are not free, but no worry because in free versions, they offer many features that you will get in premium versions except advanced features.

Its free version is Windows based and works online that offer excellent features for 3D creations or checks. They also provide access to their library that is also free; you can download the free 3D complete models from their library.

Leopold is easy cad software for beginners with a friendly interface and offers features for VR support.  It is developed for your assistance to reach professional and business goals. It offers proprietary software solutions for 3D printing.

Top Features

  • Offer features for 3D modeling
  • Straightforward and do not need any training for startup
  • Modern and beautiful interface
  • Support all 3D formats
  • Auto-update features

8. K-3D

k-3D is familiar as the best free cad software for beginners available in open source for 3D modeling and animation features. Software is ideal for beginners that also include advanced redo/undo functions to correct mistakes to go forward and backward during work.

The software is an artist-oriented tool that comes with parametric workflow features that are simple to understand. The software comes with easy visualization options that are beneficial for architecture work.

Software is simple to access and use for different purposes. You will get support for features such as label reporting, customization, 3D animation, Privacy control, music and fonts, video support, and much more.

Top Features

  • It offers multiple unique features.
  • Great startup options for 3D modeling
  • Simple to download, install and execute
  • A free tool that offers comprehensive features for architectures
  • User-friendly interface

9. OnShape

Onshape is the best 3d cad software for beginners with cloud-based features, and it is designed for small businesses to boost the efficiency of development processes.  It supports 2D and 3D designs and comes with features such as workflow management, release management, and real-time collaboration tools.

Software is compatible to use with Windows and mobile devices. If your business needs more advanced features, then you can get their premium version after paying. The software is no doubt the best free cad software for beginners because it offers its features offline. You can use it on any device without an internet connection.

So you can access your work from remote areas without connecting with the internet. You will also find many other cad options that make that tool a perfect choice. The device is simple and easy to download from open sources and offers auto-update support for the free version.

Top Features

  • It is compatible to use with android, mac, and Windows devices
  • Offer access to its functions without connecting to the internet
  • Simple and friendly user interface
  • Offer features for small production businesses
  • Auto-update functions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does free Cad Software is helpful?

Answer: Yes, free cad software comes with excellent 3D, 2D, and other necessary features that make them suitable for different businesses. For beginners, it is better to use the free software to get basic knowledge because they offer all essential features but for free.

Question: Do I need any license or key for the installation of free Cad software?

Answer:  No, there is no need to have any license or registration key because free cad software is open source and is free to download and install without any key or registration.

Question: Can we use free Cad Software for commercial purposes?

Answer:   Of course, yes, many free cad tools are also offering 3D and 2D features that support commercial purposes. Many businesses, not only the small, even the large production businesses, are also using free cad tools.

Question: Is free CAD software safe to use?

Answer:  You may see some fake links to download, but they are all safe and trusted if you download any of our above-provided software. You can download and install it with your devices without any tension. They do not take much space and also do not damage your stored files.

Question: Can you transfer your projects from free CAD Software to AutoCAD tools?

Answer:  Yes, free Cad software offers features for transferring files to AutoCAD tools and many other CAD tools. You can transfer your previous projects to any CAD and AutoCAD software from free tools.

Final Thoughts

FreeCAD software is excellent for beginners to learn 3D and 2D printing and implement them in their design. Free CAD software is used in almost all industries and offers exceptional features; even small and some large businesses are also using free CAD software.

If you are a beginner to CAD software, then never try the paid tools; we recommend using the free CAD software for getting basic skills, and then if needed you can go with paid versions. We have provided you nine best free cad software for beginners who are fantastic and trusted to use.

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