Top 9 Best Asana Alternatives Free For Project Management [2024]

If you need the best solution for projects and team management, there is no better option than asana software. It is one of the easiest ways to manage all types of tasks and projects. You can convey anything to your team through the asana platform which helps you hit deadlines and reach your goals.

Software is made for all kinds of projects and teams that offer plenty of ways to customize the tool for your team and project. It gives the options to different groups to access the same features, but in their own way, it means two teams that are using the same features will find a solution in different ways. 

The software is pretty easy to handle, but it offers its premium services only in the paid version. Small teams or businesses can’t get access to paid tools. But no worry, technology becomes advanced, and we always find the solution. 

Asana is the best software for the project, but it is not the only one. There are many other options for you that can provide you with the same features but for free. Here I will also tell you about the best Asana alternatives free that you can use if you cannot get a paid version of Asana software. This free software will be beneficial for you to organize your projects and teams to reach your goals.

What features does Asana software offer?

Before knowing about the asana free alternatives, first, I want to explain the features of asana software; it will make it easier for you to decide which is the best free project management tool and is a better alternative for asana software.

  • It offers you the feature to manage projects and share your projects organized, like in lists.
  • You can break your whole project into tasks for the ease of your teams. There are also options for you to divide complex tasks into subtasks.
  • You can assign a task to a specific person and keep every team member’s record for performance.
  • There are options for adding sections and columns to keep your tasks clear and organized or match the workflow stages.
  • You also can add customized fields by adding numbers, drop-downs, and custom text fields.
  • There are many other options for due dates, forms, due times, start date, timeline, attachment, likes, tasks organizing features for multiple projects, and much more.
  • Communication is also essential for project management and team management; there are many options for good communication between teams like tasks comments, proofing, image proofing, team pages, project conversation, multi-language support, and rich text features.
  • Many views and reporting features make it simple for an organization or team to make their project management organized and straightforward.

List of 9 best Asana alternatives free

Here is the best asana open source alternative that will be helpful for you to manage your project management and teams to reach your goals.

01. Kissflow Project

If your team is composed of two or three members, then Kissflow is the best open source project management software that comes with intuitive project management experience. It is a good choice for users who are not well aware of different project management methodologies.

You will get all the features that a premium asana tool can provide for project management to manage different projects. It is an ideal asana open source alternative that offers seamless collaboration within your team and with external stakeholders of your project by providing support for famous platforms.

Moreover, you can customize the features and set the visualization of your projects as you desire. You can easily manage and track the progress of your assignment and save the time you waste sending daily project or tasks completion updates individually. Your work updates will automatically be done and conveyed to other members of your team.

Managers and your team members can easily view the project’s progress and make timely decisions to take the initiative to complete the project on time. Using its features, you can get rid of traditional project management practices that cause delays in your projects.

Top features

  • It offers predefined app templates.
  • It Provides functions for administrative tasks such as billing, access request management, access restriction, process deletion, and much more.
  • Offering single sign-in features only the IT department can grant access to others for better control.
  • You can send updates about the project.
  • It is free and allows three users to work on the project board
  • Offers options for customization to make projects visualization friendly

02. Project Manager

A project manager is excellent project management software that assists the project managers to plan, monitor, and report projects with ease. Teams can collaborate and work together for better productivity and timely completion of the project.

It can be one of the best free project management tools with many advanced technological features that make it unique among its alternatives. It offers cloud-based features that make the team members able to communicate easily with others. With an update on their work status, everyone in the team will get updates instantly.

Project managers, through that tool, get the most accurate information about their projects and can help and lead their team members to complete projects timely and successfully. The software has all the advanced features, but still, it is easy to use; it’s a self-explained and straightforward user interface to make it easier for the team to collaborate.

The software also comes with daily technology updates; if there is any update in features, it will automatically update. It offers all the features you can get in Asana software, but you can only use it for only five members. For more access, you will need to get its paid versions. It offers features for team management, task management, collaboration, and much more.

Top Features

  • The software is free for a limited number of users
  • It offers auto-update features
  • Project management software is compatible with desktop and mobile devices
  • It is simple to use but equipped with advanced features
  • Its user interface is colorful and self-explained that is friendly for the new users
  • You can collaborate with project members and outside stakeholders

03. Quire

Quire is the best free project management software 2024 that can be an excellent alternative to asana software for project management practices. For the creative teams, Quire is the best free app to choose from. The software is compatible with desktop and mobile devices that ensure flexibility of device choices.

Its web version is for desktop users who can install its free app on android devices to connect with the team. For teams that have complex projects that are laborious and time-taking, it is best to install the Quire app and remain in contact with team members all the time.

Quire finds good asana alternatives free software that offers almost all the features like Asana for task management, such as dividing complex tasks into subtasks for easy management. By organizing your tasks into significant tasks and sub-tasks, you can also prioritize the tasks that ensure that you never miss the essential functions.

Its app and web version offer a colorful and straightforward user interface that can efficiently operate and manage your project activities. No limit is on the number of tasks and sub-tasks; you can assign as much as you want.

If running more than one project, then a filtering option makes it simple for you to locate the specific project you want to check. 

Top Features

  • Best task management features for organizing and prioritization of tasks
  • No limit on tasks and subtasks lists
  • Filter option for quick finding
  • It offers commenting and status update features
  • Cloud-based features
  • Compatible to use on desktop and mobile devices
  • Team roles and permission features
  • A free and trusted tool

04. Trello

Here is one of my favorite free alternative tools for asana software for project management, Trello project management software. The software comes with free and paid versions and is one of the famous software for many small and large companies.

More than 500 well-reputed companies are using Trello for their project management tasks. Trello is equipped with advanced tasks management and collaboration features that make it perfect free asana alternatives. 

The software offers exciting features for customizing your projects, such as you can manage your projects, tasks, and subtasks with drag and drop options. You can use its excellent organizing features and manage multiple tasks and projects using lists, cards, and checklists to organize, prioritize, and maintain complex projects workflow with ease.

There is no better way for instant collaboration than comments; once a team member updates task status, everyone on the list gets an update about task completion. Team members and especially supervisors and managers, can comment on your status and assist you if any help is needed.

Through its central board, you can manage all the activities with simple clicks. It is compatible to use with mobile and desktop devices that makes it versatile to use.

Top Features

  • Instant news feed and status update features
  • Easy task management features through checklists, lists, and cardboards
  • Can share files and attachments
  • Comments and editing options
  • Drag and drop options for better workflow management
  • Content and card creation feature through email
  • Free and accessible for small enterprises
  • Compatible with Android and desktop devices
  • Colorful but straightforward user interface that is user friendly and self-explained

05. Redbooth

Our next pick is open source project management software that is the best solution for high-performing teams. We pick Redbooth as the best project management solution that offers free online project management features. 

It comes with integrated task management and access collaboration features that help you to manage your project management activities. The software allows you to organize your complex project activities and visualize the project progress with a perfect workflow management system.

Redbooth offers all the essential features that a project or team needs to complete their tasks and subtasks successfully. You can observe and update your work updates; team members can comment on each other’s updates and can help if needed.

This asana open-source alternative offers versatile features such as compatibility with web, desktop, iOS, and Android devices. It makes it possible for you to view and track your project activities and record from anywhere.

You have customization options and can take help from Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and its to-do list features to visualize your projects and tasks for management and coordination. It also has task management and reporting tools that make your job easy to manage complex projects.

Top Features

  • It offers advanced collaboration tools for easy task management
  • You will find resource management features for assigning tasks
  • For better management of jobs, it provides task management features
  • You can track the activity time and expense
  • It has options for customization to do your project as you want
  • Options for edit and comments are also available.
  • You can download and upload files and attachments.

06. Workzone

Workzone is another best free project management software 2021 that offers you most of the features of asana software for project management. The software is equipped with powerful project management features such as collaboration, task management, and updates that make its users satisfied and attracted to that tool.

The software comes with organized and straightforward features that make your task performing, monitoring, and collaborating easy. Workzone offers some exceptional features that you do not find in asana paid tools, such as creating task dependencies by highlighting your order.

You can separate multiple projects and tasks into one project and prioritize the tasks to follow the to-do pattern for better achievement and attend to the essential tasks first. There you will find grant charts features that make your project development process better and give a better display. You can do better reporting to ensure that no information is missed that is necessary.

Workzone open source project management software helps you associate, share, and store files and documents of each project. Every activity is shown on the same page, creating a good connection between team members and project managers.

Top Features

  • It offers unlimited onboarding and support for the team to get quickly and speedy information for better performance of the project.
  • You can assign authority to your team members, and only specific persons can get access to the files. It means you only share the information that is necessary to communicate with which one. It increases manager control.
  • You can also import MS project and Excel files
  • You can customize the features
  • Its interface is simple and user friendly
  • It is compatible with android and desktop devices.

07. ProjeTurf

It happens a lot of time that when project managers sign the projects, they miss seeing the deadlines and also cannot communicate with the team that causes a problem when a project is needed. But no worry with ProjecTurf because it is one of the best asana alternatives free that provides you all project management features.

There are special features for the date of your projects; you can highlight the start date and end date of the project and share it in highlighted figures with your team members. It is one of the best free project management tools for managers that deal with multiple projects.

With ProjecTurf, you will never mix up the projects and handle your tasks and subtasks easily without mixing the information. Small and large organizations love to use that software for their project management purposes because it offers the features to deal with small and big projects with complex demands.

You can get free access to that web-based asana alternative for task management, project data analysis, reporting, project status update, checklist for prioritizing, and much more. Its interface is modern and colorful, but menus are self-explained, which makes it user-friendly even the new person can easily use that software.

Top Features

  • It is free and suitable for all sizes of projects and teams
  • Its interface is colorful and attractive but very friendly to its users
  • You can discuss, share, manage, and work on multiple projects on time with various teams
  • You also have the option to customize the dashboard according to your needs
  • The dashboard provides complete history and activity report for tracking tasks
  • Highlights the dates that make it easy to manage the assignments on time

08. Nitfy

Nitfy is an excellent tool that is the best alternative to asana and Trello project management software. The software has the best features for the teams who want a real-time collaboration. 

No matter the size of your business or group, it will be suitable for your team. Many big and small organizations are using that free tool for project management purposes. It offers a wider range of customization features that makes it perfect for fulfilling user requirements. 

Users have the option to change the dashboard for better workflow management and to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Suppose you are running a high importance project and a typical project they will be categorized. You can manage both projects on the same dashboard but separately without mixing their information. Its mark-down parsing is an excellent feature suitable for task descriptions and commenting where many people are working on the same hub.

Its task panel is clean and easy to understand; for more ease, you can ease the customized fields to make it easier for you and your team members to understand. This open source project management software offers a more value-added experience than Asana software and makes your project management more straightforward for you in complex situations.

Top Features

  • It offers multiple options for workflow collaboration
  • customized options are available to deal with different teams
  • Supported by 3rd part app integration
  • It is free and does not need any registration
  • Multiple features for collaboration and sharing information
  • Cloud-based system support
  • You can monitor multiple projects and can mark them on a priority basis.

09. Toggl Plan

The last in our list of best asana alternatives free is Toggl plan, an excellent project management tool that offers all the features you need to manage a project successfully. The software provides simple, intuitive, but fast communication features that make it easy to coordinate and manage the project functions.

You can use that app for creative purposes; after customization, you can make it more helpful for your teams to collaborate and share information regarding your projects. You can mark tasks based on their priority and share updates for project completion deadlines, start dates, and any information you think is necessary.

Managers and team members collaborate on the same page to get instant help or solve problems to keep the project organized and fast to complete. Getting this asana open source alternative is super easy; its shallow learning curves are easy to understand.

Here, you will find a drag and drop option on the excellent interface for project management tasks, the creation of task to-do lists, and an overall better experience. Its free plan is restricted to 5 members, so small teams can easily use it and access maximum features without paying anything.

The astonishing thing is that there are all options available in a free plan that you will get paid, but the difference is only the number of persons in a team; if you have more than five persons in the group, you will need a paid version.

Top Features

  • Suitable for small teams
  • It comes with all project management features
  • You can schedule your projects, jobs, and subtasks
  • Staff calendar for checking the timeline of projects
  • Compatible to use on mobile and desktop

Is there a free version of asana?

Yes, the asana free version is available, but it gives access to only 15 people. If you have your team with more than fifteen members, then you will need its paid version. But in the free version, many premium features are not available.

Why is Asana expensive?

Asana software access depends on the number of people in your team; for each increasing number, the cost will also increase, so for the big groups, asana is more costly than small teams.

Final Thoughts

Asana is the best project management software with hundreds of features to make your project management more effortless. But it is costly and impossible for everyone to buy, its free version is also not very attractive, but there are many asana alternatives free that can help you.

We have shared a list of the 9 best asana alternatives that you can get free for project management functions. All of these are best to choose as the competitor of asana but for free.

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