Apple vs Samsung Comparison Chart: Battle of Big Phones

The main difference between Apple and Samsung phones is screen size, camera quality, battery performance, customized options & price. Let’s know apple vs samsung comparison chart.

Before buying a smartphone between Apple and Samsung,  you must be confused!  Because you can’t ignore the content on social media posts, reviews or videos about Samsung vs apple! The more you need to explore the actual key differences between both smartphones for a final decision.

If you want to buy a smartphone with a large screen, more customization & features options, and explore more apps, Samsung is better than the iPhone. Again, iPhone is the best choice for those who want a high-quality camera, display, battery performance & security options.

That’s not enough to make a final decision. Let’s know the detailed comparison between Samsung & Apple with this entire article.

Is Samsung better than Apple?

Is Samsung better than Apple?

Samsung will be better than iPhone if you are looking for a large-screen, mid-budget smartphone with more customized options!  

If you are an Android lover, then Samsung will win over the Apple phone. You can better experience multitasking, explore more apps, and have better battery performance with a mid-budget Samsung phone over iPhone!

What is the main difference between Apple and Samsung?

The main difference between Apple and Samsung phone is screen size, camera quality, battery performance, customized options & price.

The difference depends upon your needs. If you want superb camera quality,  more security, and a great battery, iPhones make a difference from Samsung phones. 

Again, if you want a smartphone with more features, customized options, better battery quality and an overall budget phone, Android makes a difference from apple phones.

Apple vs SAMSUNG comparison chart:

Design Thinner & lightweightThicker & heavier
Performance High Medium
Apps & operating systems IOS;More secure.Android;Explore more apps
Assistant Siri; Perform goodGoogle; Perform better
Support & Service costCostlyAffordable
Price CostlyAffordable

Apple vs Samsung: Key differences

Both Apple and Samsung smartphones have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see which wins while comparing different key factors below-

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1. Display

The first important factor we are gonna compare between Samsung and Apple phones is the Display! 

Iphones have a decent body screen-to-edge ratio. Like, iPhone ultra 14 pro max has the smoothest 120hz display. 

Whereas the Samsung S22 ultra has a larger screen than the iPhone ultra 14 max. It has better brightness & sharpness. 

2. Performance 

Moving to number 2, we decide to compare performance.

Considering the smooth feel, frame per second & power efficiency iPhone is the winner over the Samsung smartphone.

Again, gaming-oriented Samsung phones are usually better with their storage. You can multitask for expandable storage on Samsung phones which you can’t expect on iPhones. 

3. Battery 

The battery performance of smartphones is very important for use with peace of mind.

Comparing the battery performance, we can declare a clear winner iPhone for long-lasting battery performance.

Most iPhones have super-quality battery performance, while mid-budget or low-budget android phones don’t feature high-quality battery performance.

Again, if you consider fast-charging phones, then obviously, android is the winner. Android phones are comparatively faster than iPhones…

However, I’ll go with iPhone for sure with its great battery performance 

4. Camera

You’ll want a great camera experience with your smartphone. And this is the next topic we’ll compare.

It’s gonna be an iPhone that gives you a sharper result with an ultrawide camera. You can take better photos and videos smoothly with more apps like Instagram, TikTok, like, and Snapchat. Again, you can expect a better zoom or focusing camera with iPhones.

But unfortunately,  you can’t take sharp photos in a darker environment with a Samsung camera. In that case, you can almost have a satisfying result with an iPhone’s camera. 

However, you’ll get almost natural shots with a Samsung phone.  But, the most reliable shooting experience you can feel with iPhone cameras over Samsung phone.

5. Apps and operating systems 

Apple & Samsung phones have different operating systems. IOS is for Apple & Android is for Samsung smartphones.  Both operating systems have their specialty! 

Like, android has more customized options. You can do multiple tasks at a time. With this, you can expect many features from Samsung phones.

Apps and operating systems 

The more you’ll get with IOS is security!  But you can’t download or install more apps from IOS. It does not support other websites that download apps.

On the other hand, you can install any app with android!  So, it’s Android that gives you the advantage of exploring more apps and more options. 

6. Price & Availability 

When it comes to price, I think Samsung phones are a better option than apple.

Apple phones are very pricey as they only offer high-quality smartphones. But you can buy a mid-budget to high-budget phone according to your budget! There’s no complexity at all.

Again, you can better choose the features and options with an android phone you need. Like, If you need a good camera phone but not a gaming phone, Samsung has an option

Again, you need a superb snapdragon gaming processor, but average camera quality doesn’t matter! Yeah, you can buy a Samsung phone. 

7. Support & service cost

When you need to repair or you’ll know how these factors play a role! 

So, it’s more costly to repair an apple phone than a Samsung phone. As you have to cost about 20k+ to repair the back glass of the iPhone 13 pro max, whereas it’s only about 5-6k when it’s the Samsung ultra 22 smartphone’s back glass. 

Samsung vs apple lawsuit

In 2012, Samsung had to pay about $539 for copying the hardware & software features of iPhones. 

In 2014, Apple again won $120 million over violations of its slide to unlock pattern and some other features. The Apple vs Samsung lawsuit is finally over. 


Which is the No 1 phone in the world?

Undoubtedly, the Samsung phone is considered the number 1 phone in the world with a great android experience. 

Which phone is best to buy in 2023?

Samsung Galaxy  s22 ultra was the best phone to buy in 2023. iPhone 14 pro and Google pixel 7 pro are also among the top smartphones which are the most buying phones in 2022.

Is Apple safer than Samsung?

Although Apple is known for more security, Samsung phones also have Knox security which protects Samsung phones from malware and viruses. 

Why do people prefer iPhones?

iPhone is more long-lasting, has a superb quality camera, excellent battery performance, and more security options! Again, people buy iPhones for high quality & smooth performance 

Is Samsung better than Apple 2023?

Samsung phones are the best choice for android lovers for big screens, gaming processors,  customizing, and multi-tasking & obviously for a price! 

My opinion (conclusion): Which is right for you?

The debate will continue in the universe until the Samsung and Apple companies survive! But, buying the right smartphone between them is upon you! 

If you need high-quality performance, a superb camera, an excellent battery & long-lasting smartphone for up to 5 years, buy an iPhone.

Again, if you are looking for a bigger screen, gaming display, good camera, more features & customization options and mid-budget phones, go with a Samsung smartphone!  

So, which one would you pick? Don’t forget to share it with us! Goodbye!!

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